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Birmingham, England

11 December, 2019

There have been many changes to the great city of Birmingham since Nigel Walker lived in the city before leaving for London in 1980, though a strong bond with the “Brummies” prevails. 

Successful Day in Folsom, CA

10 December, 2019

Overall, it was a great night in Folsom, CA.

2020 Journey

10 December, 2019

Come onboard! We're ready for the for the next journey in 2020.

Yellow Balloon

10 December, 2019

Brian Pierce takes a selfie behind Nigel Walker. The "balloon day" is over but the team still has one more take.

End of Year Message

10 December, 2019

As we float 5,000 feet above the Napa Valley wineries, Nigel is ready to deliver the end of year message.

Nice Hat

10 December, 2019

Is someone in trouble? Nigel's hat remains on but the airplanes should have already landed... P.S. Nice hat, Nigel.

Lost in Sonoma

10 December, 2019

Brian Pierce is lost in Sonoma but at least the evening scout has gone well, chasing the "Rainbow Unicorn." Our guess is that the Subaru is broken down.

Sonoma Skypark

10 December, 2019

Lucas, Jeff (the pilot), Nigel and Brian set off on a gloomy balloon flying day at the Sonoma Skypark - many thanks to the staff for taking care of That's Nice!

Drone Search

10 December, 2019

Lucas Visser lost one of the drones for 90 minutes, but as you see he using star alignment (a GPS) to find where it dropped. 

Sacramento Airport

09 December, 2019

An interesting sculpture of old suit cases at Sacramento airport, very creative.

Hot Air Balloon Scout

09 December, 2019

Scouting the Balloon take off site in Sonoma, CA. This rich wine district will be one of our shoot destinations today.

Philadelphia 2020

05 December, 2019

Nigel Walker is attending a local Philadelphia Healthcare Investment forum as a guest of Wuxi Advanced Therapies, a major investor in the Navy Yard in Philly. 

Hawaii Sky Dive

04 December, 2019

Wei Gao takes flight over the big Island of Hawaii, very cool for a sky diving adventure.

Soak Up the Sun

19 November, 2019

Brian Pierce takes a moment to enjoy the sunshine at Rockaway Beach on the Nice Passion shoot. 

Surf's Up

19 November, 2019

The surfing star of the Nice Passion video poses on the beach with the crew. 

Next Nice Passion Video

19 November, 2019

Brian Pierce is hard at work on our next passion piece. 

English Morning

11 November, 2019

Nigel takes  selfie on a fresh English morning.

A Successful CPhI

08 November, 2019

Another successful event arranged by CPhI owners. Frankfurt is not my favorite destination but staying at the Maritim Hotel worked out very well, being directly adjacent to the show halls.

Leaving CPhI Frankfurt

08 November, 2019

Leaving CPhI Frankfurt through Brussels as Lufthansa cancels flights back to New York. We choose to exit out of Europe via London.

Birch Tree Cafe

08 November, 2019

Nigel visits an interesting cafe at the Frankfurt Messe, with real birch trees.

Last Day of CPhI Frankfurt

07 November, 2019

The Managing Director and The Chairman strategize the final day of CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt.

Servier Booth at CPhI

07 November, 2019

Eric from Servier CDMO and Nigel proudly stand in front of the Servier booth at CPhI.

Taking Off in 2020

07 November, 2019

We're taking off in 2020!

Best Dressed

06 November, 2019

Haig and Nigel are making a best dressed effort at CPhI Frankfurt. 

Lunch in San Antonio

06 November, 2019

TJ, David and Guy take a well deserved break in San Antonio for AAPS PharmSci 360. 

The Alamo

06 November, 2019

Taking in the Almao in San Antonio, Texas during the AAPS PharmSci 360 trade show. 

Day of the Dead

06 November, 2019

Paying homage to the Day of the Dead in San Antonio 

San Antonio Brewers Association

06 November, 2019

While in the city for AAPS PharmSci 360, Guy passes by the San Antonio Brewers Association. 

The Yellow Rose of Texas

06 November, 2019

Guy Tiene enjoys a meal in San Antonio and admires the floral arrangement. 

Grifols Rebrand

05 November, 2019

We're happy to unveil the new branding for Grifols Partnership. Pictured here is Marga Viñes, Senior Sales Manager for this energetic company, with Nigel Walker.

CPhI Worldwide Ready to Go

04 November, 2019

CPhI Worldwide, Frankfurt client booths are set-up, it’s nighttime and we are ready for the show; we're celebrating 30 years of CPhI and 24 years of That’s Nice.

Gulam Jaffer's Cover Shot

04 November, 2019

Gulam Jaffer, President of Yourway, is pictured on the cover of World Pharma Frontiers Magazine, ready for the taking at CPhI Frankfurt. 

Street Art

04 November, 2019

This piece, captured in Frankfurt by the That's Nice team during CPhI, puts a new spin on street art. 

Art in Frankfurt

04 November, 2019

The That's Nice team admires the art of Frankfurt during CPhI. 

CPhI Kick Off Meal

03 November, 2019

Accounts Director, Wei Gao, anticipates kicking off #cphi2019 with a sausage plate - this is serious business. 

WuXi AppTec at AAPS San Antonio

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the WuXi AppTec booth being presented at AAPS San Antonio, come see them during the show.

Asahi Kasei at AAPS

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the Asahi Kasei booth being presented at AAPS San Antonio, come see them during the show. 

Avara at AAPS San Antonio

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the Avara booth being presented at AAPS San Antonio, come see them during the show.

ACS Publications at CPhI Frankfurt

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the ACS Publications booth, which is being completed for CPhI Frankfurt - come see them during the show.

Biovecta at CPhI Frankfurt

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the BioVectra booth at CPhI Frankfurt, come see them at booth #121H42.

GSK at CPhI Frankfurt

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the GSK booth at CPhI Frankfurt, come see them at booth #121B6.

SPI Pharma at CPhI Frankfurt

03 November, 2019

Putting the final touches on the SPI Pharma booth atCPhI Frankfurt, come see them at booth #102B50.

High Line Sculpture

02 November, 2019

A sculpture on the High-Line in New York connects the fine art community with the tourists that walk the elevated walk way. 

Pineapple Sculpture Scout

01 November, 2019

Nigel and the digital capture team spend time at the Hudson Yards Pineapple sculpture, scouting for next video shoot.

Inside the Tray Drying Room

28 October, 2019

Brian Pierce inside the “Tray Drying room” at UPM running a blue placebo, milled compound for a new fly through corporate video, launching in January 2020.

Drone Footage at UPM

28 October, 2019

Nigel Walker, Jonathan Curtin and Brian Pierce are pictured in sunny Bristol, Tennessee in this photo by Lucas Visser - the team visited UPM to shoot drone footage. 

Silver Jubilee

28 October, 2019

That’s Nice moves towards our Silver Jubilee, and with that we start to rebuild for the next 25 years. Management stability has been the key to our leading position in CDMO space. There are many surprises to be reviewed in 2020.

PharmaSci 360

28 October, 2019

That’s Nice will be attending PharmaSci 360 being held in San Antonio this year. Guy Tiene, David Alvaro and TJ will represent the management team - with a few meeting slots left, let’s meet at your booth! 

CPhI Worldwide

28 October, 2019

That’s Nice will be in Frankfurt attending CPhI Worldwide, represented by Nigel Walker, Mark Allen and Wei Gao. Although we're heavily booked, there are a few slots left.

Cincinnati, Ohio

25 October, 2019

Though it may look similar to the Brooklyn Bridge that famously stretches over the East River, this bridge is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nigel spotted it on his last stop over before completing this client trip.

Stop in Vegas

24 October, 2019

Nigel has a quick stop over in Las Vegas before he returns to New York, to attend an end-user plasma one day show.

Back in Bristol

23 October, 2019

Nigel is back at the home of country music, Bristol, Tennessee, to see our long term customer UPM Pharmaceuticals. It's great to see the growth in UPM as they focus on commercial projects.

Sunday Morning Shoot

20 October, 2019

Lucas Visser is out at 6.00am on Sunday morning scouting locations for a new upcoming short film. Stay strong, Lucas!

Lemon Picking

10 October, 2019

Brian Pierce picks some lemons this morning from his beautiful home in Alameda, CA. 

Gateway to the Bay

09 October, 2019

The Golden Gate Bridge is a sexy piece of architecture. The gateway to the bay never gets boring, no matter how many times we see it. Nigel is in the Bay Area, visiting clients. 

Family Time

04 October, 2019

Happy times in Birmingham, England, as Nigel and his cousin see each other for some quality family time

Nice Nice

04 October, 2019

12 days, 18 customers, 17,000 miles, 2 lost bags and new friends across Europe. Nigel reflects on the trip as he departs London and starts the extremely busy Q4 process of writing 2020 statement of work orders for our customers.

Bags Found in Amsterdam

04 October, 2019

Nigel's bags were found in Amsterdam - wonder what they were doing there... 

La Sagrada Familia

04 October, 2019

The most beautiful piece of architecture in Spain and Nigel's personal favorite religious location from all corners of the world. It's much closer to completion than the first time he visited Barcelona in 1972

Top 3 Cities

04 October, 2019

In case anyone ever thought Barcelona wasn’t in Nigel's top three cities in the world, the architectural design is transforming quickly in the Gaudi dominated city. Nigel has arrived at his second to last city of this extensive Euro trip.

Synthetic Sapphire

02 October, 2019

Nigel is studying the simplicity of Synthetic Sapphire, a new material being used in the Hublot watch with a silicon wrist band. Looking at this beautiful timepiece, it's clear that Swiss watchmakers have done it again. Today is only a "looking" day - he's not buying...yet. 

Basel HQ

02 October, 2019

As Nigel visits Basel, Switzerland at night, he points out that one giant Biologics CDMO is headquartered in here, and we can all agree - it's not a bad place to have your headquarters.

Rare Book Hunting

02 October, 2019

Looking for rare books in Zurich for new library, Nigel finds a street that sells rare books from around the world.

La Défense, Paris

02 October, 2019

La Défense in Paris is a new area of the city that has grown from the financial district. 

Zurich, Switzerland

01 October, 2019

Moving fast and onto the last leg of the two week trip, Nigel enjoys an evening in Zurich, Switzerland, a city that balances the French and the German. There's no denying - it's a real beauty at night.

Scouting in Paris

01 October, 2019

Stopped for a selfie while scouting locations for a client event in Paris.

6 Customers, 2 Days

01 October, 2019

Haig is also in town during Nigel's visit to Paris - so how do you cram in seeing 6 French customers in 2 days?

Servier 2020

01 October, 2019

Back to Servier to plan for next years business growth in Paris today. The new CEO for the Servier CDMO takes over today, October 1st - it's always a productive day at Servier!

Parisian Financial District

30 September, 2019

Nigel has traveled to a different area of Paris as he continues to visit clients in France. Pictured here is the city's newly expanding financial district, as viewed from the Suresnes area. 

GSK Visit

30 September, 2019

Nigel is just leaving GSK, a valued customer for last seven years. That's Nice is looking forward to supporting them at CPhI worldwide!

Studham Village Church

29 September, 2019

Nigel took a picture here last year, but it's still a dramatic scene worth revisiting at Studham village church in Bedfordshire.

International Correspondence Schools Certificate

29 September, 2019

International Correspondence Schools, certificate from 1935, Mr. Sydney Whitehurst. This course was for “Sign Writing,” the origins of communication in Nigel Walker's family.

New Office

29 September, 2019

Lucas has built a new office for himself - it's small but very much needed.

English Gardening

28 September, 2019

Nigel is back in sunny England seeing family and friends in between a jam-packed 2 weeks of client visits. It's time to put on the new shiny jacket, and help with the gardening.

Hampton Court, London

27 September, 2019

Nigel visits Hampton Court, London, his last stop of the day.

City of Love

27 September, 2019

On the theme of exploring, Nigel heads back to Paris (making it his fifth city stop in five days) to see a client and a client prospect, in the city of love.

Piazza Duomo Plaza in Milan

26 September, 2019

Piazza Duomo Plaza in Milan, there are a handful of more beautiful sites of religious architecture than here. 

The Perfect Frame - Rozzano, Italy

26 September, 2019

Rozzano, Italy is Nigel's next stop on his current European tour.  He was shopping for frames and look what was found - the TN brand colors, glitter and orange, together.


25 September, 2019

Munich's Octoberfest, translates to some serious drinking of German beer in 2 liter glass steins. Nigel might be there supporting the locals today...

Nice Passion Inspiration

24 September, 2019

Carl Laemmle was an American filmmaker and founder of Universal Pictures - which he owned until 1934. Laemmle, who was born in Germany, produced or worked on over 400 films. His likeness is represented in this simple statue in Laupheim. Taking inspiration from film greats, we're happy to announce that NicePassion continues to move forward with three new short films.

Nature of Science Return

24 September, 2019

Lucas works on the cabin from our Nature of Science piece in much nicer weather - here he is mitering pine paneling for the interior walls.

Tomokazu Matsuyama Mural

23 September, 2019

Our friend Tomokazu Matsuyama is finishing his Bowery mural. This piece, roughly 20x40 feet, will be finished Sunday, 9/22. If you are in the city, come to the corner of Bowery and Houston, and check it out, it is amazing!

The Kensico Dam

18 September, 2019

 Nigel and Lucas rode their bikes 25 miles last Saturday and Sunday to Kensico Dam up in Westchester County. 

Graphic Westchester Dam

15 September, 2019

Nigel captures the graphic quality of the Westchester Dam, a public works project.

Westchester 9/11 Memorial

15 September, 2019

Lucas and Nigel bike to the Westchester 9/11 Memorial at the Kensico Dam Plaza, north of White Plains.

BioProcess International Night Out

12 September, 2019

Nigel enjoys a fun evening with GSK, R&D at BPI International. 

BioProcess International Week

10 September, 2019

Nigel is attending BPI International in Boston along with 15 accounts - he's looking forward to the week ahead

Thunder Cove

10 September, 2019

Lucas did not know why this was called Thunder Cove until he got there. There was a storm in the distance and the waves were crashing one after another. To the left of this image is a bank of dirt and rock about 30 feet high. This feature amplifies the sound of the waves and the result is literally thunderous!

French River

10 September, 2019

Next up, French River. This is probably the most photographed and painted area of PEI for obvious reasons. It’s an old fishing village that still retains it’s charm. It’s also located on the north shore of the island and is a bit west of PEI national park.

PEI Fishing

10 September, 2019

This is part of Prince Edward Island National Park on the north coast, north of Charlottetown. The water and beaches are pristine and as you can see, sometimes you can have the whole beach to yourself.

Heading to BioProcess International

10 September, 2019

Nigel is off to BioProcess International in Boston to see customers - it's that time of year again - the garden is starting to turn ahead of the fall season.

Grifols at BioProcess International

09 September, 2019

The Grifols booth shines at the BioProcess International show in Boston. 

Gray PEI Barns

09 September, 2019

Another stop and shot of a wonderful old barn still in use. The barns in PEI tend to be Gray as opposed to the usual Red, New England style.

Rustic Scenery, PEI

09 September, 2019

Driving around Brian and Lucas would come upon scenes where they had to pull over and take a shot. Rusty old farm equipment sitting out in a field just begs to be photographed.

Tea Hill Stable, PEI

09 September, 2019

Brian and Lucas visited Tea Hill Stable on their travels in PEI. It is a beautiful stable, and the owners graciously allowed our team to capture the beauty of it - as demonstrated by this image of a speckled mare having lunch.

The GranFondo Bicycle Race

06 September, 2019

First thing the next day, Brian and Lucas were at the start of the GranFondo bicycle race: a 150k loop around the middle of PEI stretching to the North coast, starting and ending in Charlottetown. 

Sunset on the Other Side of Confederation Bridge

06 September, 2019

Brian and Lucas take a great shot of Confederation Bridge at sunset after crossing over to PEI. The first days mission is accomplished!

On the Way to PEI

05 September, 2019

Digital Capture Team, Lucas Visser and Brian Pierce, stop at the Confederation Bridge overlooking PEI on the first day of the BioVectra trip. 

Jack’s Drive-In

04 September, 2019

Jack’s Drive-In has been in this same location since before Lucas was born. They are famous for their sliders, which are hamburgers with a helping of caramelized onions. They start cooking the onions in the morning and you can smell the place a mile away. Lucas helped himself to two sliders with cheese and a chocolate shake.

The Pumpkin House

04 September, 2019

This is the house of Lucas' childhood friend, Seth. His father designed, came up with the process and built this house, which was known as "the pumpkin house." Lucas' father built the garage as an extension.

Crystal Lake

04 September, 2019

Lucas poses in front of Crystal Lake, a local swimming spot near his childhood home. 

Memory Lane in Upstate NY

04 September, 2019

Taking a trip down memory lane, Lucas snaps a quick flick in front of his alma matter, Averill Park High School. 

Poestenkill Elementary

04 September, 2019

After the shoot at the Milford Rentschler site, Lucas Visser stopped by his hometown of Averill Park in Rensselaer County, upstate New York. Here is is posed in front of Poestenkill Elementary. 


30 August, 2019

Lucas Visser and Katie Caswell of Dronegenuity taking the drone up for an early morning aerial video shoot.

Shooting Rentschler Biopharma SE

28 August, 2019

That's Nice's digital capture team, Brian Pierce and Lucas Visser arrive in Milford, MA today, getting ready for a video shoot to capture Rentschler Biopharma SE's world class manufacturing facility.

It's a Wrap

28 August, 2019

The team poses after the a successful shoot on PEI at the Island Hill Farm is wrapped. 

Making Friends

28 August, 2019

The goats at Island Hill Farm are officially part of the Nice Passion team. 

Island Hill Farm Shoot

28 August, 2019

The Nice Passion team films on the Island Hill Farm surrounded by lovable goats. 

Drone LOL

28 August, 2019

Lucas looks for the drone, wondering why the drift is on with the runway from the sea. Nigel knows the answer - it's because of the wind!

Island Hill Farms

27 August, 2019

The Nice Passion team is filming at Island hill farms today, where they make soap and other products from goat milk.

Maritime Marzipan

27 August, 2019


Westminster Views

26 August, 2019

Sakina takes in the beautiful English architecture in Westminster. 

Laduree Treats

26 August, 2019

Sakina went to Laduree with friends while she was in London - she enjoyed the Ispahan dessert which included fresh lychee and raspberries!

London Highlights - Harrod's

26 August, 2019

Sakina made sure to stop by high-end Department Store, Harrod's while on vacation in London. 

Candies from London

26 August, 2019

Accounts intern, Sakina, brought chocolates and candies to the office from her trip to London. 

Congrats, Aston Villa

26 August, 2019

Congratulations to Aston Villa for their first win in the premiership in three years. Up the Villa!

Mint Condition Eldorado

23 August, 2019

A mint condition Cadillac Eldorado sits in a car museum in the south.

Must Be Kentucky

21 August, 2019

Horse + Racing + USA? Must be Kentucky.

Visiting Louisville

21 August, 2019

Both Nigel and President Trump are visiting Louisville today, but there's no need to meet up there - they both permanently reside in New York.

Precision on Show

16 August, 2019

It’s a privilege to watch the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Rolling Out the Big Guns

16 August, 2019

Violet learns from big data – 6 tons used to sent a 330 pound ball over 2 miles.

Edinburgh Castle

16 August, 2019

Strategy Director, Mark Allen, admires the fortress that is Edinburgh Castle. Strong foundations last a very long time, even though there has been numerous ‘owners’ over the years.

Confusion on Location

15 August, 2019

Out on location, Brian and Lucas are obviously confused.

Weekend Bike Ride

12 August, 2019

Lucas and Nigel went for a 60 mile bicycle ride over 6 hours, burning over 4000 calories as they traveled from Westchester to Garrison, NY, 8 miles past Bear Mountain.

Lost in the Woods

29 July, 2019

Don't take a wrong turn! Lucas gets lost in the woods looking for bears.

In the Catskills

29 July, 2019

Out in the Catskills, Nigel, Lucas Visser and Sean (featured in the Nature of Science video) are finishing up a film for the next Nice Passion Video.

30' Flag

29 July, 2019

Nigel notices a 30’ American flag in upstate New York, a beautiful sight on his weekend hike. 

500 Knots Across Paris

24 July, 2019

It was just about 12 months ago that Nigel and Brian were flying at 500 knots across the south of Paris. Notice the "Rescue" sign with two yellow arrows, because they needed it.

On Top of the World

23 July, 2019

Saba Malik takes a trip downtown after work and is amazed by the breathtaking city views.

Fun in the Sun

22 July, 2019

Enjoying the nice weather and beautiful views while relaxing in Central Park.

Immersed in Marketing

19 July, 2019

Accounts intern, Saba Malik, explores Times Square, the epicenter of marketing and advertising!

NYC or Dubai?

19 July, 2019

While getting dinner at Rosa Mexicano, Sakina is reminded of the Floating Man Wall in the Dubai Mall - and it's easy to see why!

Natural Bone Yard

18 July, 2019

Nigel takes a dramatic shot near a run-off of river logs, reminiscent of a bone yard for nature.

Down the River

15 July, 2019

Nigel has journeyed a few hundred miles downstream, leaving Colombia and moving into Peru. Pictured here are the overhead leaves above the new boat that he has moved to.

Amazon Sunset

15 July, 2019

It was a great sunset last night on the Amazon River - Nigel is heading west today.

England Wins World Cricket Cup

15 July, 2019

England wins the World Cricket Cup by the tiniest of margins, beating New Zealand on the final ball of the final in overtime.

Lewis Hamilton Wins at Silverstone

15 July, 2019

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, who has won the British F1 Race at Silverstone Race track, for a record 6th win at this track.

Pontoon Fun

15 July, 2019

Nigel rents a boat in Cincinnati, while spending the weekend with his Lamborghini friend; pontoon boats are not fast, but fun? Yes, they are.

New Mexico River Trip

15 July, 2019

Nigel is in New Mexico on a trip on the river during a beautiful, hot, 100 degree day.

Cincinnati Airport Exhibit

15 July, 2019

Nigel is leaving Cincinnati after seeing customers, before a long weekend break. The Cincinnati airport currently has a beautiful dinosaur exhibit on view. 

A Familiar Hummingbird

15 July, 2019

Nigel captures a humming bird at a sugar water feeder at the boat launch Cincinnati and remembers the Capsugel branding project That's Nice completed in 2016.

Sweltering Hot Europe

10 July, 2019

Nigel is returning from a sweltering hot Europe - the heat peaked at 113 degrees in southern France.

On-Site at SPI Pharma

10 July, 2019

Events Director YiYi Liu and Accounts Director, Partner, Wei Gao are on-site at SPI Pharma. 

Lewis Hamilton Comes Home

10 July, 2019

Lewis Hamilton will be in his hometown this weekend; the Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing circuit in England located next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury, close to where Nigel grew up.

W Hotel Barcelona

09 July, 2019

The W Hotel in Barcelona brings back memories for Nigel of CPhI World Wide, when he missed the Alcami event after trying to fix a client booth, after another fabricator walked off the job. That’s Nice will be back in Barcelona in September.

Grifols 2020

09 July, 2019

Nigel leaves our wonderful customer, Grifols, in Barcelona as we start to discuss the business strategy for 2020.

Haig and Nigel in London

08 July, 2019

Nigel and Haig have been visiting a tea house garden in Central London, a great start to any week

Flowers in England

08 July, 2019

Nigel enjoys the flowers on beautiful English summer day.

A Bubble in a Bubble

08 July, 2019

Here's how to make a bubble within a bubble, whilst inserting you face into the larger bubble.

Wedding in Hampshire

08 July, 2019

Nigel fulfills his Best Man duties at a friend's wedding over the weekend, enjoying good times in Hampshire, England. Congratulation to Charlotte and Mike!

July 4th in England

08 July, 2019

Nigel celebrates 4th of July in England with one sparkler - it's not really a celebration, but more for his America friends who rag on him every year.

Wimbledon Weekend

05 July, 2019

Wimbledon, is heading into it first full weekend and the weather has been perfect for upsets.

Rentschler at Home

05 July, 2019

That’s Nice is visiting Rentschler at home.

Leaving Servier

04 July, 2019

Nigel is just leaving Paris after seeing Servier, continuing the long term relationship with a great French Innovator company.

Servier CDMO Outside Paris

04 July, 2019

Servier CDMO is based on the outskirts of Paris - it's a great campus for collaboration.

Visiting Cenexi

03 July, 2019

Nigel is visiting our client Cenexi, just outside of Paris.

Leaving München

03 July, 2019

Nigel is leaving München, Germany and heading over to Paris. With each vist, Nigel appreciates München more. Pictured here, a delightful exhibit in the airport using green sponge.

Surf's Up

02 July, 2019

Longtime friend, Bernardo is surfing in Munich, in the English Gardens.

Smart Car Food Delivery

02 July, 2019

Nigel has arrived in Munich, Germany and the smart cars are in full force on food delivery.

Meeting GSK in London

01 July, 2019

Nigel makes a brief stop over in London to see long term customer GSK.

Old Friends in London

01 July, 2019

Nigel spends time with his old friend Phill in London.

England v. India in Cricket

01 July, 2019

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, located in the center of Trafalgar Square, London. Nigel is flying through London to watch England beat India at cricket (this one is for TJ, Market Research Director and Indian cricket fan). 

Modern Krakow

01 July, 2019

Nigel is sight-seeing around Krakow, which is as modern city as any other in Europe. Are you surprised? He was! 

Interesting Advert...

01 July, 2019

Interesting advert in the window of a deli in Krakow, Poland. How do they evenly apply the tomato and mustard?

Ride for the Living Reception

01 July, 2019

A view of the "Ride For The Living" bike race reception, overlooking the "Shalom on Szeroka" Concert.

Congrats, Brammer Bio!

01 July, 2019

Congratulations to he winners for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 New England Award, Mark Bamforth for BrammerBio.

Racing Through Poland

01 July, 2019

Nigel's grateful for the lasting memory of riding with 250 others from around the world to support the JCC in Krakow.

Polish Delight

28 June, 2019

Nigel has a delightful day in Poland, attending an awards ceremony celebrating the Kadis' family’s commitment to the JCC in Krakow.

Biking With the JCC in Poland

28 June, 2019

Nigel is in Poland, biking in support of the Jewish Community Center (JCC). “Ride for the living 66 miles from Auschwitz Birkenau to Krakow."

Photoshoot with Brian

27 June, 2019

Brian snaps a photos of Steve Phillips, from the tradeshow booth construction company Punch, for our website. 

Last Day at DIA

26 June, 2019

Brian Pierce poses in front of the DIA sign on the tradeshow's last day. 

Yourway Booth Setup at DIA

25 June, 2019

Wei Gao and Patrick from Punch pose in front of the Yourway booth at DIA. 

DIA Dinner

24 June, 2019

Brian and Wei enjoy dinner ahead of DIA with clients Leandro and Duncan from Yourway, and a blast from the past, former Media Manager, Mimi Chen!!

A Pre-DIA Selfie

24 June, 2019

Accounts Director, Wei Gao and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture take a selfie in front of the Yourway booth ahead of the DIA show in San Diego. 

The DIA Yourway Booth

24 June, 2019

Wei Gao, Accounts Director, completes the finishing touches on the Yourway booth at DIA. 

Clouds Over Carolina

18 June, 2019

When the clouds are rumbling over the Carolinas you know change is around the corner.

Guess for a Gift

17 June, 2019

Think you know the address of these NYC doors? Call us at 212-366-4455, and we will send you a gift for getting it right!

Chrome Barney's Branding

17 June, 2019

The Barney’s New York natural stone surface is iconic branding, and with a chrome font finish, we think, beautiful.

Thank You, MSKCC

12 June, 2019

Nigel is celebrating the fine work of the medical staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center this week. While supporting a friend during a difficult time, the staff from the state-of-the-art, recently completed new treatment facility in New York City were not only caring but professional in every way. 

Nice Passion Flight of Freedom – Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

Nice Passion launches “Flight of Freedom” featuring Gwenaël Servant at BIO International.

Brammer Bio / ThermoFisher Booth #1501, 643, 1301, 2027

03 June, 2019

Brammer Bio is now part ThermoFisher! Come visit the Brammer Bio team at BIO International. 

Fareva in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3455

03 June, 2019

Thibaut Fraisse gave a strong interview in the Q1 Pharma’s Almanac. Come by the Fareva booth to meet the team.

That’s Nice – Meet the Staff at Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice will be waiting to greet you at booth# 4201, getting ready for the biggest Biotech show of the year.

Rentschler Biopharma Booth #2719

03 June, 2019

Come visit the new Rentschler Booth# 2719 at BIO International.

AbbVie Booth #526, 2927

03 June, 2019

If your haven’t yet, read the AbbVie article in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac, AbbVie is much more than just Humira.

Looking Forward to BIO

31 May, 2019

I look forward to seeing all the customers in Philly next week. That’s Nice has 12 brand launches - needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing the doors open on the first day.

Brian's Bike Ride

31 May, 2019

There is a hand landing on Brian’s head, as he rides his bike to pick up some ice cream.

Championship Cup

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa Captain and Manager raises the Championship Cup at Wembley Stadium - it's a special day in my history of following the club since 1971.

Go, Aston Villa!

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa have won the Championship play off final against Derby County and have been promoted to the Premiership. Go, Aston Villa!

On Location in Allentown

24 May, 2019

The Yourway truck is being shot today, photographer and project manager Lucas Visser, is pictured in Allentown in the process of getting it down.

AbbVie Umbrella

24 May, 2019

Thank you, AbbVie, for the gift we received at CPhI North America - it came in very handy on a rainy NYC day!

A Gift from Portugal

20 May, 2019

Parth Tarasaria,  Interactive Developer returned from a trip to Portugal with wine for the office. 

It's a Wrap!

15 May, 2019

Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce wraps up a shoot for iBIO at the company's facility in College Station, Texas.

Up the Villa!

15 May, 2019

Aston Villa beat the Baggies to win a final place at Wembley, taking place on May 27th. Up the Villa!

Leaving Bristol

07 May, 2019

Leaving Bristol, Tennessee after visiting customers over the past 10 days from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Nigel lands in Tennessee before heading back to New York.

Derby Horses

07 May, 2019

After leaving Winchester, Kentucky, Nigel stopped in to see the Derby horses and caught a few snaps from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Colonel Walker

06 May, 2019

Nigel is pictured alongside Colonel Sanders.  Who’s the Boss?

The Birthplace of KFC

06 May, 2019

Nigel stops at the birth place of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Corbin Kentucky in a moment of reflection for this small town.

Kentucky Derby 2019

06 May, 2019

Nigel Walker celebrates the Kentucky Derby this year, a wonderful day out.

Bowling Night at CPhI NA

01 May, 2019

That’s Nice enjoyed the Federal Equipment / AbbVie bowling night during CPhI North America.
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