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Visiting MilliporeSigma

16 April, 2019

Emilee Kudla,  Project Coordinator and Guy Tiene, Business Director, Partner are pictured after a meeting at  MilliporeSigma, in this photo taken by Wei Gao, Accounts Director, Partner

The Next That's Nice Lambo

15 April, 2019

The next That’s Nice Lamborghini has been ordered! The SUV (Urus) was spiced this weekend with a simple royal blue and black shinny trim finish, signature orange brakes, and interior trim. The new Lamborghini should be ready for delivery in September this year.

Pizza Friday

12 April, 2019

That That's Nice team enjoyed an in-office pizza party to mark the end the work week, 

Lady Liberty

10 April, 2019

Lady Liberty is always a welcoming sight as you pull into the New York City Harbor. Here she is, pictured from the INmune Bio IPO launch celebration. 

INmune Bio IPO Celebration

10 April, 2019

INmuneBio invited That’s Nice to celebrate the launch of their IPO with a party on the Hudson - the stock is already up 25%!

Japanese Boys Day Display

08 April, 2019

Nigel Walker sets up the traditional  Japanese Boys Day display, taking place on May 5th - the tradition is to set up one month in advance. 

Doing Business at Interphex

02 April, 2019

Federal Equipment Company engages in business during the equipment-centered trade show.

The Federal Equipment Company Hologram

02 April, 2019

Have you seen the Federal Equipment Company hologram? She's pretty impressive! Check her out at booth  3110. 

Nice Passion

02 April, 2019

That's Nice has launched "Nice Passion" the 10th line extension of the That's Nice brand. The new brand will show case a selection of stories that high light the passion of individuals working in the field of science.  will launch a new film every quarter. 

Jue Lan Club Lunch

01 April, 2019

The That's Nice team heads to hotspot the  Jue Lan Club, fueling up before organizing client booths at Interphex. 

Piramal Booth Prep

01 April, 2019

The Piramal booth has a long way to go before Interphex but the team is ready for the challenge! 

Federal Equipment Company at Interphex

01 April, 2019

Emilee Kudla and Lina Ma from the Accounts team prep the Federal Equipment Company booth prior to Interphex. 

Interphex Prep

01 April, 2019

The That's Nice Accounts team preps for Interphex doing booth setup for Federal Equipment Company. 

Birthday Winner

01 April, 2019

Luke Walker is a winner! He hit the 1000 ticket level at a weekend away 10th birthday bash.

Dad of the Year

27 March, 2019

Our photographer, Lucas Visser, volunteered to take his 8th grade daughter's class portrait last week. After the shoot, he printed the portrait onto a poster to be signed by the whole class for the school’s upcoming spring auction.

Platinum Stripe

25 March, 2019

The brand image of a platinum stripe can be fixating and inspiring. 

Private Plane

25 March, 2019

Nigel Walker take his first charter flight in the US - fancy!

A Very Wei Birthday

25 March, 2019

Director of Accounts, Wei Gao, celebrates his birthday with cheesecake from Lady M. 

Smooth Rolling at DCAT

21 March, 2019

Nigel Walker poses for a selfie on the second to last night of DCAT - the event has been happily smooth this year.


19 March, 2019

Nigel Walker is h eading into his third day of DCAT, with the Intercontinental Hotel on Lexington Ave serving as the event's new HQ. 

Prepping For A Rainy DCAT

18 March, 2019

When your getting ready for DCAT Week, you need to choose your umbrella carefully.

Viscosity & Gravity: Science Experiment

18 March, 2019

Luke Walker’s Science Fair Experiment for the 4th Grade, 2019. Luke solves the p roblem:   Does viscosity and gravity help filling a pharmaceutical manufacturing line for a Topical dry skin therapy?

The Q1 Business Development Issue Has Launched

13 March, 2019

The  Q1 Business Development Issue of Pharma’s Almanac  is now available in full online.  Our first quarter edition features leading insights from key opinion leaders with findings specific to business development in the industry.

StageBio is Live!

12 March, 2019 launches on the first day of SOT in Baltimore, a collective and collaborative effort from the teams at That’s Nice and StageBio.

Coming Together

12 March, 2019

It’s been a pleasure working with the management teams of HSRL and VPS, as these two companies combined to create StageBio. Tom, Sam, and Carrie have worked hard to transform the business in just under 100 days. 

Introducing StageBio

12 March, 2019

That’s Nice is excited to share the new identity we’ve created for StageBio, a combination of HSRL and VPS – Ampersand Capital's latest investment in the lab services space.

Ready to Launch

11 March, 2019

Our latest 'Nice' creative endeavor is set to launch. Stay tuned for the premiere of Nice Passion, hitting your screens in April 2019. 

On Location

20 February, 2019

Members of our digital capture and accounts teams are on location today setting up for day one of a four-day photo and video shoot. Pictured here are That’s Nice director of digital capture, Brian Pierce, and photographer/videographer, Lucas Visser.

Setting the Scene

20 February, 2019

Pictured here behind the scenes of today's photo shoot (from left) are Emilee Kudla, project coordinator, Katie Baker, senior account manager, and Brian Pierce, director of digital capture.

Throwback to Interphex ‘16

11 February, 2019

As we approach a series of winter/spring industry events, we took a moment to look back to Interphex 2016. Pictured here are members of the That’s Nice leadership and business teams repping our 20th anniversary chrome campaign at a UBM party.

Office Downgrade

05 February, 2019

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker has announced we’ll be expanding into the woods of Atlanta in this quaint space he discovered during a recent trip. Apparently this writer will be stationed upstairs with the rest of the content team. 

Amid the Frenzy

03 February, 2019

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is in Atlanta this weekend, where Super Bowl 53 will be taking place. See everyone there!

Freezing Temps

02 February, 2019

Snow falls in New York once again as the Northeast struggles to stay above zero degrees Fahrenheit. Looking forward to warmer temperatures on the horizon next week.


01 February, 2019

We found a 1971 Lamborghini Miura on display at a collectors’ museum during our recent travels. According to That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker, it was well worth the wait to see this beauty.


01 February, 2019

That’s Nice leaves Seattle after a successful trip to see a longtime client. With new offices and expanded worldwide services, this company certainly has a lot to promote.

White Out

31 January, 2019

Something called a micro blizzard hit seemingly out of nowhere this afternoon, with 50-mph wind gusts and a burst of snow creating a white out effect across NYC. Next up is single digit temps as the staff petitions for a Florida office. 

The Next Generation

25 January, 2019

As part of our Nice Passion video series, Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce begins the final edit of “Everyday Exotic” as Luke Walker starts his own journey.

Coming Soon

25 January, 2019

What’s behind the garage door? Find out in our upcoming piece, “Everyday Exotic,” due to hit the small screen in the coming weeks. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kudla

24 January, 2019

Wishing our friend and Ironman David Kudla a very happy birthday! As David turns [text redacted] years young, we at That’s Nice admire his drive and athleticism, especially considering the majority of us find ourselves winded after a walk to the water cooler.

RIP Roger Bruan 8/13/1943 – 1/22/2019

22 January, 2019

We send our condolences to the Bruan family, including our Business Logistics Manager, Albert, on the passing of Roger Bruan. Roger was an early influence on That’s Nice, as founder of a noted NYC ad agency and a big character. He gave us insight, fun, and a valued introduction to his nephew, Albert.

New Staff: Richard Mansbridge

16 January, 2019

Richard Mansbridge has rejoined the team as a ‘Nice’ consultant based in Australia. Richard was in the New York office this week getting reacquainted with the team and our process.

New Staff: Michelle Sawicki

16 January, 2019

We are pleased to welcome Michelle to our team as copywriter. Michelle brings to That’s Nice an extensive background in content and brand strategy, which she will undoubtedly leverage in creating engaging marketing content for our clients.

New Staff: Nina van Styrum

16 January, 2019

Nina has joined our team as exhibit designer. In this role, she is responsible for optimizing our clients’ trade show presence, bringing their exhibits to life through 3D design. Nina has several years of design experience, which she's acquired from studying and working around the world. 


16 January, 2019

That's Nice is visiting Porton Pharma Solutions’ API manufacturing site near Chongqing, China today. Pictured here is our strategy director, Mark Allen, dressed and ready to hit the cleanroom. 

New Year, New Kicks

14 January, 2019

That’s Nice managing director and metallic fashion maven Nigel Walker shows off the newest addition to his 2019 wardrobe.   

Lucky Number 137

09 January, 2019

The number of unread emails in the inbox of our managing director, Nigel Walker, became the same as his house number earlier today. Perhaps it's time to play the lotto.   

Continuing Support of CapsCanada

07 January, 2019

That’s Nice is pleased to welcome back CapsCanada as a valued customer in 2019.

New Year, New Look

28 December, 2018

That's Nice is reorganizing the space at our New York City headquarters to kick off the new year and welcome a number of new staff members.

HQ Upgrade

27 December, 2018

That’s Nice is in the process of upgrading our New York headquarters with new lighting as a part of a larger effort to boost efficiency.  

Soaring Stocks

26 December, 2018

That’s Nice may have been closed for Boxing Day and some electrical updates, but the stock market sure wasn’t. Let’s hope this is the turnaround we’ve been hoping for – and that it continues into 2019.

Message from Our Founder

25 December, 2018

Hoping to return from Hawaii with new life and fresh ideas in 2019. I wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year (from the beach). It’s the first time in 23 years I have not hand-written Christmas cards, but I have typed and emailed 400+ over the past few days (again, from the beach). Cheers, Nigel.

That’s Nice Wins ESGR Award

24 December, 2018

That's Nice has won the Department of Defense Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) award for supporting Albert Bruan during his recall to active duty and subsequent deployment from 2010 to 2014. Albert has been an asset to the company since he joined more than 10 years ago, and we are proud to have reciprocated his longtime support of That’s Nice. 

Eating Right

24 December, 2018

This #foodsnap courtesy of our managing director, Nigel Walker, who’s working hard to stick to a healthy diet despite the temptations of the holidays by opting for oatmeal over a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Aloha, Sunshine

24 December, 2018

Our managing director, Nigel Walker, is headed to Hawaii with his family for the holidays. Rainbows and sunshine are a welcome change from the wintry gray we’ve been experiencing here in New York.

Taking the Cake

19 December, 2018

The holiday cake from our shoot suddenly disappeared and our accounts director, Wei Gao, looks a guilty as ever. 

Happy Holidays from That's Nice

19 December, 2018

We're putting together a simple holiday video message from the That's Nice staff. No one has to know that cake was actually six days old at the time of the shoot...

Making the Effort

17 December, 2018

Coming across this post on LinkedIn got our managing director, Nigel Walker thinking about each day we come to work. Which of these simple virtues are you bringing to work each day?

Looking Forward to 2019

17 December, 2018

As we near the end of 2018, we find ourselves looking back to look forward. The Super Bowl may be just five weeks away, but we are training for our own start-of-the-year – the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 7-10th in San Francisco.

Happy Paw-lidays

17 December, 2018

Spotted somewhere along Nigel’s travels was this great find, sure to take first prize in any holiday sweater competition. Wishing all our friends and family a warm and ‘meowy’ holiday season.

Talking Shop

17 December, 2018

With members of our digital creative team in tow, Nigel ventured into the garage at Manhattan Motorcars to work through what turned out to be an opportune tire change and check-up.

Out & About in NYC

17 December, 2018

Photographer Lucas Visser and Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce are out and about in New York City shooting new video footage for an upcoming project.

Talking Passion

17 December, 2018

We got to the heart of Nigel’s supercar passion and his propensity for hitting life at full throttle during a one-on-one interview Friday. That’s Nice copywriter Maria Gordon conducted the interview, with Lucas Visser and Brian Pierce directing from behind the camera.

Like Father, Like Son?

17 December, 2018

A Countach 5000 poster was where it all began for Nigel Walker with regard to his youth-born love for the Lamborghini brand. Now the same age as his father when this passion was first realized, it has yet to be seen whether Luke will follow in his father's footsteps to become a supercar enthusiast.

Getting Personal

17 December, 2018

That’s Nice photographer Lucas Visser, Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce, and Managing Director Nigel Walker gather for a sit-down segment inside Nigel's Bronxsville, NY home as part of our upcoming “passion” video project.

Family Resemblance

17 December, 2018

Filming continued into the weekend as we wrapped up the final segment of our upcoming "passion" video featuring That's Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker. Captured here are Nigel and his son Luke sitting down to some breakfast before heading off to school.

Happy Birthday, Guy

17 December, 2018

The team celebrated the birthday of Business Director Guy Tiene on Friday with an end-of-day treat. It was a great way to end a fun but hectic week as we wrap up a number of year-end projects for both That’s Nice and clients.

Characters of Times Square

14 December, 2018

Batman, Elmo and That's Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker roll into Times Square. A cast of characters if we've ever seen one.

Drops of Glitter

14 December, 2018

Of course it would pour the day of our passion series video shoot – and right after we finished polishing the Lamborghini. Seems to have been good luck, though, as the day went off without a hitch, save for a slight tire puncture in the wee hours of the morning. 

Caption Me Elmo

14 December, 2018

Elmo, Cookie Monster and a glitter-wrapped Lamborghini arrive in Times Square. What happens next?

Punctured Passion

14 December, 2018

As part of our new “passion” series, we spent the day capturing that of one of our own. (Can you guess who?) This image, shot just two hours into shooting, was actually the perfect way to capture the theme of the piece – something akin to "next-generation commuter crazy."

Business Lounging

07 December, 2018

As we make our way to the UK for a client meeting, we’re killing time in the lounge of our favorite airline, Virgin Atlantic. Virgin always has the coolest lounges.

The Countach Comes Home

07 December, 2018

Anyone who knows us probably knows our managing director, Nigel Walker, has a passion for the Lamborghini brand. What they may not know is that it started at nine years old with this exact Lamborghini Countach poster that adorned his bedroom wall. Today it's back in hand.

Chrome Texture

28 November, 2018

Clothing? Shoes? Machinery? While we’re not entirely sure where this shot from our managing director came from, we're betting it's some indication of things to come – or possibly a throwback to  campaigns past

Escaping the Storm

27 November, 2018

As an early winter storm continues to slam the midwestern US, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is hurrying to escape the flurries after a client visit in Columbus, Ohio. Safe travels, Nigel!

Aspiration Meets Passion

27 November, 2018

With the holiday season in full swing and a lot of talk at That’s Nice about realizing our passions, it’s hard not to dream about our future ambitions as we approach the new year. For Nigel Walker, that would evidently be the new emotionally-charged Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. 

Setting Foot in Columbus

27 November, 2018

That’s Nice is in Columbus, Ohio this week for the first time in 20 years. Our last visit to the capital city was in 1998 when we helped launch Time Warner’s Road Runner high-speed internet service. Columbus was one of the earliest adopters of the service in the US.

New from Nice Gift

19 November, 2018

The new Power Bank 10 with built-in cables charges up to four devices at once! It comes in six colors, with custom packaging options available upon request. Click here for details and quantity discounts

Snow Down Slow Down

16 November, 2018

NYC's first  snowfall of the year made for a nightmarish commute last night, with Nigel Walker clocking a record-breaking 8 hours and 1 minute for the 16-mile drive to his Bronxville, NY home, beating his previous record by a whopping 4 hours. Not good.

Closing out the Show

07 November, 2018

As the UPM Pharmaceuticals team wraps up AAPS PharmSci 360 for 2018, we look forward to being with them at next year's event in San Antonio.

Mid-Term Elections

06 November, 2018

It’s Election Day in the US, with 36 governorships, one-third of Senate seats and all 435 seats in the House up for election. We're in the center of it all in DC, where AAPS PharmSci 360  also happens to be in full swing.

Spotted in DC

06 November, 2018

Members of the That's Nice team came across a rather unusual display of standing puppets while attending AAPS PharmSci 360 in Washington, DC this week. 

Caught on Camera

30 October, 2018

Surprise...the 2018 AAPS PharmSci 360 promotional video is out and guess who's smack in the middle of the shot? Our very own Nigel Walker  pounding the pavement, of course. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week in Washington, DC!

Just In: Pharma's Almanac Q4

25 October, 2018

We just received our shipment of the Q4 “Innovation” issue of Pharma’s Almanac, which will be distributed in print in time for AAPS PharmSci 360 and available soon for download at . Sign up for yours today!

Hot off the Presses

23 October, 2018

The 2019 Pharma's Almanac media kit is here! As we move into our fourth year as a standalone brand, it is especially exciting to look toward the future as we complete our full first year of publishing on our own. To request a copy of our print and digital marketing information kit, please visit

That’s Nice Expands into AI

19 October, 2018

That’s Nice has launched a new research initiative around Artificial Intelligence, working closely with MILS Group, a forward-thinking pharmaceutical entrepreneur. To learn more, or to join the initiative, visit

Sneak Peek: Pharma’s Almanac Q4

16 October, 2018

The Q4 2018 ‘Innovation’ issue of Pharma’s Almanac will be launching the last week of October, just in time for AAPS PharmSci 360. Sign up for free today and be the first to know when the issue goes live!

Just Launched: Pharma’s Almanac Q3

12 October, 2018

The Q3 2018 outsourcing issue of Pharma’s Almanac has hit the web. Download the new issue for the answer to pharma’s most burning question: how do you understand more about patient centricity?

Check Out the New Nice Match

12 October, 2018

Nice Match has launched an updated website, ,  with fresh ideas on the future of Connecting Buyers with Suppliers. How can our network support your business?

Big Things in Store at CapsCanada

12 October, 2018

CapsCanada and the Gilinski family are wrapping up another successful CPhI. That’s Nice is proud to support the organization’s growth as it prepares to launch its brand-new GMP facility in Colombia.

Closing Out CPhI with Servier

12 October, 2018

The Servier team enjoyed a successful CPhI in Madrid. We are all looking forward to continued growth for the contract development and manufacturing business as we move into 2019.

Nice Consulting: Maximizing Opportunity in Life Science

10 October, 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of our enhanced  Nice Consulting   offering to support companies in life sciences with a wide range of strategic services to facilitate capital growth. Learn more at

New Website: Nice Match & Nice Consulting

08 October, 2018

That’s Nice has been working to enhance our two main business services,  Nice Consulting  and  Nice Match , to better serve our customers’ NBD needs. We are proud to announce the relaunch of both services through a combined website reflecting the refined Nice Match offering and the newly formed M&A services under Nice Consulting. To learn more, please visit

Celebrating Friendship at CPhI

08 October, 2018

That’s Nice is excited to present a special gift to one of our close friends on Tuesday evening. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Coming Together in NYC

04 October, 2018

As we shot footage for our new corporate culture video,  we had a few staff members in NYC from out of town, including our North Carolina-based developer Parth Tarasaria (second from left). We made our best attempt to get Parth and everyone up to speed on all ‘Nice’ happenings as we plan for strategic expansion across all areas of the business in 2019.

Business Meets Art

13 September, 2018

New York City artist Adama Coulibaly has been at That’s Nice working on a number of pieces for upcoming exhibitions. Pictured in front of—and in—some of his latest work is Adama himself, alongside That’s Nice Business Manager Anthony Reda.

Office Shoot Take 2

13 September, 2018

A new corporate video is in the works at That’s Nice and our digital capture team is back in New York capturing our newest team members as well as the few who missed the previous shoot. Our photographer and videographer Lucas Visser is behind the Nikon D850 setting up the screen and gimbal for smooth movement.

Fueling Growth with Doppel

25 July, 2018

That’s Nice looks forward to starting a new relationship with Doppel, a CDMO that has repositioned itself over the past 24 months and looks to expand as we move into 2019.

Visiting Generics Leader Olon S.p.A.

25 July, 2018

That's Nice is in Rodano, Italy visiting Olon S.p.A., a powerhouse in the European generics space. Olon is working to expand from its core generics business to meet the needs of a wider client base.

Tell the Story

24 July, 2018

A new vision for Nice Digital is emerging as we move into 2019. Stay tuned!

Continued Engagement with Cenexi

23 July, 2018

That’s Nice is visiting Cenexi in Paris today to renew our multi-year agreement with the expanding steriles leader. We look forward to what lies ahead for Cenexi under the leadership of new CEO Francois Hincker.

Onward & Upward with Servier

23 July, 2018

That’s Nice is in Paris today renewing our contract with longtime client Servier CDMO and meeting the organization’s new General Manager, Arnaud Girard. We look forward to our continued relationship with the world-class CDMO embedded within the leading international pharmaceutical group, Servier.

Polished & Ready to Go

01 June, 2018

The Q2 cover of Pharma's Almanac is the second in a series of four this year that will blow the doors off of anything we’ve ever done by the time we unveil the Q4 edition. The issue prominently features, among others, Marken, BrammerBio, CRB and Federal  Equipment Company—market leaders across the board.  

Pharma’s Almanac Q2 Next-Generation Issue

25 May, 2018

The Pharma’s Almanac Q2 issue was delivered to the That’s Nice Headquarters this afternoon, we can’t wait to read it over the Memorial Day break!

One-On-One With Rentschler

23 May, 2018

Today we are visiting Rentschler Biopharma in Laupheim at the heart of German manufacturing. Rentschler is a great example of a privately held, family owned business that is driving some the biopharmaceutical industry’s most significant growth.

Early #TBT

16 May, 2018

Accounts Director Wei Gao (center) celebrates 10 years with That’s Nice, looking as fresh-faced as ever in this throwback photo with…can you guess who that is to his right?

Meeting Ecolab Life Sciences

16 May, 2018

Ecolab, widely known for its portfolio of cleaning solutions, recently launched a life sciences division in St. Paul, Minnesota. That’s Nice had the opportunity to visit the new Ecolab Life Sciences, which serves the personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

"Marked" Growth

16 May, 2018

While in St. Paul, Minnesota, Nigel was warmly welcomed by Beau Garrett, VP of Sales & Marketing for TapeMark, a CDMO specializing in transdermal and oral thin films. As the company looks toward its next stage of growth, the newly hired sales leader is implementing new processes to further support the BD team. 

23rd Anniversary of That’s Nice LLC

15 May, 2018

That’s Nice was founded on May 15th, 1995, in the bedroom of our founder’ s 235 East 13th Street apartment in Manhattan, just steps from the agency’s current Flatiron HQ. The goal was to build a diversified, science-based agency in the industrial hub of New York. Twenty- three years later , 12 employees who joined us in the first 10 years are advancing this mission as senior managers. Over the next 12 months, we look forward to what could possibly be the biggest change the company will experience since its inception.

Spotted in NJ: Pharma’s Almanac Inspiration

27 April, 2018

It’s no secret our own industry reference guide was influenced by the Old Farmer’s Almanac periodical, but it’s always fun to stumble upon a reminder—especially as we head back from CPhI North America to wrap up the Q2 issue.

Pharma’s Almanac Q1 in Hand

13 March, 2018

The Q1 2018 Executive Edition of Pharma’s Almanac has arrived in print. The issue examines the shift of the pharmaceutical landscape with M&A in the discovery and research sector, and includes contributions from thought leaders at some of the world’s leading service providers. To view the online issue or request a print copy, visit

2018 That's Nice Ad Campaign

13 March, 2018

That’s Nice is rolling out a series of ads as part of our new 2018 campaign. The first iteration, “Delivering Nice Insight Through Research," which made its debut in the Q1 2018 issue of Pharma’s Almanac, highlights the combined power of data and science in defining success for our life science clients. The new series will replace our Glittering Insights campaign, which ran through 2017.

New Client Website – CapsCanada

12 January, 2018

CapsCanada has launched a completely new website showcasing its top-quality capsules and encapsulation technologies. Discover how CapsCanada is helping customers around the world optimize their formulations for oral dose and bring their products to market. Visit >

Nice Promotion – Maurice Spicer

03 January, 2018

Maurice is not only an integral member of the Nice Insight market intelligence team, but also keeps us up and running by helping to maintain the IT infrastructure. In recognition of his hard work, Maurice has been promoted to Research Analyst. Well deserved, Maurice!

Nice Promotion – Chee Choi

03 January, 2018

As Exhibit Designer, Chee is an integral part of our creative design team and is responsible for producing award-winning exhibits for both That’s Nice and our clients. Without Chee, Nice Exhibit would not be what it is today. Thank you for the exceptional work, Chee!

Nice Promotion – Govindra Singh

03 January, 2018

As Market Research Director, Govindra is now responsible for overseeing all research services accounts and managing both internal and external resources to help define, meet and exceed client objectives. Congratulations, Govindra!

Nice Promotion – Eugene Hsiu

03 January, 2018

Congratulations to Eugene on being promoted to Account Executive. In his first year at That’s Nice, Eugene has grown significantly in his role, providing exceptional effort on day-to-day projects and playing an integral role in the Road to BIO campaign in June 2017. We all appreciate Eugene’s hard work and dedication. Well done, Eugene!

Nice Promotion – Guy Tiene

03 January, 2018

As Business Director, Guy’s role has expanded to include identifying synergies across Nice Insight research, Pharma’s Almanac content and That’s Nice marketing and communications to fully support the success of our clients. Congratulations, Guy!

Nice Promotion – Young Tae

03 January, 2018

Congratulations to 13-year That’s Nice veteran Young Tae for being promoted to Creative Director, a newly created position recognizing her tireless efforts and exceptional ability to progressively improve her creative talents. Well done, Young!

Blast from the Past

13 November, 2017

That’s Nice designed a logo for the aftermarket light company Eurolite back in 1999, which was later used in the first series of The Fast and the Furious in 2001. Nigel was reminded of the branding and marketing work we did for Eurolite while watching the latest film in the “Fast” series, The Fate of the Furious.

Back to New York

31 July, 2017

Nigel Walker is back at the New York office headquarters after a long week abroad on business.

Servier Creative Inspiration

26 July, 2017

The team is inspired by light and shape, we can't see what direction this will take for Servier. 

Pharma's Almanac Q3

24 July, 2017

The Editorial Team are working on the Q3 issue of the Pharma's Almanac, which will have special distribution at CPhI Worldwide. The Pharma's Almanac Q2 Biologics issue is pictured. 

Lights, Camera, Action

08 June, 2017

The crew sets up in Cambridge Massachusetts, preparing for the very first interview captured on the Road to BIO. Follow our journey every step of the way, here>

Week of Road to BIO

06 June, 2017

The Road to BIO is this happening this week! In less than five days we will have our bags packed and ready to go on the road! Stay tuned for our daily updates on !

On the Market

01 June, 2017

That's Nice Founder & Managing Director, Nigel Walker, takes a rare day off to list his Bronxville, NY home. Not to worry--he isn't going far. We expect him back in the office tomorrow and on the Road to BIO next week! 

RV Shopping

31 May, 2017

That's Nice is in the market for an RV! We are currently seeking the perfect support vehicle as we take the Road to BIO Challenge traveling from Cambridge, Massachusetts to #BIO2017 in San Diego, California over the month of June. 

All Packed Up

26 May, 2017

The That's Nice Accounts staff has been busy packing up for the BIO International Convention, coming up on June 19-22 in San Diego, CA. In case you've missed it, we will be driving a Lamborghini Aventador all the way across the country, with BIO being our ultimate destination. Follow our journey here!  

Fun on Location

25 May, 2017

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, is having a little bit of fun while on location in North Carolina for a client photoshoot. Here he is pictured (impressively) on top of a canon. 

Client Photoshoot

24 May, 2017

Wei Gao, Director of Client Services and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, are on location at a client photoshoot this week. Take a look inside the lab, courtesy of Brian and Wei.

Play the Road to BIO Board Game

24 May, 2017

Are you ready to start your own Road to BIO Challenge? Now's your chance to play the Road to BIO board game using our official roadmap! Be sure to enter your best guestimate for a chance to win an iPad Pro here>

New Case Studies - Nice Exhibit

23 May, 2017

Nice Exhibit is a product of our core capabilities, bringing together strategy and design to create comprehensive exhibition experiences that prospects will respond to and remember. Check out our newly featured work! 

Off to Print

22 May, 2017

We've just wrapped up our seventh issue of Pharma's Almanac Magazine! The Q2 2017 issue will focus on the global trends contributing to the continued advancement of biologics. Due out on June 15, 2017, the issue will be distributed in time for this year's BIO International Convention taking place from June 19-22, 2017. 

New Case Studies - Nice Short

19 May, 2017

That's Nice is pleased to showcase some of the exciting video animation work we've produced for our life science clients across the industry. View case studies >

That's Nice at CPhI NA & Informex

16 May, 2017

Nigel Walker, Founder & Managing Director of That's Nice, kicks off a productive week at CPhI North America and Informex in Philadelphia. The event, which runs from May 16th - 18th, connects buyers and sellers across the pharmaceutical supply chain.

That's Nice Turns 22

15 May, 2017

Today, That's Nice is celebrating 22 years of  research-driven marketing and brand management  for the life sciences. Nigel Walker, Founder and Managing Director, is celebrating the momentous occasion the only way he knows how – on the way to Philly for CPhI North America and Informex!

New Client Case Study – Unither Pharmaceuticals

11 May, 2017

After expanding into the North American market, Unither Pharmaceuticals worked with That’s Nice to develop brand equity and support the launch of new technologies in the US. View Case Study >

Gearing Up For the Roadtrip

08 May, 2017

With just weeks remaining until the TN team heads out west in a custom Lamborghini Aventador, this inspiring story of the open road and risking it all caught Managing Director Nigel Walker's attention. Read how one man decided to change his life and drive across the country in a Lamborghini here and stay tuned for updates of our June journey to BIO International!

New Look

03 May, 2017

We’ve made some updates to the That’s Nice website, including a new home page with a video header showing footage of a typical day around our New York headquarters, as well as a few recent industry events. Take look around to see what else is new!

New Client Case Study – Brammer Bio

03 May, 2017

Newly established CDMO Brammer Bio debuted in with a new brand identity, new website, and other platforms for communications and public relations. View Case Study >

Super User Status

28 April, 2017

That's Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker turns the page to 11,000 followers on LinkedIn. It took some time to get from 10,000 to 11,000 – let's see how fast we can hit 12,000.

The Partners

24 April, 2017

The That's Nice partners gathered together for a meeting at the company headquarters in New York. Many team members have been working together for close to ten years or more. 

Road to Bio Planning

19 April, 2017

The That's Nice team is busy planning for the summer road trip to BIO International, which takes place from June 19th through 22nd in San Diego. That's Nice will cross the country, visiting client sites along the way.

Stay Tuned for the Latest

13 April, 2017

The newest ad from our Glittering Insights series has been released! Be on the lookout for the campaign’s signature pop art in upcoming industry publications.

New client case study launches – CMC Biologics

31 March, 2017

Seeking to further differentiate its capabilities within the biopharmaceutical CDMO market, CMC Biologics engaged us to help convey its experience, flexibility, and innovation in delivering ‘right-on-time’ solutions. View Case Study >

New client case study launches – Servier CDMO

29 March, 2017

Leveraging its 11 global facilities, Servier Laboratories developed an embedded CDMO business and engaged That’s Nice to help market the company’s excess capacity to other pharmaceutical manufacturers. View Case Study >

Post DCAT Planning

29 March, 2017

We are counting our cards post-DCAT, making sure to follow up with all the great people our team has met after a highly successful show week.

New client case study launches – Cenexi

29 March, 2017

That’s Nice worked with Cenexi to optimize awareness of the brand’s robust CDMO business and sterile oncology capabilities while emphasizing the company’s history of innovation. View Case Study >

New client case study launches – Icagen

28 March, 2017

Following a series of organizational changes resulting in an expansion of both space and capacity, That’s Nice worked with Icagen to create a unified brand that wholly conveyed the company’s robust capabilities in early discovery. View Case Study >

We’re ready for our close-ups!

24 March, 2017

With everyone in town for Interphex and DCAT Week, we are conducting a video shoot of the That’s Nice team in our New York City headquarters.

Pharma's Almanac TV

22 March, 2017

Director of Strategy, Mark Allen, along with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, prepare for their next interview in the That’s Nice signature Tesla. Come see us and our Tesla at Interphex, Booth 3765.

Interphex, Day 2

22 March, 2017

Maurice and Annie from the Research Department talk to customers at our Booth 3765.

Visit Us at Interphex, Booth 3765

21 March, 2017

The That's Nice team is at interphex. Come see us and our Tesla at booth 3765.

The Tesla Has Arrived

20 March, 2017

The Tesla wrapped in the That's Nice 2017 pop art campaign has arrived just in time for Interphex. We will see you at the show!

Happy Birthday Wei!

16 March, 2017

Wei Gao, Accounts Director is turning 40! The office celebrated this occasion with red velvet cake.

That's Nice at SOT

16 March, 2017

Pictured at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting 2017, Michelle Hernandez, the Director of Business Intelligence and Competitive Research, poses in front of a presentation. 

The Q1 “Big Data” Issue is Now Live

09 March, 2017

The Q1 Big Data Issue of Pharma’s Almanac is now available in full online. 

Roadtrip Ready

01 March, 2017

Select That's Nice staff led by Managing Director Nigel Walker, will be embarking on a roadtrip to BIO International this June. The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, in orange, will take staff across the USA this summer.

Happy Birthday, Kimmy!

27 February, 2017

Kimberly Anderson celebrated her birthday with the staff of That's Nice. The office enjoyed a wonderful cake on her behalf!

Our Ride is Here!

22 February, 2017

The latest That's Nice Lamborghini has just arrived! The car is fiery orange to match the company colors. 

Staff SOT Award Winner

22 February, 2017

We are preparing for SOT at That's Nice and wanted to say congratulations to Michelle Hernandez, our Director of Business Intelligence and Competitive Research. Michelle has won the Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists Travel Award Winner for her study titled, World Trade Center Dust Induces Nasal and Neurologic Tissue Injury, Impairs Olfaction Capabilities, and Increases Anxiety Behaviors. She will be presented with the award at The Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists reception on Tuesday, March 14 (6:15 PM to 8:45 PM), at Maryland Art Place 218 W Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD. Her presentation will be on view on March 16th, 8:30AM to 11:45AM at Hall A, Poster Board number: 3538/P513. We hope to see you there!

Happy Birthday Jane

21 February, 2017

Jane Blake, the That's Nice bookkeeper celebrated a landmark birthday this week. The staff gathered in the conference room to wish her the best!

Nice Symposium Preparations

30 January, 2017

Thats Nice staff are busy, making preparations in North Carolina for Nice Symposium 2017 Oral Solid Dose, which kicks off tomorrow 31st January. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

27 January, 2017

It is the year of the rooster, which symbolizes fidelity and punctuality. Here at That's Nice, we are looking forward to ushering in the new year tonight and for a productive 2017. Happy New Year to all those celebrating!

Glittering Insights

25 January, 2017

That's Nice has launched out third ad in our campaign series. Thanks to our Creative Dept, we are ready for DCAT and Interphex, with used equipment being the theme.

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