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Día de la Hispanidad

12 October, 2018

Spain's National Day, also known as Día de la Hispanidad or Hispanic Day, commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. We are excited to witness the day’s celebrations on this post-CPhI Friday in Madrid.

Old World Meets New World

08 October, 2018

This interesting contrast of 19th and 21st-century Spain was found in Central Madrid—the silhouette of boy on cell phone in front of the Monumento a Alfonso XII.

Umbrellas of Spain

05 October, 2018

As the weather pattern starts to change and we find ourselves stocking up on rain gear for a sure-to-be-damp fall, Nigel has stumbled upon a far more interesting use of umbrellas while traversing through southern Spain.

Pre-CPhI R&R

04 October, 2018

Less than a week out from CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, we’re taking a moment to relax and gather our thoughts before the madness begins on October 9th. That’s Nice is ready to hit the ground running at the biggest event of the year.

Remembering The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

03 October, 2018

With all the traveling he does, one never knows what an ever-curious Nigel Walker might stumble across. Today, it was an original painting of Central London capturing the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary of rule.

Where’s Nigel?

02 October, 2018

Coming in for landing somewhere over Calvià , Spain, Managing Director Nigel Walker is the first member of the That’s Nice team to head to Europe for a series of pre-CPhI meetings. Just one week from today before the pharma industry’s biggest show of the year kicks off!

Nice Views in the Adirondacks

27 September, 2018

That’s Nice photographer Lucas Visser was recently in Lake Placid, New York, for a fishing trip with friends. He reported fresh air, breathtaking views and no flies, which, according to Lucas, was good and bad. “On the one hand, thankfully there were no flies. On the other, no flies meant no fish.”

Europe, Till We Meet Again

27 September, 2018

After a few days in Central Europe for business, Nigel is headed back to the States on his favorite airline, Virgin Atlantic. A quick stop in New York to regroup with the team, then it's off to   Madrid for  CPhI Worldwide kicking off October 9th!

Vilnius Old Town

27 September, 2018

That's Nice is in Lithuania this week to meet with our client, Biotechpharma. But before our morning meeting, we couldn’t resist a nighttime stroll through Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and a beautiful old medieval city.

Layover in Latvia

26 September, 2018

That’s Nice is en route to Lithuania by way of Latvia. During a quick layover in the capital city of Riga, we had a bit of time to explore this Baltic city, which sits at the mouth of the River Daugava.

Colors of Fall

26 September, 2018

With a little less humidity in the air and a few less leaves on the trees, it's officially fall here in New York as well as in Eastern Europe, where our managing director, Nigel Walker, has found himself today. To mark the occasion, Nigel snapped a photo of this vibrant blossom featuring the signature colors of the season.

Back to Paris

26 September, 2018

That’s Nice is in Paris once again this year, enjoying the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National with clients.

Camo the New Orange

17 September, 2018

As we spend more time visiting clients in Tennessee and exploring the southern Appalachian Mountains, we’re thinking camo might be the new fall staple—one we may even take back to NYC as a reminder of the fresh air and unadulterated oxygen sorely lacking in the concrete jungle we call home.

Strategy on the Greens

04 September, 2018

A day of entertaining clients in Tennessee wouldn’t be complete without hitting the golf course. Cattails at MeadowView Golf Course served as the ideal venue on what turned out to be an ideal day for a few rounds. 

Pit Pass

20 August, 2018

After a week of client meetings down south, Nigel decided to extend  his trip a bit to catch the NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway in  Bristol, Tennessee. Pictured here is one of his favorite pit stops—the  Sunoco gas filling station.

Hitting the Course

17 August, 2018

While in Bristol, Tennessee for business, our managing director, Nigel  Walker, took a quick step off the beaten path to visit “The Olde  Farm,” an exclusive golf course and retreat founded by philanthropist  Jim McGlothlin. Located just outside of Bristol, Virginia, the private  golf club is one of the most highly acclaimed in the country.

That's Nice Visits Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings

17 August, 2018

That's Nice is in Tennessee today visiting Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings (GPH) and its founding members, John and Jeff Gregory. For the past eight years, we have been supporting UPM Pharmaceuticals, a division of GPH, and look forward to learning more about the parent company of our longstanding client. 

Heading Down South

16 August, 2018

That's Nice is visiting customers in the south over the next two days. Our first stop in Atlanta, Georgia is bringing back memories from the 1996 Olympics, for which we designed the US Olympic team crest that the athletes wore on their uniforms. This was done in collaboration with f ashion designer  Henry Grethel Apparel.

Good People Go Far

06 August, 2018

Manuel Fernandes, General Manager, Portugal, for Chartwell Actives,  sent us this great group shot from our visit earlier this week.  Judging by Nigel’s hand placement, we’re guessing his thought bubble  might read, “Did I lose my keys?”

Integrated Expertise at Chartwell Actives

01 August, 2018

While in Lisbon for business, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker visited Chartwell Actives, an API services company led by General Manager Manuel Eduardo Fernandes. This close-knit team of multidisciplinary scientists is driving the next generation of specialty pharma.

Lots to See in Tricity

01 August, 2018

While visiting our client in Gdańsk, one of three Baltic cities  comprising Tricity, Poland, the team found time in between meetings to  take in some of the rich history and culture the area has to offer.  St. Dominic's Fair is the largest open-air trade and cultural event in  Poland and a summer staple of Gdansk, attracting tourists from across  Central and Eastern Europe—and on this day, the northeastern US!

Revisiting Lord's Cricket Ground

30 July, 2018

Back in 1987, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker worked on the gate at Lord’s Cricket Ground for a summer of tests against various international teams. Thirty-one years later, Nigel returned to the grounds with friend and business partner Haig Armaghanian to see Naple and Holland play in a one-day match.

Biotech Booming in Poland

30 July, 2018

That’s Nice is visiting the ancient city of Gdansk, Poland, to meet with our customer, Polpharma Biologics. The life science community is growing in this Baltic city on the sea, and with the low cost of living and continued corporate investment, expats are returning home.

Catching Up in the Garden

30 July, 2018

While visiting London this weekend, Nigel met up with an old friend and business partner, Haig Armaghanian. The two visited the flower nursery inside St. John’s Wood—an interesting find in the middle of London.

Eisbach Wave

27 July, 2018

While walking through Munich early this morning, we came upon two unusual sights—a 20-kilometer English garden in the middle of the city and some surfers looking to catch what we can only assume was the Eisbach Wave .

Allianz Arena at Night

27 July, 2018

A late-night trip through Munich found Nigel in front of the brightly lit Allianz Arena, the 75,000-seating capacity football stadium that’s been home to the mighty FC Bayern Munich since 2005.

Brain Break in Pompeii

26 July, 2018

After a marathon week of meetings, Nigel is "taking a half day" for a bit of inspiration at the Pompeii ruins near Napoli, Italy. Mount Vesuvius erupted more than 2,000 years ago, covering the village in lava.

Reaching New Heights with Servier

23 July, 2018

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce of That’s Nice joined Servier CDMO’s Gwenael Servant in France this weekend for a journey in his first restored plane.

“Fearless” Flyers

23 July, 2018

The team had all the confidence in the world hopping into this 1950 North American Aviation T-28 Trojan—that is, until they went airborne.  

An American (Jeep) in Paris

23 July, 2018

Keeping in line with the theme of the weekend, a 1940 “World War II” Jeep was used to extract a series of vintage jets from their hangers as members of the That’s Nice team and one of our clients enjoyed some aerial fun in an airfield just outside of Paris.

Boeing-Stearman Kaydet Trainer

23 July, 2018

The 1943 model of this historic two-seater was one of 8,584 Kaydets built by Boeing between 1936 and 1944 . The biplane , which remained in service until the early 1990s, was widely used by the U.S. Army and Navy as a trainer aircraft. Today, it continues to be flown, on rare occasions, by airplane aficionados like our friend Gwenael.

Taking Flight with Dr. Servant

23 July, 2018

This 1943 Boeing Stearman “Kaydet” Trainer is being piloted by Gwenael Servant, a longtime friend and client of That’s Nice. We had the opportunity to see Dr. Servant’s passion come to life this weekend when we joined him for some aerial action at a private airfield in France.

That Moment When…

23 July, 2018

…You find yourself upside down traveling at 550 knots over the French country side. Caption that photo.  

Up and Away

23 July, 2018

A well-prepared Brian Pierce is set for what might as well be a bombing run, as there’s no room for hesitation today. The skills he gained during his time in the Coast Guard seem to be translating well as he takes flight.  

Inaugural Flight

23 July, 2018

Brian Pierce takes off on the biplane's maiden voyage. As the wind begins to pick up, we realize this is no time for amateur hour.

The New Lambo SUV

23 July, 2018

The Lamborghini Urus is out and, as far as Nigel is concerned, is a must-add to the That’s Nice Lambo portfolio—orange or not.

On Location in Paris

21 July, 2018

Members of the That’s Nice team are in Paris this weekend for an exhilarating experience with one of our clients. As usual, Nigel Walker is at the ready with the Nikon D5.

Scouting Skyways

21 July, 2018

Servier CDMO Managing Director Gwenael Servant and That’s Nice Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce are 30 miles south of Paris scouting an old World War II airfield before taking flight tomorrow in Dr. Servant’s first restored plane. 


16 July, 2018

Accounts Director, Partner,  Wei Gao is enjoying the sites and sounds of Paris on his summer vacation. Can you spot the Eiffel Tower?

Nice View

28 June, 2018

Nigel takes a quick "food-with-a-view" snap at a resort club while on vacation in Hawaii. The first marketing book published by That’s Nice was called View, which made this a fitting photo op 23 years later.

Day of Infamy

28 June, 2018

Visiting Pearl Harbor and being reminded of the loss of life on December 7th, 1941, we are humbled by the determination demonstrated by the service men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.  

‘Nice’ Tree

27 June, 2018

Always on the lookout for a bit of ‘nice’ in nature, Nigel came across this tree while on vacation in Hawaii this week. Unique in shape, size and, of course, color, he declared it a ‘That’s Nice’ tree, which means we could see something similar in a future campaign concept...

Good Morning, Hawaii

27 June, 2018

Taking in some of the serene landscape along Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach, it’s hard to believe the destruction happening just an island away as Kona’s Kilauea continues to spill lava rivers into the Pacific.

Island Life

26 June, 2018

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker made bit of a detour this week to the Hawaiian Islands. As lava continues to flow from the Big Island’s erupting Kilauea volcano, it’s business as usual on Oahu.

First Roses of Summer

04 June, 2018

A happy garden makes for a happy gardener, and with more than 700 roses in bloom for the first crop of the summer at his Bronxville, New York home, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is considerably content.

Enhancing the Pharma Landscape

25 May, 2018

Trilantic Europe is a mid-market private equity firm with investments across a number of industries, including healthcare. No better way to round out our nine-company excursion this week than with a visit to Trilantic’s offices in central Milan to discuss the growth of the industry.

Innovation in Bloom

25 May, 2018

It’s the last day of our European travels as we head over to meet with one of the largest API manufacturers in Europe. A main takeaway from our journey has been that innovation is thriving in pharma and biotech worldwide, as the various individuals with whom we’ve met are working to solve some of the greatest challenges in modern medicine.  

Continued Expansion of Olon SpA

24 May, 2018

We’ve landed in Milan for the last leg of our European trip to meet with Olon SpA, a European leader in API manufacturing. With the company’s recent expansion of its clinical API manufacturing capabilities in the US, it’s time to talk strategy.

Quiet in the Arrondissements

24 May, 2018

It’s a peaceful Thursday around Paris’ museums as That’s Nice catches up with our longtime client and friend Gwenaël Servant, Managing Director for Servier CDMO. 

Bière Artisanale

24 May, 2018

Grabbing a quick craft brew with lunch before our next client meeting, we opted for the Ambree Porte Doree—a beer Nigel wagers could remove the chrome off a doorknob.

Exploring Paris

24 May, 2018

We may be Paris for business, but it would be a crime to ignore a photo op in front of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most photographed pieces of architecture in the world.

Steriles Leader Cenexi

24 May, 2018

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker met with the Cenexi senior management team in Fontenay Sous Bois, Paris. Following Cenexi’s 2017 acquisition of its world-class steriles facility in the Normandy region, there is much to discuss as the sterile fill-finish leader adds new lines and capacity.

Willkommen in Deutschland

23 May, 2018

Continuing on our trek through Europe, we landed in Stuttgart to a massive welcome from Bosch. Nigel is hitting the road for Laupheim tonight, a quick one-hour drive south.

Innovation in Progress at Tecrea

22 May, 2018

Nigel met with Dr. Liam Good, Director of Microbiology for Tecrea LTD, at the London Bioscience Innovation Centre today to learn more about his new nanoparticle technology.

Bobbies of All Sizes

22 May, 2018

A midday report from London assures us the city's biotechs are hard at work on the next big breakthrough, and its police force is keeping watch over citizens and visitors alike--from all vantage points. Known locally as "Bobbies,"  the London Police force has a tough job with the amount of traffic that comes through the UK's biggest tourism hub. 

Central London, Past & Future

22 May, 2018

Our tour of London’s biotech circuit continues this week as Nigel kicks off the day with Tecrea, an innovative nanoparticle and polymer company looking for new pathways to the drug delivery world. But first, a quick snap in front of historic St Pancras, an architectural contrast to the modern London Bioscience Innovation Centre to which he’s en route.

A Nostalgic Detour

21 May, 2018

While the world was abuzz with excitement around the royal wedding, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker was in the UK this weekend for a different reason. But before heading to London for business, he made a quick stop in his hometown of Studham, South Bedfordshire, for a visit with mum.

On the Way to GSK

21 May, 2018

Even for UK-born native Nigel Walker, there is still new territory to explore as he revisits the country for business. This week, he made his way to the “mother ship” of one of our longest-standing accounts—GSK House in Brentford, London. 

Fermentation Across Industries

16 May, 2018

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker was in St. Paul, Minnesota this week for a series of visits with some of the area’s biggest innovators, both past and present. Built in 1904, the former Jacob Schmidt Brewery became one of the largest in the nation by the mid 1900s. The building was converted into Schmidt's Artist Lofts in 2012.

Hazy Morning Travel

08 May, 2018

Masked by the shadowiness of a springtime fog, the sunrise over Stamford, Connecticut provided a picturesque backdrop to the northeastern morning commute, as a mixture of moisture, cool temperatures and hindered sunshine created an almost Impressionist landscape.

Meet me in St. Louis

17 April, 2018

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pearce, takes in the St. Louis sun while shooting for a client. 

Looking Up in St. Louis

17 April, 2018

The creative eye is always open to new inspiration, even after a long day of work. Brian Pierce, director of digital capture for That’s Nice, is doing just what his title implies while visiting Forest Park in St. Louis following a video shoot of Alcami’s newest facility.

Silver Tree Sculpture, St. Louis

17 April, 2018

Anyone who knows That’s Nice knows we have a mild obsession with all things chrome, inspired largely by the eye of our managing director, Nigel Walker. Imagine our delight when we received this photo from St. Louis, where members of our accounts and digital capture team are on site for a video shoot with Alcami, a key That’s Nice account. 

On Location with Alcami

16 April, 2018

Accounts Director Wei Gao and Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce are on site in Missouri this week shooting Alcami’s new analytical testing lab in St. Louis' Cortex Innovation Community. The new state-of-the-art facility launched in Q4 of 2017.

Florida Heat

10 April, 2018

It's hot outside! Nigel Walker is definitely not in NY, as he enjoys the 86 degree temperatures while visiting clients in West Florida. 

Easy Being Green

09 April, 2018

Floral aficionado, Nigel Walker poses in front of a wall of vibrant greenery inside the lobby of  “1 Hotel, South Beach.”

Spring Regression

03 April, 2018

The team at That's Nice woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday, a full two weeks into spring. This photo, furnished by our business logistics manager, Albert Bruan, was taken in Glen Ridge, NJ, where more than 6 inches of snow was reported.

Visiting Market Leaders

16 March, 2018

Basel is a city full of innovation, with the likes of BASF, Novartis, Roche and Lonza establishing operations in the northern Switzerland city. That’s Nice had the opportunity to visit Lonza’s Basel site, where the organization’s drug product services are conducted.

Swiss Style

16 March, 2018

The team is wrapping up day two in Switzerland, where That’s Nice traveled this week for business. Before heading back to New York for DCAT week, Mark and Nigel came across an interesting restaurant with what appears to be a Swiss cheese style room divider.

Basler Münster

15 March, 2018

Even during the quickest of business travel turnarounds, we can still make time to take in our historical surroundings. Built originally of red sandstone in 1019-1500, the famous Münster Cathedral of Basel was converted from a Catholic to Protestant church following the Reformation.

An Office Building of the Future

15 March, 2018

Standing tall above the houses lining the Rhine River is the new Roche building in Basel, Switzerland, a 41-floor, 178-meter tall high-rise showing the organization's "clear commitment" to its Basel site.

Swiss Chocolatiers

15 March, 2018

It’s almost game time in Basel, Switzerland, but before the team makes their big pitch, a bit of a pick-me-up is in order. Pictured here is Strategy Director, Partner and newly appointed Master Chocolatier, Mark Allen.

Epicenter of Innovation

15 March, 2018

Managing Director Nigel Walker and Strategy Director Mark Allen have landed in Basel, Switzerland, a city filled with pharma industry leaders. Is it BASF, Novartis, Roche, or Lonza they will be visiting? Stay tuned!

Basel, or Bust!

15 March, 2018

Our executive team is heading to Basel, Switzerland for a presentation today, making a quick stop for a layover in Amsterdam. Tulips for all!

The Evolution of Manufacturing

27 February, 2018

Our clients are in manufacturing, but what has become of U.S. Steel and the origins of U.S. industrial manufacturing from the 1860s? That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker pondered these thoughts after coming across the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Bethlehem, PA.

Meeting ACS

22 February, 2018

Accounts Director Wei Gao and Managing Director Nigel Walker made a quick trip to Washington DC yesterday to discuss ongoing opportunities with the American Chemical Society (ACS), a seven-year active client of That's Nice. 

The Shard

14 February, 2018

As London continues to build new skyscrapers, the character of this European melting pot continues to develop. The Shard opened in 2012 is currently the tallest landmark in the United Kingdom.

Last Stop, London

12 February, 2018

After a week-long jaunt across Europe for business, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker made a stop in London for a spin around the city before heading back to New York. For a minute there, he was sure he left his bag in the Tardis.

Royal Palace of Madrid

09 February, 2018

Nigel is rounding out the week at the Royal Palace of Madrid before heading off to London, his last stop on what has been a whirlwind week of jet-setting across Europe for business. 

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

09 February, 2018

While in Madrid to meet with Insud Pharma / Chemo Group, Nigel stopped by the Plaza Mayor, a beautiful historic square where the royal family lived during the reign of Philip III of Spain. 

Talking Strategy with Chemo Group

09 February, 2018

That's Nice met with Insud Pharma / Chemo Group at the company's Madrid headquarters this week to discuss new business opportunities, including Nice Match. 

Creative Inspiration

08 February, 2018

As That’s Nice works to develop and refine our 2018 creative campaign, the Picasso Museum was a must-stop for some inspiration while in Barcelona, and also a revisit to the subject of Nigel’s dissertation back in 1993.

Visiting Grifols, S.A.

08 February, 2018

That’s Nice met with Grifols in Barcelona today, a truly disruptive corporation innovating a number of life-saving technologies and products.

SGD at Pharmapack

07 February, 2018

That’s Nice is meeting with SGD Pharma at Pharmapack 2018, taking place at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. If you are attending, come visit SGD at booth D34 to learn about the company’s new vision for 2018.

Exhibition Break

07 February, 2018

With a bit of a lag in between meetings, Nigel is back at Musée d'Orsay for the second time around. Boasting 173 meters in length, there is still plenty to discover on day two.

Meeting with Servier CDMO

07 February, 2018

More than six inches of snow fell overnight, providing a picturesque backdrop to this morning’s meeting with Servier CDMO at the organization’s Suresnes headquarters.

La Tour Eiffel

06 February, 2018

“The Eiffel Tower is ready for some orange.” – Nigel Walker, Founder & Managing Director, That’s Nice.

Parisian Snowfall

06 February, 2018

After a productive meeting with Novacap, the snow continues to fall on this wintry Paris evening, covering the parks and sidewalks with a glistening blanket of white. 

Musée d’Orsay

06 February, 2018

One of few museums open in Paris on a Tuesday, the Musée d’Orsay was a must-see for art enthusiast Nigel, as it houses the world’s largest collection of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism pieces.

Centre Pompidou

06 February, 2018

Thirty-one years after his first visit to the Pompidou Center at Paris’ Museum of Modern Art, Nigel is revisiting the 20th-century wonder with a fresh perspective. Much has changed since 1987, but the museum’s grandeur has certainly endured through the years.

Musée du Louvre

06 February, 2018

It’s a snowy day in Paris today, and Nigel is spending time between meetings visiting some of the city’s greatest treasures. Naturally, his first stop was the Louvre. 

Checking into the French Capital

06 February, 2018

Nigel is in Paris this week to meet with a new That’s Nice customer. Before hitting the pavement, he checked into the Hilton Paris Opera hotel, a “jewel in the Hilton portfolio,” according to Nigel.

Ciao Milano

05 February, 2018

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is in Europe this week on a series of client meetings. First stop: Milan, Italy.

H-D Museum

26 January, 2018

Following a client video shoot in Germantown, Wisconsin, Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce and Accounts Director Wei Gao made their way slightly south for some complementary footage from the Harley Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee.

Video capture in the north

24 January, 2018

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, and Wei Gao, Accounts Director, visit Germantown, Wisconsin to capture video footage for an online 360º facility tour experience. Hope it’s not too cold, boys.

Visiting Pearl Harbor

28 December, 2017

The Walker family spent the day at Pearl Harbor, possibly the largest catalyst to the scale of World War II and its ultimate ending. Mono and Tonal were the camera filters of choice, in keeping with the tone of December 1941.

Supporting our Troops in Orange

27 December, 2017

While in Hawaii, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker and his family paid a visit to the famous USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, the historic battleship used for the ultimate surrender at the end of World War II.

Hawaiian Jedi Warrior

26 December, 2017

Nigel and his family are spending the holiday season on Oahu in Hawaii. Pictured here is Nigel’s son Luke “The Last Jedi” Walker.

Vertical Garden

24 December, 2017

San Francisco’s Centurion Lounge has done a remarkable job of bringing the atmosphere to life through plant wall design. This display was spotted during Nigel’s recent trip to Hawaii for the holidays.

Federal Equipment Company

19 December, 2017

Our final customer visit of the year was to used manufacturing equipment supplier Federal Equipment Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Looking forward to continuing our relationship into 2018 and beyond.

Nice Find

13 December, 2017

Technology may inspire rapid and significant change, but the science behind our greatest inventions endures through centuries. An example of this phenomenon, this 20th century antique Toledo scale was discovered in Atlanta during a recent That's Nice business trip.

Looking Forward with UPM

11 December, 2017

Nigel is in Bristol, Tennessee today to talk 2018 strategy with UPM Pharmaceuticals, a leading independent CDMO and one of our favorite That's Nice clients. 

A Piece of History

11 December, 2017

On his way to visiting clients in Bristol, Tennessee, Nigel made a stop at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the largest homes in the U.S. and part of the 19th century Vanderbilt empire.

Innovation in Progress

08 December, 2017

That’s Nice has just arrived back from Colombia after meeting with a new customer, CapsCanada. The team could not have been more welcoming during the five-plant tour, and we are looking forward to their new pharma plant coming fully online in 2018.

That’s Nice in Colombia

07 December, 2017

After a quick 24 hours in Colombia to check out a new client’s facility, Nigel reports, “there’s lots of marketing to be done” as the company prepares for a new pharma facility set to open in 2018.

Home for the Holidays

23 November, 2017

After flying 34,000 miles in the last two weeks, Nigel is heading back to NYC for the last four weeks of the year. But not before making a quick stop for some last minute shopping in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

"A City Within a City"

21 November, 2017

Nigel is in Japan this week visiting our client Bushu Pharmaceuticals. He is pictured here at Tokyo's Roppongi Hills, Japan's largest integrated property development. 

That's Nice on Safari

17 November, 2017

Before leaving San Diego, Nigel took a moment to reflect on the week's events with a stop at San Diego Safari Park. Now that AAPS is over, That's Nice is embarking on a two-day strategy session to organize new resources for a push toward $20 million in 2018.

Formulated Solutions

31 October, 2017

Nigel is in Florida at  Formulated Solutions, a family-owned  company ready to take on new frontiers, with its innovative synergy between product development and manufacturing.

Photoshoot in San Francisco

26 October, 2017

The That's Nice Design Director, Director of Digital Capture and Senior Project Manager headed west to San Francisco to work on a client photoshoot. 

Frankfurt Messe - Night Time

24 October, 2017

It's the first day if CPhI Worldwide 2017 and we're happy to report there is a lot going on! 

Stuttgart, Germany

20 October, 2017

Nigel Walker is in  Stuttgart, Germany, which is the home of an industry leader. Fall is coming up fast in Germany — leaves are changing and CPhI is closer by the day!

Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

19 October, 2017

Nigel is enjoying a client visit in Schwäbisch Hall , Germany.

Dashboard Testing in Raleigh

18 October, 2017

Before jetting off to Europe, Nigel visited Raleigh for work on two important channels. That's Nice is currently beta testing our  and  dashboard, with four key accounts in the area. After the last few days of testing, Nigel and the team are ready for CPhI where they will have over 60 more demos.

Above the Office

18 October, 2017

Nigel Walker is above the clouds, and directly above the That's Nice NYC office, as he makes his way to Europe ahead of CPhI.

A Tourist in Warsaw

08 September, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, made sure to take in the art of Poland while traveling on a client visit to the country.

Copenhagen Client Visit

06 September, 2017

Nigel Walker and Graham Combe are continuing along their trip through Europe, meeting today with That's Nice customers in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Progress in Peptides

06 September, 2017

Before hitting Copenhagen for his next client visit, Nigel had the opportunity to stop by the PolyPeptide Group's Malmö, Sweden facility where the forward-thinking CDMO is making great progress in the manufacture of peptides with their visionary process.

Reporting Live from Warsaw

05 September, 2017

It may have been Labor Day in the US, but Nigel Walker, That’s Nice Managing Director, and Graham Combe, Relationship Director, Europe, didn’t miss a beat. The two met up in Warsaw, Poland for a client visit.

Client Visit

23 August, 2017

Nigel Walker is back in the NYC office after visiting clients in   Bristol, Tennessee.

Solar Eclipse

21 August, 2017

Today the United States experienced the first solar eclipse since 1979. Nigel Walker was in Bristol, TN visiting clients during this special celestial moment. 

Back to New York

31 July, 2017

Nigel Walker is back at the New York office headquarters after a long week abroad on business.

Visiting Olon, Milano

28 July, 2017

Nigel Walker is visiting Olon in Milan, Italy this morning. 

Sunset in Milano, Italy

27 July, 2017

Nigel Walker captured this stunning sunset at the airport in Milan, as the last moments of the day's light shine through the jet stream. 

Inside Servier CDMO

26 July, 2017

We feel right at home at the company, especially since the decor matches our signature orange. 

Visit to Servier

26 July, 2017

Nigel visited Servier CDMO at their Paris headquarters to discuss next years business.

Mural at Pall Life Sciences

26 July, 2017

A beautiful mural, pictured at Pall Life Sciences in Saint Germain, Paris is a creative way to involve the staff in their anniversary celebration.

Saint Germain, Paris

26 July, 2017

Nigel Waker is in the beautiful  Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a small town west of Paris, visiting clients.  Ooh la la!


25 July, 2017

Nigel Walker is currently visiting customers in Lyon, France with Graham Combe, Relationship Director.

Checkers and Lunch

20 July, 2017

Guy Tiene, Strategic Content Director, and Wei Gao, Accounts Director enjoy a friendly game while in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Japanese History

19 July, 2017

The Osaka Castle in Japan is one of the country's most famous landmarks. The castle, which was rebuilt in the 1960's with a museum interior, is indicative of historical Japan, with its deep history of feuding empires.

Coming up Golden

19 July, 2017

What a match! Nigel is pictured in front of the  Goldern Palace Temple in  Kyoto Japan, which is just his style.

Glittering Insight in Incheon

18 July, 2017

Even in South Korea, Nigel has found a piece of That's Nice. Paper flowers were a staple of our Glittering Insight campaign, complementing pop art graphics amid a garden setting. 

Korean Dolls

18 July, 2017

It didn't take long for Nigel to stumble upon one of Korea's greatest traditions while Seoul, South Korea. 

Creative Accident

18 July, 2017

Where the shutter-release button fails, Nigel's creative thumb comes through. Pictured here is a happy accident capturing a unique architectural photo op in Incheon, South Korea.

That's Nice in South Korea

18 July, 2017

Nigel greets us from the airport in historical Seoul, South Korea, where he will be spending the week.  

Wheels Down, Seoul

18 July, 2017

Nigel touches down at Seoul Incheon Airport, the largest airport in South Korea and one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. 

Umeda Sky Building | Osaka, Japan

17 July, 2017

While in Japan, Nigel Walker reflects on one of his first architectural visits to the Umeda Sky Building in 1993. Twenty-four years later, it is still as stunning as he remembers during both the day and night.

Dinner with the Queen

13 July, 2017

Nigel Walker poses with Queen Elizabeth II before a business dinner. 

Let's Get Creative

13 July, 2017

This looks like the perfect That's Nice car--a 1971 Lamborghini Muira, of course in our signature orange. 

Visiting Nova Scotia on Business

13 July, 2017

Managing Director Nigel Walker is all smiles, despite a l ong work day and  10-hour flight delay. 

Guess Where?

11 July, 2017

Managing Director stopped over at this company (bet you can guess which) while on a business trip in the South of France. 

The South of France

10 July, 2017

Nigel Walker spent the day in a beautiful area of Southern France, while visiting Sartorius Stedim in Aubagne on a business trip last week. 

Off to Marseille

06 July, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker captures a carousel in   Marseille , France while on a business trip. 

Wow Factor

06 July, 2017

The Pierre Fabre building in Toulouse is architecturally inspiring, as spotted by Nigel Walker, Managing Director.

Vive la France

05 July, 2017

Inside the hotel, all smiles, Nigel Walker is in France meeting customers. 

In Good Company

27 June, 2017

The Lamborghini found some company in a Rolls Royce, while parked in Los Angeles, California. 

Gift Shop

19 June, 2017

It's amazing what the team has come across along the Road to BIO! Case in point, these amazing souvenirs that remind us of the Day of the Dead, spotted along the desert route of New Mexico. 

In the Desert

19 June, 2017

The Lamborghini is a great toy! This guy had a blast with the car en route between Arizona and New Mexico. 

Wilcox, Arizona

19 June, 2017

The sun goes down in Wilcox, Arizona as the team edges closer to their ultimate destination on the Road to BIO

Back on the Road

19 June, 2017

It's the home stretch, and the That's Nice Road to BIO team is back on the road.

New Mexico

19 June, 2017

The team has reached New Mexico!

Homecoming Queen

19 June, 2017

The homecoming queen of El Paso, Texas strikes a pose in front of the Lamborghini Aventador. 

We Love El Paso

19 June, 2017

The team refuels at the Coffee Box in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Souvenir

19 June, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker, poses in front of some ornate leather belts while on a stopover in El Paso. 

Cowboy Cookout

18 June, 2017

The team joined an old fashioned cowboy cookout while traveling through the Southwest. 

Texas in Turquoise

18 June, 2017

The Lamborghini Aventador is parked in front of Turquoise in Texas. 

Lamborghini Houston

18 June, 2017

The That's Nice team has made their way through Texas, stopping at Lamborghini Houston. 

Houston Graffiti

17 June, 2017

As the That's Nice staff makes their way further along the Road to BIO, the perfect photo-op arises in Houston, TX. 

Lambo in Texas

16 June, 2017

The Lamborghini Aventador shines on a ranch deep in the heart of Texas!

Mississippi Museum

14 June, 2017

The Lamborghini is pictured at the foot of the  Mississippi Museum, as the That's Nice staff continues their journey through the south along the Road to BIO.

Southern Heat

13 June, 2017

The thermometer is surging in Alabama, where the That's Nice staff are experiencing 100-degree temperatures!

Bound for Chucktown

12 June, 2017

The Road to BIO kicks off its tour of the Deep South in the port city of Charleston, South Carolina, widely known as one of America's most hospitable cities. Pictured here are Albert Bruan, That's Nice Business Logistics Manager, and Brian Pierce, That's Nice Director of Digital Capture

Speedway to Market

11 June, 2017

With a theme of speed to market, the opportunity to stop by the Bristol Motor Speedway for that meet-up was too good to miss. Nobody in biopharmaceuticals likes to go round the track too many times, but when you have a Lamborghini, there’s a great temptation .

Pit Stop in Old Dominion

10 June, 2017

Our glitter-wrapped Aventador has sparked a lot of conversation on the Road to BIO, but it was par for the course for the pros at Lamborghini Sterling in Virginia as we pulled in for a safety check. And it's a good thing we did - turns out we were in need of a service!

British Comfort Food on the Road to BIO

09 June, 2017

Day 1 of the Road to BIO ended with a welcome visit to our friends at Tea & Sympathy who kindly fed our hungry road trip crew a British fish’n’chip supper from their authentic takeout, A Salt & Battery

Rounding out Week One

09 June, 2017

The Road to BIO team is in full force as they make their way through the Northeast Corridor on their journey toward BIO 2017 in San Diego. Join us at

Lights, Camera, Action

08 June, 2017

The crew sets up in Cambridge Massachusetts, preparing for the very first interview captured on the Road to BIO. Follow our journey every step of the way, here>

RV Shopping

31 May, 2017

That's Nice is in the market for an RV! We are currently seeking the perfect support vehicle as we take the Road to BIO Challenge traveling from Cambridge, Massachusetts to #BIO2017 in San Diego, California over the month of June. 

Flat Tire on the Road to… CPhI NA

18 May, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, and RJ Palermo, Director of Client Services, managed the unfortunate incident, which happened less than 100 miles from our NYC headquarters. This does not bode well for our upcoming 4,000+ mile journey to BIO 2017.  How many times do you think we’ll have to pull out the jack? Take the Road to BIO Challenge to render a guess.

Hubspot Partner Day

01 May, 2017

Aaron Mazze, Digital Director and Partner, captures the entire executive Hubspot team while attending Hubspot Partner Day. Co-Founder and CEO Brian Halligan is pictured in the front row with Parter, CTO and Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah on the far right.

Inbound Innovation

27 April, 2017

Aaron Mazze, That's Nice Digital Director and Partner, is in Boston this week at HubSpot Partner Day 2017. The event is an exclusive opportunity for partners of the inbound marketing and sales platform to discuss the latest trends impacting the digital world.  

Upstate New York

26 April, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker, and Accounts Director, Partner, Wei Gao went on a day road trip to upstate New York for a client meeting. They are both anticipating this summer's Journey to Bio, which will be a road trip all the way across the country. 

In Memory of Dr. Servier

25 April, 2017

That's Nice was given the opportunity to find out how Dr. Servier built a truly unique company around research through passion, while on an international visit to the company facility. 

That's Nice in Beijing, China

21 April, 2017

Nigel and Brian aren't the only staff members from That's Nice to take a trip around the world. Eugene Hsiu, Project Manager, is pictured on a trip to Beijing. 

View of the Pyramids

20 April, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker and Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce were able to view the magnificent Egyptian pyramids while on a tour around the world, led by client site visits. 

Road to Bio Planning

19 April, 2017

The That's Nice team is busy planning for the summer road trip to BIO International, which takes place from June 19th through 22nd in San Diego. That's Nice will cross the country, visiting client sites along the way.

Journey Into Night

18 April, 2017

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are just as spell-binding at night, as captured by Managing Director, Nigel Walker. 

Off to Egypt

17 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce reach Cairo, Egypt!

Morocco Selfie

14 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce stop for a selfie that truly captures their excitement, while away on business in Morocco. 

Another Look at the Casablanca Mosque

13 April, 2017

Here is another look at the Casablanca Mosque. Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce and Managing Director Nigel Walker made a point to stop at the landmark as they continue their business trip to Morocco.  

World Tour

12 April, 2017

Nigel Walker is continuing his travels visiting clients, journeying from Moscow to Morocco. He is pictured here in Casablanca, Morocco, in front of the newly erected Casablanca Mosque, the third largest in the world.

Inspirational Colors

11 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director takes a last look at the Red Square, Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia--especially because the color is so "That's Nice."

A Look Inside the Kremlin

11 April, 2017

Take a look inside the majestic walls of the Kremlin. Nigel Walker, Managing Director is enjoying the sites in Moscow, Russia.

A Visit to Red Square

10 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director poses in front of Moscow's Red Square while on a client trip.

Another Look at The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

07 April, 2017

The orchestra plays at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. That's Nice staff made time to take in the show while on a client visit. 

Inside The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

06 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce enjoyed a delightful performance at the theatre.

The Bolshoi Theatre

06 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, visit The Bolshoi Theatre with a client on a night out in Moscow. 

Traveling to Turkey

04 April, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture and Managing Director Nigel Walker are jet setting to Turkey for a client visit. 

The Kremlin, Moscow

04 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director is pictured on a business trip to Moscow, where he is taking in the culture of the brilliant city.

Fortress Inside a City

03 April, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker, along with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, took a quick sightseeing break after visiting clients in Moscow, Russia. Nigel is pictured here at the historic Kremlin, which translates to “fortress inside a city.”

Beautiful Lisbon

15 March, 2017

Greetings from Lisboa! Nigel Walker, Managing Director and Mark Allen, Director of Strategy have completed their client visit in this amazing city. 

Visiting Clients

13 March, 2017

The journey continues! Mark Allen, Director of Strategy, is pictured on a client visit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Journey to Lisbon

10 March, 2017

Managing Director Nigel Walker and Strategy Director, Mark Allen are visiting clients in the historic city of Lisboa!

Will Rodgers World Airport

09 March, 2017

Where in the world is That's Nice? This pic was taken at the Will Rodgers Airport in Oklahoma City. Yeehaw!

Roadtrip Ready

01 March, 2017

Select That's Nice staff led by Managing Director Nigel Walker, will be embarking on a roadtrip to BIO International this June. The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, in orange, will take staff across the USA this summer.

On-Site with Guy and Brian

28 February, 2017

Guy Tiene, Director of Strategic Content, and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, recently traveled on-site to a facility, using drones to capture amazing overhead shots. The team is pictured here, with the drone front and center!

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

24 February, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director is enjoying his stay in Hilton Head, SC. Although the area was hit by a force 3 Tornado in October 2016, the island is recovered and ready for tourist season. Nigel is checking out a possible new corporate retreat right in South Carolina!

Hola from Puerto Rico

21 February, 2017

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce and Strategic Content Director, Guy Tiene went to Puerto Rico for a site visit, stopping at this muy hermosa playa along the way!

Norman Church Twenty Years Later

16 February, 2017

While away on business, Nigel Walker visited Norman Church in Studham Bedfordshire, England, where he was married in 1997. After 20 years it still looks the same, notably with the same moss and sand stone.

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