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Mint Condition Eldorado

23 August, 2019

A mint condition Cadillac Eldorado sits in a car museum in the south.

Must Be Kentucky

21 August, 2019

Horse + Racing + USA? Must be Kentucky.

Visiting Louisville

21 August, 2019

Both Nigel and President Trump are visiting Louisville today, but there's no need to meet up there - they both permanently reside in New York.

Precision on Show

16 August, 2019


Rolling Out the Big Guns

16 August, 2019

Violet learns from big data – 6 tons used to sent a 330 pound ball over 2 miles.

Edinburgh Castle

16 August, 2019

Strategy Director, Mark Allen, admires the fortress that is Edinburgh Castle. Strong foundations last a very long time, even though there has been numerous ‘owners’ over the years.

Confusion on Location

15 August, 2019

Out on location, Brian and Lucas are obviously confused.

Weekend Bike Ride

12 August, 2019

Lucas and Nigel went for a 60 mile bicycle ride over 6 hours, burning over 4000 calories as they traveled from Westchester to Garrison, NY, 8 miles past Bear Mountain.

Lost in the Woods

29 July, 2019

Don't take a wrong turn! Lucas gets lost in the woods looking for bears.

In the Catskills

29 July, 2019

Out in the Catskills, Nigel, Lucas Visser and Sean (featured in the Nature of Science video) are finishing up a film for the next Nice Passion Video.

30' Flag

29 July, 2019

Nigel notices a 30’ American flag in upstate New York, a beautiful sight on his weekend hike. 

500 Knots Across Paris

24 July, 2019

It was just about 12 months ago that Nigel and Brian were flying at 500 knots across the south of Paris. Notice the "Rescue" sign with two yellow arrows, because they needed it.

On Top of the World

23 July, 2019

Saba Malik takes a trip downtown after work and is amazed by the breathtaking city views.

Fun in the Sun

22 July, 2019

Enjoying the nice weather and beautiful views while relaxing in Central Park.

Immersed in Marketing

19 July, 2019

Accounts intern, Saba Malik, explores Times Square, the epicenter of marketing and advertising!

NYC or Dubai?

19 July, 2019

While getting dinner at Rosa Mexicano, Sakina is reminded of the Floating Man Wall in the Dubai Mall - and it's easy to see why!

Natural Bone Yard

18 July, 2019

Nigel takes a dramatic shot near a run-off of river logs, reminiscent of a bone yard for nature.

Down the River

15 July, 2019

Nigel has journeyed a few hundred miles downstream, leaving Colombia and moving into Peru. Pictured here are the overhead leaves above the new boat that he has moved to.

Amazon Sunset

15 July, 2019

It was a great sunset last night on the Amazon River - Nigel is heading west today.

England Wins World Cricket Cup

15 July, 2019

England wins the World Cricket Cup by the tiniest of margins, beating New Zealand on the final ball of the final in overtime.

Lewis Hamilton Wins at Silverstone

15 July, 2019

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, who has won the British F1 Race at Silverstone Race track, for a record 6th win at this track.

Pontoon Fun

15 July, 2019

Nigel rents a boat in Cincinnati, while spending the weekend with his Lamborghini friend; pontoon boats are not fast, but fun? Yes, they are.

New Mexico River Trip

15 July, 2019

Nigel is in New Mexico on a trip on the river during a beautiful, hot, 100 degree day.

Cincinnati Airport Exhibit

15 July, 2019

Nigel is leaving Cincinnati after seeing customers, before a long weekend break. The Cincinnati airport currently has a beautiful dinosaur exhibit on view. 

A Familiar Hummingbird

15 July, 2019

Nigel captures a humming bird at a sugar water feeder at the boat launch Cincinnati and remembers the Capsugel branding project That's Nice completed in 2016.

Sweltering Hot Europe

10 July, 2019

Nigel is returning from a sweltering hot Europe - the heat peaked at 113 degrees in southern France.

On-Site at SPI Pharma

10 July, 2019

Events Director YiYi Liu and Accounts Director, Partner, Wei Gao are on-site at SPI Pharma. 

Lewis Hamilton Comes Home

10 July, 2019

Lewis Hamilton will be in his hometown this weekend; the Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing circuit in England located next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury, close to where Nigel grew up.

W Hotel Barcelona

09 July, 2019

The W Hotel in Barcelona brings back memories for Nigel of CPhI World Wide, when he missed the Alcami event after trying to fix a client booth, after another fabricator walked off the job. That’s Nice will be back in Barcelona in September.

Grifols 2020

09 July, 2019

Nigel leaves our wonderful customer, Grifols, in Barcelona as we start to discuss the business strategy for 2020.

Haig and Nigel in London

08 July, 2019

Nigel and Haig have been visiting a tea house garden in Central London, a great start to any week

Flowers in England

08 July, 2019

Nigel enjoys the flowers on beautiful English summer day.

A Bubble in a Bubble

08 July, 2019

Here's how to make a bubble within a bubble, whilst inserting you face into the larger bubble.

Wedding in Hampshire

08 July, 2019

Nigel fulfills his Best Man duties at a friend's wedding over the weekend, enjoying good times in Hampshire, England. Congratulation to Charlotte and Mike!

July 4th in England

08 July, 2019

Nigel celebrates 4th of July in England with one sparkler - it's not really a celebration, but more for his America friends who rag on him every year.

Wimbledon Weekend

05 July, 2019

Wimbledon, is heading into it first full weekend and the weather has been perfect for upsets.

Rentschler at Home

05 July, 2019

That’s Nice is visiting Rentschler at home.

Leaving Servier

04 July, 2019

Nigel is just leaving Paris after seeing Servier, continuing the long term relationship with a great French Innovator company.

Servier CDMO Outside Paris

04 July, 2019

Servier CDMO is based on the outskirts of Paris - it's a great campus for collaboration.

Visiting Cenexi

03 July, 2019

Nigel is visiting our client Cenexi, just outside of Paris.

Leaving München

03 July, 2019

Nigel is leaving München, Germany and heading over to Paris. With each vist, Nigel appreciates München more. Pictured here, a delightful exhibit in the airport using green sponge.

Surf's Up

02 July, 2019

Longtime friend, Bernardo is surfing in Munich, in the English Gardens.

Smart Car Food Delivery

02 July, 2019

Nigel has arrived in Munich, Germany and the smart cars are in full force on food delivery.

Meeting GSK in London

01 July, 2019

Nigel makes a brief stop over in London to see long term customer GSK.

Old Friends in London

01 July, 2019

Nigel spends time with his old friend Phill in London.

England v. India in Cricket

01 July, 2019

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, located in the center of Trafalgar Square, London. Nigel is flying through London to watch England beat India at cricket (this one is for TJ, Market Research Director and Indian cricket fan). 

Modern Krakow

01 July, 2019

Nigel is sight-seeing around Krakow, which is as modern city as any other in Europe. Are you surprised? He was! 

Interesting Advert...

01 July, 2019

Interesting advert in the window of a deli in Krakow, Poland. How do they evenly apply the tomato and mustard?

Ride for the Living Reception

01 July, 2019

A view of the "Ride For The Living" bike race reception, overlooking the "Shalom on Szeroka" Concert.

Congrats, Brammer Bio!

01 July, 2019

Congratulations to he winners for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 New England Award, Mark Bamforth for BrammerBio.

Racing Through Poland

01 July, 2019

Nigel's grateful for the lasting memory of riding with 250 others from around the world to support the JCC in Krakow.

Polish Delight

28 June, 2019

Nigel has a delightful day in Poland, attending an awards ceremony celebrating the Kadis' family’s commitment to the JCC in Krakow.

Biking With the JCC in Poland

28 June, 2019

Nigel is in Poland, biking in support of the Jewish Community Center (JCC). “Ride for the living 66 miles from Auschwitz Birkenau to Krakow."

Photoshoot with Brian

27 June, 2019

Brian snaps a photos of Steve Phillips, from the tradeshow booth construction company Punch, for our website. 

Last Day at DIA

26 June, 2019

Brian Pierce poses in front of the DIA sign on the tradeshow's last day. 

Yourway Booth Setup at DIA

25 June, 2019

Wei Gao and Patrick from Punch pose in front of the Yourway booth at DIA. 

DIA Dinner

24 June, 2019

Brian and Wei enjoy dinner ahead of DIA with clients Leandro and Duncan from Yourway, and a blast from the past, former Media Manager, Mimi Chen!!

A Pre-DIA Selfie

24 June, 2019

Accounts Director, Wei Gao and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture take a selfie in front of the Yourway booth ahead of the DIA show in San Diego. 

The DIA Yourway Booth

24 June, 2019

Wei Gao, Accounts Director, completes the finishing touches on the Yourway booth at DIA. 

Clouds Over Carolina

18 June, 2019

When the clouds are rumbling over the Carolinas you know change is around the corner.

Guess for a Gift

17 June, 2019

Think you know the address of these NYC doors? Call us at 212-366-4455, and we will send you a gift for getting it right!

Chrome Barney's Branding

17 June, 2019

The Barney’s New York natural stone surface is iconic branding, and with a chrome font finish, we think, beautiful.

Thank You, MSKCC

12 June, 2019

Nigel is celebrating the fine work of the medical staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center this week. While supporting a friend during a difficult time, the staff from the state-of-the-art, recently completed new treatment facility in New York City were not only caring but professional in every way. 

Nice Passion Flight of Freedom – Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

Nice Passion launches “Flight of Freedom” featuring Gwenaël Servant at BIO International.

Brammer Bio / ThermoFisher Booth #1501, 643, 1301, 2027

03 June, 2019

Brammer Bio is now part ThermoFisher! Come visit the Brammer Bio team at BIO International. 

Fareva in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3455

03 June, 2019

Thibaut Fraisse gave a strong interview in the Q1 Pharma’s Almanac. Come by the Fareva booth to meet the team.

That’s Nice – Meet the Staff at Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice will be waiting to greet you at booth# 4201, getting ready for the biggest Biotech show of the year.

Rentschler Biopharma Booth #2719

03 June, 2019

Come visit the new Rentschler Booth# 2719 at BIO International.

AbbVie Booth #526, 2927

03 June, 2019

If your haven’t yet, read the AbbVie article in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac, AbbVie is much more than just Humira.

Looking Forward to BIO

31 May, 2019

I look forward to seeing all the customers in Philly next week. That’s Nice has 12 brand launches - needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing the doors open on the first day.

Brian's Bike Ride

31 May, 2019

There is a hand landing on Brian’s head, as he rides his bike to pick up some ice cream.

Championship Cup

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa Captain and Manager raises the Championship Cup at Wembley Stadium - it's a special day in my history of following the club since 1971.

Go, Aston Villa!

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa have won the Championship play off final against Derby County and have been promoted to the Premiership. Go, Aston Villa!

On Location in Allentown

24 May, 2019

The Yourway truck is being shot today, photographer and project manager Lucas Visser, is pictured in Allentown in the process of getting it down.

AbbVie Umbrella

24 May, 2019

Thank you, AbbVie, for the gift we received at CPhI North America - it came in very handy on a rainy NYC day!

A Gift from Portugal

20 May, 2019

Parth Tarasaria,  Interactive Developer returned from a trip to Portugal with wine for the office. 

It's a Wrap!

15 May, 2019

Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce wraps up a shoot for iBIO at the company's facility in College Station, Texas.

Up the Villa!

15 May, 2019

Aston Villa beat the Baggies to win a final place at Wembley, taking place on May 27th. Up the Villa!

Leaving Bristol

07 May, 2019

Leaving Bristol, Tennessee after visiting customers over the past 10 days from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Nigel lands in Tennessee before heading back to New York.

Derby Horses

07 May, 2019

After leaving Winchester, Kentucky, Nigel stopped in to see the Derby horses and caught a few snaps from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Colonel Walker

06 May, 2019

Nigel is pictured alongside Colonel Sanders.  Who’s the Boss?

The Birthplace of KFC

06 May, 2019

Nigel stops at the birth place of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Corbin Kentucky in a moment of reflection for this small town.

Kentucky Derby 2019

06 May, 2019

Nigel Walker celebrates the Kentucky Derby this year, a wonderful day out.

Bowling Night at CPhI NA

01 May, 2019

That’s Nice enjoyed the Federal Equipment / AbbVie bowling night during CPhI North America.

Servier CDMO at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Servier CDMO at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Cenexi at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Cenexi at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Bora Pharma at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Bora Pharma at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Federal Equipment Company at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Federal Equipment Company at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Lonza Pharma & Biotech at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Lonza Pharma & Biotech at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

UPM Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting UPM Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America.

Hovione at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Hovione at CPhI North America.

Avara Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

That's Nice is supporting Avara Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America.

The Willis Tower

29 April, 2019

Willis Tower, more commonly known at the Sears Tower, is cloaked in fog after the snows clears -- and as we set-up for CPhI North America.

Lamborghini SVJ Roadster

29 April, 2019

Lamborghini SVJ Roadster, v12, 770 hp is in pre-order status. With a larger car production run, we hope one of the 900 will arrive at That’s Nice in Spring 2020.

Flight of Freedom Launch

26 April, 2019

"Flight of Freedom," a Nice Passion short film that celebrates dedication and passion, will launch at BIO International.

Flight of Freedom

26 April, 2019

A tremendous story is unfolding, “Flight of Freedom” launches in Late May, just before BIO International.

Brian on Vacation

26 April, 2019

Brian Pierce, our Director of Capture is out and about in DR with his family on a well-earned vacation, just before the madness starts for BIO International.

Rentschler Open House

26 April, 2019

Visiting the newly opened Rentschler, Milford, Mass site. The senior management team were all in attendance to welcome clients at the open house.

Spring in New York

25 April, 2019

Nigel is back in New York and happily greeted by the beauty of Spring. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways

24 April, 2019

A favorite message on the Virgin Atlantic Airways entertainment screens. Though a topic of taboo, Virgin branding has been great at having a sense of humor over the many years. 

Cherry Blossoms

23 April, 2019

Cherry Blossoms at the Central London hotel during this beautiful time of year. Nigel is on his way to meet customers after a long Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Buddha Bar in Paris

23 April, 2019

Nigel attends a meeting at Buddha Bar in Paris with two customers. The beautiful interior is very different than the now closed location in New York.

Ballon Riding in Hertfordshire

23 April, 2019

Nigel Walker captures balloon riding in the country side of Hertfordshire, England, a growing popular sport for the weekends.

Visiting MilliporeSigma

16 April, 2019

Emilee Kudla,  Project Coordinator and Guy Tiene, Business Director, Partner are pictured after a meeting at  MilliporeSigma, in this photo taken by Wei Gao, Accounts Director, Partner

En Route to Boston

16 April, 2019

Wei Gao and Guy Tiene are  heading up Boston for an important meeting.

Caffeine and Carburetors

15 April, 2019

Caffeine and Carburetors had an event in New Canaan, CT this weekend. Luke Walker turned up and picked out his favorite car out of the 1000+ on display. 

HME at Catalent

12 April, 2019

Nigel Walker is visiting Catalent today to learn more about their HME technology. The company's Somerset, NJ location has become their new home for early phase development.

Lady Liberty

10 April, 2019

Lady Liberty is always a welcoming sight as you pull into the New York City Harbor. Here she is, pictured from the INmune Bio IPO launch celebration. 

New Lambo

08 April, 2019

The beautiful new Lamborghini Urus, picked up by one of our new clients this weekend at Manhattan Motors. Lamborghini proves that Italian design and German engineering are a perfect combination.

Birthday Winner

01 April, 2019

Luke Walker is a winner! He hit the 1000 ticket level at a weekend away 10th birthday bash.

Private Plane

25 March, 2019

Nigel Walker take his first charter flight in the US - fancy!

Prepping For A Rainy DCAT

18 March, 2019

When your getting ready for DCAT Week, you need to choose your umbrella carefully.

Greetings, Chicago

06 March, 2019

That’s Nice is in Chicago meeting new customers – and enjoying the magnificent views from one of its most iconic towers.

Detroit Brings the Chill

27 February, 2019

That’s Nice is dedicated to giving each and every client one on one attention. Here, managing director Nigel Walker is visiting a few in Detroit – snowstorm and all.

Photo Faux Pas

26 February, 2019

Lucas Visser on our digital capture team accidentally crashed the drone today while on a client shoot, slicing one of his fingers in the process. Here’s to a better day tomorrow, Lucas.

Leading the Charge

25 February, 2019

Our friend Shawn led us through the mountains with a 45-pound back pack and dragging a 60-pound sledge. Seems we’ve captured this outdoorsman in his element.

In the Elements

25 February, 2019

That’s Nice Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce is pictured here doing what he does best, capturing the subject matter of our upcoming film — on 330 acres of private property.

Behind the Scenes in NH

25 February, 2019

Additional footage from this weekend’s photo and video shoot in the mountains of New Hampshire. From left: That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker, Photographer/Videographer Lucas Visser and Shawn, the subject of the film.

Weekend Getaway

25 February, 2019

Members of the That’s Nice team took a weekend trip to New Hampshire to shoot the third short film of the Nice Passion series. Pictured here is Managing Director Nigel Walker making his way up the two-and-a-half-mile trail to the location.

Harsh Conditions

20 February, 2019

Ever the trooper, our photographer Lucas Visser isn’t letting the snow get him down while on location for a client shoot in the Northeast.

Birthday Workday

20 February, 2019

That’s Nice Project Coordinator Emilee Kudla is celebrating her birthday today at a client photo shoot with Senior Project Manager Katie Baker. Surely the team is planning a proper celebration for her when she’s back in New York…

On Location

20 February, 2019

Members of our digital capture and accounts teams are on location today setting up for day one of a four-day photo and video shoot. Pictured here are That’s Nice director of digital capture, Brian Pierce, and photographer/videographer, Lucas Visser.

Setting the Scene

20 February, 2019

Pictured here behind the scenes of today's photo shoot (from left) are Emilee Kudla, project coordinator, Katie Baker, senior account manager, and Brian Pierce, director of digital capture.

Science Is Great

12 February, 2019

This UK campaign promoting the Best of Great Britain is one of our managing director Nigel Walker’s favorite print campaigns from the past 10 years. A nod to his British roots and science-driven career path, no doubt. 

England Beats France

11 February, 2019

As if there was ever a doubt, England pulled it out for a 35-plus point win over France in the rugby Six Nations match on Sunday. Way to go, boys!

Go England

11 February, 2019

It was France versus England in Twickenham, London this weekend, where our managing director, Nigel Walker, was more than pleased to witness a big win from his home rugby team


11 February, 2019

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker rode the bus this weekend in London for the first time in 20 years as he headed to see England beat France in the Six Nations Championship.

Sitting Down with Mr. Technow

08 February, 2019

That's Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker met with BioVectra President Oliver Technow this week at the company’s Charlottetown, PEI site. Oliver has been successfully growing the drug substance CDMO over the past four years.

Visiting BioVectra

08 February, 2019

That’s Nice is pleased to be visiting the team at BioVectra this week, even if it means traversing the winter tundra of Prince Edward Island to get there.

Icy Conditions

08 February, 2019

Ice was coming down sideways as we left Charlottetown, PEI for a four-hour drive to Halifax, NS during this week's treacherous ice storm.

Captured on iPhone X

08 February, 2019

We stumbled upon this beautiful old barn during our trip to Windsor, Nova Scotia this week. Nigel Walker captured the shot using the silver tone function on the iPhone X.

Rough Landing

08 February, 2019

Heavy snow fell as we arrived at Montréal–Trudeau Airport. Kudos to our great Air Canada pilot for getting us safely on the ground through a pretty rocky landing.

Donuts Around the World

07 February, 2019

This food snap, courtesy of our managing director, Nigel Walker, who believes the glazed donut could be better understood as a cultural staple of cities around the world. Our guess is he’s found a Tim Horton’s while on business in Canada.

Clearing a Path

07 February, 2019

That’s Nice is live from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada, where (surprise!) it’s just snowed.

Talking Innovation with Therapure

07 February, 2019

We caught up with Therapure Biopharma CEO Nick Green during our extended trip to Toronto this week. The Therapure business has evolved as innovative drug development for rare disease opportunities are on the rise. 

Connecting with Dalton Pharma

07 February, 2019

It was a pleasure to reconnect with Peter Pekos, Founder and Chairman of Toronto-based Dalton Pharma Services.

Freezing in Toronto

07 February, 2019

Just one more day of freezing weather (or so they say) as our managing director, Nigel Walker, heads into his next day of client meetings in Toronto.

Visiting Globyz Pharma

07 February, 2019

It was a pleasure to meet Globyz Pharma CEO Salman Parthan, who has a growing supply chain logistics company just outside Toronto.

Visiting Northern Neighbors

06 February, 2019

That’s Nice is in the vibrant cultural city of Toronto this week to pursue various investment opportunities.

Partnering Up

06 February, 2019

We are leaving Bristol, Tennessee and heading north to kick off our investment sweep of Canada. There are some great CDMOs in our neighboring country looking for US investment partners, and we look forward to meeting some of them this week.

Office Downgrade

05 February, 2019

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker has announced we’ll be expanding into the woods of Atlanta in this quaint space he discovered during a recent trip. Apparently this writer will be stationed upstairs with the rest of the content team. 

Eastman Continues to Thrive

05 February, 2019

Eastman Chemical Company, one of our original specialty chemical customers from 2000/2001, is still going strong. Pictured here is Eastman’s corporate headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee, captured during a recent visit to the Volunteer State.

Amid the Frenzy

03 February, 2019

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is in Atlanta this weekend, where Super Bowl 53 will be taking place. See everyone there!

Stark Contrast

03 February, 2019

According to Nigel, the Atlanta woods is the perfect place to hang out in a chrome jacket before the big game gets underway.


01 February, 2019

That’s Nice leaves Seattle after a successful trip to see a longtime client. With new offices and expanded worldwide services, this company certainly has a lot to promote.

Lamborghini Heaven

28 January, 2019

Red Murciélago + Yellow Diablo + White Countach + Blue Gallardo = Supercar Heaven (aka the garage of Lamborghini aficionados Jason and Jamie Jones, who we recently had the opportunity to meet in Ohio).

Bound for Warm(er) Weather

25 January, 2019

Snow has arrived in the Midwest, where That’s Nice has spent the last few days supporting clients. Now it’s off to Mount Jackson, Virginia for our second facility shoot of the week. 

Countach: Check

25 January, 2019

Nigel Walker meets Jason and Jamie Jones of at their fabulous home in Ohio to talk Lamborghinis. This is the first time Nigel has had the opportunity to sit in a Countach – a poster of which he had hanging on his bedroom wall as a child.

That’s Nice in Cincy

23 January, 2019

That’s Nice returns to Cincinnati this week to visit a new preclinical testing and biosciences lab that has recently expanded its operations.

Snowy Michigan

23 January, 2019

That’s Nice is visiting customers in Michigan, where it appears there's more snow on the ground than there has been all season in NYC. 

Ending on a High Note

19 January, 2019

It’s their last night in Asia, and Mark and Wei are back in Shanghai taking in this spectacular view of the iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower on The Bund. 

Year of the Pig

18 January, 2019

While in China for business, Mark and Wei had the opportunity to welcome the year of the pig, the last in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

Visiting Bora Pharmaceuticals

18 January, 2019

We just wrapped a productive meeting and site tour with Bora Pharmaceuticals in Taipei and Zhunan, Taiwan. Looking forward to supporting Bora’s CDMO business with a number of strategic marketing initiatives throughout the year.

Sunrise Over Taipei

18 January, 2019

Mark Allen and Wei Gao have arrived in Taipei, Taiwan where they’ll be meeting with the leadership team at Bora Pharmaceuticals. Pictured here is the sunrise looking over the famous Taipei 101 building (upper right), the 10th tallest building in the world.


16 January, 2019

That's Nice is visiting Porton Pharma Solutions’ API manufacturing site near Chongqing, China today. Pictured here is our strategy director, Mark Allen, dressed and ready to hit the cleanroom. 

Team Dinner with Porton

15 January, 2019

Mark Allen (left) and Wei Gao (right) visit the striking new bridge at the center of Chongqing while meeting our friends from Porton Pharmaceutical Solutions at the famous Two Swans restaurant. We’re told they did not light up the orange especially for us.

Talking Business with Porton

15 January, 2019

Wei and Mark’s adventure in China continues today as they visit Porton Pharmaceutical Solutions' Chongqing headquarters and R&D labs.

Shanghai Art Scene

14 January, 2019

As one might have guessed by his intrigued expression, it’s our strategy director Mark Allen’s first trip to China. Here he is checking out an art exhibit at the hotel in Shanghai.

Just Landed

14 January, 2019

They made it! Mark and Wei are kicking off a week of discovery with a new That’s Nice client in China.

New York to Shanghai

13 January, 2019

Accounts Director Wei Gao (left) and Strategy Director Mark Allen (right) are pictured here before taking off for Shanghai, the first of many stops on their week-long business trip to Asia. Mark is having his last meal before being forced to step outside his culinary comfort zone.

Spotted at SFO

07 January, 2019

That’s Nice is traveling to San Francisco this week for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. While passing through the airport, our managing director, Nigel Walker, shared a photo of this sculpture he came across in the arrivals lounge. 

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou

28 December, 2018

Luke Walker, son of That’s Nice managing director, Nigel Walker, says, “Happy New Year!” from Hawaii. Other than the Diamond Head Crater in the background, this photo reminds Nigel of his summers in Cornwall, UK in the early 70s...

Message from Our Founder

25 December, 2018

Hoping to return from Hawaii with new life and fresh ideas in 2019. I wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year (from the beach). It’s the first time in 23 years I have not hand-written Christmas cards, but I have typed and emailed 400+ over the past few days (again, from the beach). Cheers, Nigel.

Connecting with Albemarle

24 December, 2018

It was great to connect with our old friends at Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services, a growth division of Albemarle Corporation, just before the Christmas break. That’s Nice has been working with Albemarle since the early 2000s.

Aloha, Sunshine

24 December, 2018

Our managing director, Nigel Walker, is headed to Hawaii with his family for the holidays. Rainbows and sunshine are a welcome change from the wintry gray we’ve been experiencing here in New York.

Growing with Grifols

17 December, 2018

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Grifols Partnership into 2019, our fourth year supporting the Spanish giant in the sterile bag space.

Happy Paw-lidays

17 December, 2018

Spotted somewhere along Nigel’s travels was this great find, sure to take first prize in any holiday sweater competition. Wishing all our friends and family a warm and ‘meowy’ holiday season.

GSK Year in Review

17 December, 2018

We’ve just arrived at GSK House in the outskirts of London to conduct a year in review meeting with the pharmaceutical leader and longtime client of That’s Nice.

Visiting Rentschler Biopharma

17 December, 2018

That’s Nice is in Laupheim, Germany this week to visit Rentschler Biopharma. Rentschler is continuing on its path of growth with the addition of several new senior executive staff members.

Business Lounging

07 December, 2018

As we make our way to the UK for a client meeting, we’re killing time in the lounge of our favorite airline, Virgin Atlantic. Virgin always has the coolest lounges.

Lessons from the Green

30 November, 2018

They say the game of golf is 90% strategy. It makes sense, then, that our strategy director, Mark Allen, got his start on the green. In fact, he’s PGA certified, as substantiated by this ‘artifact’ he stumbled upon during his most recent visit to the homeland.

What’s New at GPH

30 November, 2018

That’s Nice is pleased, as always, to visit the leaders at Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. and discuss some of the exciting new projects they have on the horizon.

New Digs in Bristol

30 November, 2018

One of our main clients is located in Bristol, Tennessee, which means we do a lot of traveling back and forth to the twin city. During our most recent trip, we stayed at the beautiful new Bristol Hotel, a historic, yet boutique style hotel with stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Spotted in ATL

28 November, 2018

While visiting customers in Atlanta, we came across this striking camouflage-inspired pattern on the airport ceiling as we moved through the terminals. A very creative application using light, monitors and sound.

Escaping the Storm

27 November, 2018

As an early winter storm continues to slam the midwestern US, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker is hurrying to escape the flurries after a client visit in Columbus, Ohio. Safe travels, Nigel!

Setting Foot in Columbus

27 November, 2018

That’s Nice is in Columbus, Ohio this week for the first time in 20 years. Our last visit to the capital city was in 1998 when we helped launch Time Warner’s Road Runner high-speed internet service. Columbus was one of the earliest adopters of the service in the US.

Illuminating Boston’s Seaport

13 November, 2018

While supporting clients in Boston this week, we couldn’t help but take note of the kaleidoscopic sculptures that have popped up in the Seaport District, adding even more vibrancy to the bustling biotech hub.  

Mid-Term Elections

06 November, 2018

It’s Election Day in the US, with 36 governorships, one-third of Senate seats and all 435 seats in the House up for election. We're in the center of it all in DC, where AAPS PharmSci 360  also happens to be in full swing.

Spotted in DC

06 November, 2018

Members of the That's Nice team came across a rather unusual display of standing puppets while attending AAPS PharmSci 360 in Washington, DC this week. 

Caught on Camera

30 October, 2018

Surprise...the 2018 AAPS PharmSci 360 promotional video is out and guess who's smack in the middle of the shot? Our very own Nigel Walker  pounding the pavement, of course. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week in Washington, DC!

Green Turned Gold

29 October, 2018

After their early morning start in Harriman State Park, Nigel and Lucas made their way slightly south to a small community bordering the park, capturing the morning sun shooting across the swampy clearing.

Autumn 'Falls'

29 October, 2018

On Sunday, That’s Nice photographer, Lucas Visser, and managing director, Nigel Walker, set out on a 5:30am venture to capture one of Harriman State Park’s waterfalls against the backdrop of the emerging fall foliage.

The Graffiti Series Continues

15 October, 2018

Following Nigel’s graffiti tour of Europe, it’s been determined that Madrid owns the street art space—and that’s coming from a New Yorker.

Street Art in Spain

12 October, 2018

Following Nigel’s graffiti tour of Europe, it’s been determined that Madrid owns the street art space—and that’s coming from a New Yorker.

Taking Flight

12 October, 2018

We weren’t expecting to see quite so many hot air balloons Madrid—especially not outside of a royal palace—but as we’ve learned, a balloon ride is a popular (and efficient!) way to tour the historic city

Taking in the Sights

12 October, 2018

That’s Nice is visiting the Royal Palace of Aranjuez just outside of Madrid before heading back to New York tomorrow.

Día de la Hispanidad

12 October, 2018

Spain's National Day, also known as Día de la Hispanidad or Hispanic Day, commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. We are excited to witness the day’s celebrations on this post-CPhI Friday in Madrid.

Old World Meets New World

08 October, 2018

This interesting contrast of 19th and 21st-century Spain was found in Central Madrid—the silhouette of boy on cell phone in front of the Monumento a Alfonso XII.

Umbrellas of Spain

05 October, 2018

As the weather pattern starts to change and we find ourselves stocking up on rain gear for a sure-to-be-damp fall, Nigel has stumbled upon a far more interesting use of umbrellas while traversing through southern Spain.

Pre-CPhI R&R

04 October, 2018

Less than a week out from CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, we’re taking a moment to relax and gather our thoughts before the madness begins on October 9th. That’s Nice is ready to hit the ground running at the biggest event of the year.

Remembering The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

03 October, 2018

With all the traveling he does, one never knows what an ever-curious Nigel Walker might stumble across. Today, it was an original painting of Central London capturing the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary of rule.

Where’s Nigel?

02 October, 2018

Coming in for landing somewhere over Calvià , Spain, Managing Director Nigel Walker is the first member of the That’s Nice team to head to Europe for a series of pre-CPhI meetings. Just one week from today before the pharma industry’s biggest show of the year kicks off!

Nice Views in the Adirondacks

27 September, 2018

That’s Nice photographer Lucas Visser was recently in Lake Placid, New York, for a fishing trip with friends. He reported fresh air, breathtaking views and no flies, which, according to Lucas, was good and bad. “On the one hand, thankfully there were no flies. On the other, no flies meant no fish.”

Europe, Till We Meet Again

27 September, 2018

After a few days in Central Europe for business, Nigel is headed back to the States on his favorite airline, Virgin Atlantic. A quick stop in New York to regroup with the team, then it's off to   Madrid for  CPhI Worldwide kicking off October 9th!

Vilnius Old Town

27 September, 2018

That's Nice is in Lithuania this week to meet with our client, Biotechpharma. But before our morning meeting, we couldn’t resist a nighttime stroll through Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and a beautiful old medieval city.

Layover in Latvia

26 September, 2018

That’s Nice is en route to Lithuania by way of Latvia. During a quick layover in the capital city of Riga, we had a bit of time to explore this Baltic city, which sits at the mouth of the River Daugava.

Colors of Fall

26 September, 2018

With a little less humidity in the air and a few less leaves on the trees, it's officially fall here in New York as well as in Eastern Europe, where our managing director, Nigel Walker, has found himself today. To mark the occasion, Nigel snapped a photo of this vibrant blossom featuring the signature colors of the season.

Back to Paris

26 September, 2018

That’s Nice is in Paris once again this year, enjoying the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National with clients.

Camo the New Orange

17 September, 2018

As we spend more time visiting clients in Tennessee and exploring the southern Appalachian Mountains, we’re thinking camo might be the new fall staple—one we may even take back to NYC as a reminder of the fresh air and unadulterated oxygen sorely lacking in the concrete jungle we call home.
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