Since our founding in 1995, That’s Nice has had the privilege of serving over 600 companies as our clients in the life sciences and many others in the material sciences. The following list features the major market segments that define our clients.

Life Sciences

Innovator Pharma / bio pharma

CRO pre-clinical trials

CRO Contract Research

CRO Clinical Research

CDMO Small Molecule Chemical Synthesis APIs

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

CDMO Biologics Large Drug Product / Fill & Finish

CDMO Cell & Gene Therapy

Pharmaceutical excipients

CDMO Small Molecule Drug Product / Fill & Finish

CDMO Biologics Large Drug Product / Fill & Finish

CSO Contract Services / Speciality Logistics / IT Technology

Pharmaceutical Packaging

OEM Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Engineering — Equipment, Commissioning

Private Equity & Venture Capital - Consulting

Materials Science


Consumer Packaging

Construction Materials

Fine Chemicals

Industrial Equipment

Health & Nutrition

Personal Care

Non-Profit / Associations / Publishers