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Drinks at 230 Fifth

26 July, 2019

The That's Nice team enjoyed drinks after work on the rooftop of flatiron go-to 230 Fifth. 

500 Knots Across Paris

24 July, 2019

It was just about 12 months ago that Nigel and Brian were flying at 500 knots across the south of Paris. Notice the "Rescue" sign with two yellow arrows, because they needed it.

Working Hard in Research

18 July, 2019

Gabriela Estupiñán and Nisha Middleton, our Research interns, working diligently on our upcoming CDMO Biologics Report.

Family Visit

18 July, 2019

Along with That’s Nice being part of Sakina’s “extended family,” Sakina had a lovely visit from her uncle in the office today who is the CEO and founder of Yourway - one of That’s Nice's high profile clients!

Southern Charm

18 July, 2019

Nigel is heading back north after a little stop off in the wilderness.

Happy Birthday, Nigel!

16 July, 2019

The That's Nice team wishes Nigel the best of birthdays! 

England Wins World Cricket Cup

15 July, 2019

England wins the World Cricket Cup by the tiniest of margins, beating New Zealand on the final ball of the final in overtime.

Lewis Hamilton Wins at Silverstone

15 July, 2019

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, who has won the British F1 Race at Silverstone Race track, for a record 6th win at this track.

Lewis Hamilton Comes Home

10 July, 2019

Lewis Hamilton will be in his hometown this weekend; the Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing circuit in England located next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury, close to where Nigel grew up.

Grifols 2020

09 July, 2019

Nigel leaves our wonderful customer, Grifols, in Barcelona as we start to discuss the business strategy for 2020.

Haig and Nigel in London

08 July, 2019

Nigel and Haig have been visiting a tea house garden in Central London, a great start to any week

A Bubble in a Bubble

08 July, 2019

Here's how to make a bubble within a bubble, whilst inserting you face into the larger bubble.

Wedding in Hampshire

08 July, 2019

Nigel fulfills his Best Man duties at a friend's wedding over the weekend, enjoying good times in Hampshire, England. Congratulation to Charlotte and Mike!

July 4th in England

08 July, 2019

Nigel celebrates 4th of July in England with one sparkler - it's not really a celebration, but more for his America friends who rag on him every year.

Camp Exhibit at the Met

08 July, 2019

Accounts Director, Wei Gao visits the Camp Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum where inspiration is everywhere. 

World Pride 2019

08 July, 2019

Project Manager Lucas Visser snaps some shots from the That's Nice window during the World Pride parade. 

Last Day at DIA

26 June, 2019

Brian Pierce poses in front of the DIA sign on the tradeshow's last day. 

Yourway Booth Setup at DIA

25 June, 2019

Wei Gao and Patrick from Punch pose in front of the Yourway booth at DIA. 

DIA Dinner

24 June, 2019

Brian and Wei enjoy dinner ahead of DIA with clients Leandro and Duncan from Yourway, and a blast from the past, former Media Manager, Mimi Chen!!

A Pre-DIA Selfie

24 June, 2019

Accounts Director, Wei Gao and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture take a selfie in front of the Yourway booth ahead of the DIA show in San Diego. 

The DIA Yourway Booth

24 June, 2019

Wei Gao, Accounts Director, completes the finishing touches on the Yourway booth at DIA. 

DIA Pre-Show Setup

24 June, 2019

The That's Nice team gets ready for DIA ahead of show time at the Marken booth. 

Congrats, Grad!

24 June, 2019

Misaki Walker celebrated her 8th grade graduation on Friday, June 21st. It was a wonderful day out to celebrate the journey to entering High School.

Guess for a Gift

17 June, 2019

Think you know the address of these NYC doors? Call us at 212-366-4455, and we will send you a gift for getting it right!

Pharma Father's Day

16 June, 2019

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in pharma!

Flight of Freedom Launch

10 June, 2019

Flight of Freedom has formally launched after a full week at BIO International, the passion of flight is upon us.

iBio’s Successful BIO

07 June, 2019

IBIO successfully completes BIO International in Philly, a fast turn for the newly appointed management lead Tom Isett.

NicePassion, That’s Nice Booth #4201

06 June, 2019

Brian Pierce and Lucas Visser from Nice Passion will be walking the show floor during BIO International to meet the customers and find new material for the next series.


06 June, 2019

David interviews Sean Kirk, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Technical Operations for Emergent BioSolutions

PA TV Captures AGC

06 June, 2019

Patricio Massera, CEO of AGC Biologics, does a video interview with David.

Olon at BIO

06 June, 2019

David interviews Luigi Trussardo, representing Olon at Bio International.

Fareva Interview for PA TV

05 June, 2019

David interviews Bob Klehr, head of pharma sales for North America at Fareva.

iBio Video Interview at BIO

05 June, 2019

David Alvaro, Ph.D., interviews Tom Isett and Sylvain Marcel at the iBio booth for Pharma’s Almanac TV.

TriRx Pharmaceutical Services #Walking the floor

05 June, 2019

The new Tri-Rx brand is launching at BIO International – book some time with the management team.

AGC Biologics Booth #3109

05 June, 2019

That’s Nice is pleased to be part of the repositioning of AGC Biologics as the company’s AOR.

Nice Passion Everyday Exotic – Booth #4201

05 June, 2019

Nice Passion launches “Everyday Exotic” at BIO International.

Rentschler Biopharma’s Updated Brand Image – Booth #2719

05 June, 2019

With a new image for Rentschler launching BIO International, this company is transforming quickly.

Northway Biotechpharma Brand Image - Booth #4203

05 June, 2019

Northway Biotechpharma Launches their new brand image at BIO International.

Nice Passion Road to BIO – Booth #4201

05 June, 2019

Nice Passion launches “Road to BIO” after 18 months of editing our first production - you can see for yourself, this 51-minute short film was some ride for the crew.

Grifols Recombinant Protein CDMO Booth #3949

05 June, 2019

Grifols is launching a new brand, Grifols Recombinant Protein CDMO, as part of the Grifols Diagnostics biologics business. 

Vetter Booth #3127

05 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Vetter at BIO International.

21159 Pharma #Walking the floor

05 June, 2019

Meet Steve King from 21159 Pharma at BIO International.

Dalton Pharma Services #Walking the floor

05 June, 2019

Peter Pekos will be attending BIO this year, representing Dalton Pharma Services.

Yourway Website - Booth #4209

05 June, 2019

Yourway is launching a new website:

Grifols Partnership Booth #3949

05 June, 2019

Grifols Partnership will be attending BIO International. 

iBIO Booth – New Messaging #3059

05 June, 2019

iBIO launches a new message – iBIO’s speed to market commands attention.

Therapure BioPharma Booth #3348

05 June, 2019

Nick Green, the CEO of Therapure, will be attending BIO this year. Come on over and meet the team.

Seqens #Walking the floor

04 June, 2019

This is the first time the newly named Seqens is attending BIO, having changed their company association after the Q1 DCAT launch.

SGS Life Sciences Booth #3915

04 June, 2019

SGS Life Sciences continue to be a powerhouse in the global testing space. Come on over and meet the SGS team. 

Rentschler Biopharma's New Vision - Booth #2719

04 June, 2019

That’s Nice has worked closely with the Rentschler management team to bring together a new vision for the fifth generation Biologics company.

Northway Biotechpharma Booth #4203

04 June, 2019

Northway Biotechpharma continues to plan the next step of the company’s commercial growth.

NicePassion is Looking for Scientists – Booth #4201

04 June, 2019

The Nice Passion team is looking for scientists to create a short film on their interests outside of work. 

Piramal Pharma Solution Booth #3005

04 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Piramal at BIO International - come meet the team.

Polpharma Biologics Booth #2909

04 June, 2019

Tremendous investment started some years ago for this new entity in the PolPharma family of companies. Come meet the team at BIO International.

i.e. Advising #Walking the floor

04 June, 2019

Come visit Tom Isett and the i.e Advising team at BIO International.

Lonza Booth #3615

04 June, 2019

Lonza is launching a new message for the early phase unit dose business, SimpliFiH.

GSK Booth #526

04 June, 2019

GSK is leading the way at BIO International, once again.

Yourway Launches

04 June, 2019

That’s Nice is proud to announce Yourway is launched

Brian ready for BIO International

04 June, 2019

Brian Pierce has arrived at BIO International, ready for the show.

Grifols BioSupplies Booth #3949

04 June, 2019

Grifols BioSupplies is one of many Grifols business units! Come over and meet the team at BIO.

Frontida Booth #Walking the floor

04 June, 2019

Frontida is the new CDMO is on the scene — Ron Connolly and the team are ready for growth after the GW facility acquisition.

NovaSep Booth #1301

04 June, 2019

Visit NovaSep at BIO International.

Fareva Booth #3455

04 June, 2019

Bob Klehr, from the Drug Product team at Fareva, will be attending BIO International.

Find ThermoFisher on the BIO Show Floor

04 June, 2019

ThermoFisher is located at four locations at BIO International (Booth #1501, 643, 1301, 2027).

Catalent Booth #3101

04 June, 2019

The OSD business is still strong for Catalent, and the biologics investment in Paragon is now complete.

CAI Booth #4249

04 June, 2019

Come visit the CAI team at BIO International, at Booth #4249.

CastleFord Capital #Walking the floor

04 June, 2019

Jeff Marlough from Castleford will be attending BIO International this year, helping companies look for financing as the M&A market holds up in the CDMO space.

Bora Pharmaceuticals #Walking the floor

04 June, 2019

Bora Pharmaceuticals is pushing hard on sales in the U.S. market. Come see the team at BIO International.

BioVectra Booth #3055, 2427

04 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports BioVectra at BIO International.

Avid BioServices Booth #3149

04 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Avid BioServices at BIO International.

Alcami Booth #3401

04 June, 2019

Change is happening at Alcami – That’s Nice is looking forward to reconnecting with this key account from the past three years.

Abzena Booth #3815

04 June, 2019

Thats Nice supports Abzena at BIO International, in Philadelphia with thought leadership content.

WuXi Advanced Therapies Booth #3406

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice continues to support numerous divisions of WuXi. The entire WuXi group will host a big partnering event on Tuesday night, June 4th.

Servier #Suite 40, Level 200

03 June, 2019

Servier is in the oncology business after the Shire Oncology acquisition, giving the BIO show even greater significance to the company.

Sosna & Co #Walking the floor

03 June, 2019

Look out for Erica from Sosna & Co. at BIO International this year.

Samsung Biologics Booth #3501

03 June, 2019

Kevin Sharp is attending BIO International this year – come meet Kevin at the Samsung booth.

MilliporeSigma Booth #3104

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice is beginning a new relationship with this mighty commercial entity.

Olon / Capua BioServices Booth #2501

03 June, 2019

Coming off the acquisition of Capua BioServices, Olon has taken a leading position in the Italian market for generics and looks to grow their biologics business.

Longeveron Booth #4270

03 June, 2019

Longeveron will be exhibiting at BIO International –– come meet the team.

Leukocare Booth #2719

03 June, 2019

Michael and the Leukocare team will be located at the Rentschler booth #2719 during BIO –– come meet the team.

PharmaBioSource BioPharma Booth #3015

03 June, 2019

Sean McKee will be ready to meet the market at BIO.

IRBM #Walking the floor

03 June, 2019

Dan Conlon (and the best kept secret in the CDMO space) will be attending the big BIO show this week – find out more from Dan and the team.

Nice Passion Flight of Freedom – Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

Nice Passion launches “Flight of Freedom” featuring Gwenaël Servant at BIO International.

iBIO Web Launch - Booth #3059

03 June, 2019

iBIO launches new website, this much easier site to understand communicate a clearer message.

BioVectra in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3055, 2427

03 June, 2019

Check out BioVectra’s must-see 8-page article in the Q2 Pharma’s Almanac.

CRB in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3205

03 June, 2019

CRB has led Pharma’s Almanac in most-read content for two years in a row.

Brammer Bio / ThermoFisher Booth #1501, 643, 1301, 2027

03 June, 2019

Brammer Bio is now part ThermoFisher! Come visit the Brammer Bio team at BIO International. 

Fareva in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3455

03 June, 2019

Thibaut Fraisse gave a strong interview in the Q1 Pharma’s Almanac. Come by the Fareva booth to meet the team.

GE Healthcare Life Science Booth #3519, 4101

03 June, 2019

GE has gone through some challenging changes over the past three years, but as GE Healthcare joins the Danaher Corporation, there is light ahead. 

Emergent Biosolutions Booth #2961 – New Fill & Finish Capacity

03 June, 2019

Patrick DePalma from Emergent will be ready to meet customers at the Emergent booth, #2961.

That’s Nice – Meet the Staff at Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice will be waiting to greet you at booth# 4201, getting ready for the biggest Biotech show of the year.

Avara Pharmaceutical Services Booth #4100

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Avara as they consolidate into a drug product CDMO. Avara comes to the table at BIO with new BD staff and a refocused business.

Yourway Booth #4209

03 June, 2019

The new Yourway branding identity is launching at BIO International – this 20+ year old company is transforming the Supply Chain Logistics space.

iBIO Booth #3059

03 June, 2019

Come visit iBIO at BIO International. The team is ready to meet you!

Aldevron Booth #4318

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Aldevron, facilitating the company’s article on plasmids as part of a strategic content push in the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

That’s Nice – Win a Gift at Booth #4201

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice will be giving out gifts at the booth during BIO International, come on over to pick yours up.

Northway Biotechpharma Website - Booth #4203

03 June, 2019

Northway Biotechpharma launches new website for BIO International.

AbbVie Booth #526, 2927

03 June, 2019

If your haven’t yet, read the AbbVie article in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac, AbbVie is much more than just Humira.

Arrival at BIO

03 June, 2019

We all arrived in Philly for the annual BIO International event. City of brotherly love is ready to receive 18,000 Biologists.

Championship Cup

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa Captain and Manager raises the Championship Cup at Wembley Stadium - it's a special day in my history of following the club since 1971.

Go, Aston Villa!

28 May, 2019

Aston Villa have won the Championship play off final against Derby County and have been promoted to the Premiership. Go, Aston Villa!

Cesar's Last Day

17 May, 2019

We're sad to see our  Market Research Associate  Cesar Benjumea leave, but wish him all the best!

That's Nice Celebrates 24 Years

15 May, 2019

That’s Nice is 24 years old today, after so many days of operation we are delighted to having a record year in all areas of the business, including Research, Agency and Business Services growth. With no debt and an estimated $27 Million in annual sales and investment income in 2019, we are delighted to look forward.

Up the Villa!

15 May, 2019

Aston Villa beat the Baggies to win a final place at Wembley, taking place on May 27th. Up the Villa!

Reunion at the Great Bowery

08 May, 2019

Nigel Walker dropped in to see the ual: alumni at the Great Bowery. 

Derby Horses

07 May, 2019

After leaving Winchester, Kentucky, Nigel stopped in to see the Derby horses and caught a few snaps from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Kentucky Derby 2019

06 May, 2019

Nigel Walker celebrates the Kentucky Derby this year, a wonderful day out.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Closes on BrammerBIO

06 May, 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific formally closes on the purchase of BrammerBIO. That’s Nice congratulates and thanks the management team at BrammerBIO for being part of this amazing story.

Happy Birthday, David

06 May, 2019

Scientific Content Director, David Alvaro celebrates his birthday in the office with doughnuts from Dough. 

Bowling Night at CPhI NA

01 May, 2019

That’s Nice enjoyed the Federal Equipment / AbbVie bowling night during CPhI North America.

Servier CDMO at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Servier CDMO at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Cenexi at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Cenexi at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Bora Pharma at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Bora Pharma at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Federal Equipment Company at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Federal Equipment Company at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

Lonza Pharma & Biotech at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Lonza Pharma & Biotech at CPhI North America this year in Chicago. 

UPM Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting UPM Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America.

Hovione at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

Supporting Hovione at CPhI North America.

Avara Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America 2019

30 April, 2019

That's Nice is supporting Avara Pharmaceuticals at CPhI North America.

The Willis Tower

29 April, 2019

Willis Tower, more commonly known at the Sears Tower, is cloaked in fog after the snows clears -- and as we set-up for CPhI North America.

Flight of Freedom Launch

26 April, 2019

"Flight of Freedom," a Nice Passion short film that celebrates dedication and passion, will launch at BIO International.

Rentschler Open House

26 April, 2019

Visiting the newly opened Rentschler, Milford, Mass site. The senior management team were all in attendance to welcome clients at the open house.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

24 April, 2019

A favorite message on the Virgin Atlantic Airways entertainment screens. Though a topic of taboo, Virgin branding has been great at having a sense of humor over the many years. 

Buddha Bar in Paris

23 April, 2019

Nigel attends a meeting at Buddha Bar in Paris with two customers. The beautiful interior is very different than the now closed location in New York.

Ballon Riding in Hertfordshire

23 April, 2019

Nigel Walker captures balloon riding in the country side of Hertfordshire, England, a growing popular sport for the weekends.

The Next That's Nice Lambo

15 April, 2019

The next That’s Nice Lamborghini has been ordered! The SUV (Urus) was spiced this weekend with a simple royal blue and black shinny trim finish, signature orange brakes, and interior trim. The new Lamborghini should be ready for delivery in September this year.

Caffeine and Carburetors

15 April, 2019

Caffeine and Carburetors had an event in New Canaan, CT this weekend. Luke Walker turned up and picked out his favorite car out of the 1000+ on display. 

Pizza Friday

12 April, 2019

That That's Nice team enjoyed an in-office pizza party to mark the end the work week, 

HME at Catalent

12 April, 2019

Nigel Walker is visiting Catalent today to learn more about their HME technology. The company's Somerset, NJ location has become their new home for early phase development.

Lady Liberty

10 April, 2019

Lady Liberty is always a welcoming sight as you pull into the New York City Harbor. Here she is, pictured from the INmune Bio IPO launch celebration. 

INmune Bio IPO Celebration

10 April, 2019

INmuneBio invited That’s Nice to celebrate the launch of their IPO with a party on the Hudson - the stock is already up 25%!

New Lambo

08 April, 2019

The beautiful new Lamborghini Urus, picked up by one of our new clients this weekend at Manhattan Motors. Lamborghini proves that Italian design and German engineering are a perfect combination.

Japanese Boys Day Display

08 April, 2019

Nigel Walker sets up the traditional  Japanese Boys Day display, taking place on May 5th - the tradition is to set up one month in advance. 

Doing Business at Interphex

02 April, 2019

Federal Equipment Company engages in business during the equipment-centered trade show.

The Federal Equipment Company Hologram

02 April, 2019

Have you seen the Federal Equipment Company hologram? She's pretty impressive! Check her out at booth  3110. 

Piramal Booth at Interphex

02 April, 2019

Piramal is set up and ready to go at Interphex! Visit them at booth  1258!

Interphex Day One

02 April, 2019

It's the first day of Interphex! The show takes place at the  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, pictured here, in New York City.

Nice Passion

02 April, 2019

That's Nice has launched "Nice Passion" the 10th line extension of the That's Nice brand. The new brand will show case a selection of stories that high light the passion of individuals working in the field of science.  will launch a new film every quarter. 

Jue Lan Club Lunch

01 April, 2019

The That's Nice team heads to hotspot the  Jue Lan Club, fueling up before organizing client booths at Interphex. 

Piramal Booth Prep

01 April, 2019

The Piramal booth has a long way to go before Interphex but the team is ready for the challenge! 

Federal Equipment Company at Interphex

01 April, 2019

Emilee Kudla and Lina Ma from the Accounts team prep the Federal Equipment Company booth prior to Interphex. 

Interphex Prep

01 April, 2019

The That's Nice Accounts team preps for Interphex doing booth setup for Federal Equipment Company. 

A Very Wei Birthday

25 March, 2019

Director of Accounts, Wei Gao, celebrates his birthday with cheesecake from Lady M. 

That's A Nice Dinner

22 March, 2019

The That's Nice staff gathered at Iberian restaurant, Aldea for a company dinner celebrating the close of DCAT. 

The DCAT Dinner

22 March, 2019

Thank you, BioVectra, for another delightful DCAT dinner at the Hilton.

Smooth Rolling at DCAT

21 March, 2019

Nigel Walker poses for a selfie on the second to last night of DCAT - the event has been happily smooth this year.


19 March, 2019

Nigel Walker is h eading into his third day of DCAT, with the Intercontinental Hotel on Lexington Ave serving as the event's new HQ. 

Prepping For A Rainy DCAT

18 March, 2019

When your getting ready for DCAT Week, you need to choose your umbrella carefully.

Viscosity & Gravity: Science Experiment

18 March, 2019

Luke Walker’s Science Fair Experiment for the 4th Grade, 2019. Luke solves the p roblem:   Does viscosity and gravity help filling a pharmaceutical manufacturing line for a Topical dry skin therapy?

Cover-Ready: PA Q1

07 March, 2019

The Pharma’s Almanac Q1 cover is complete! The full issue will be distributed in time for DCAT Week 2019 in New York City and available at

Countdown to DCAT

07 March, 2019

That’s Nice will be attending DCAT Week, with more than 105 pre-booked meetings on the calendar. We look forward to meeting you again in our home territory of New York City!

Throwback to Interphex ‘16

11 February, 2019

As we approach a series of winter/spring industry events, we took a moment to look back to Interphex 2016. Pictured here are members of the That’s Nice leadership and business teams repping our 20th anniversary chrome campaign at a UBM party.

Hitting the Pavement

07 January, 2019

It's the inaugural day of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, and we're ready to get a jump start on our next business platform. Pictured here is our managing director, Nigel Walker, who we can only assume has just finished lacing up his running shoes.

Ready for JP Morgan

07 January, 2019

That’s Nice looks forward to attending the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference for the fifth consecutive year.

Kicking off with eChinaHealth

07 January, 2019

That’s Nice is supporting eChinaHealth, a B2B media company serving China’s chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries, during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, January 6th-10th.

Looking Forward to 2019

17 December, 2018

As we near the end of 2018, we find ourselves looking back to look forward. The Super Bowl may be just five weeks away, but we are training for our own start-of-the-year – the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 7-10th in San Francisco.

PharmSci 360: UPM

07 November, 2018

That’s Nice is pleased to support our long-time client UPM Pharmaceuticals at AAPS PharmSci 360. Visit the team at booth #2014 to learn how UPM can take your solid or semi-solid product from concept to commercial.

Closing out the Show

07 November, 2018

As the UPM Pharmaceuticals team wraps up AAPS PharmSci 360 for 2018, we look forward to being with them at next year's event in San Antonio.

PharmSci 360: WuXi AppTec

07 November, 2018

WuXi Lab Testing and WuXi STA are joining forces at this year’s AAPS PharmSci 360, and we are proud to have supported their exhibit design. Stop by the booth to discover the full scope of WuXi’s open-access capability and technology platforms.   

PharmSci 360: Hovione

07 November, 2018

Our client Hovione is exhibiting at this year’s AAPS PharmSci 360. Visit booth #2309 to learn about Hovione’s capabilities in APIs, intermediates, spray drying and more.

PharmSci 360: SPI Pharma

07 November, 2018

Dealing with a formulation challenge? SPI Pharma can help. That’s Nice is proud to support SPI’s exhibit presence at this year’s AAPS PharmSci 360. Stop by booth #2535 to meet the team.

PharmSci 360: Avara

07 November, 2018

World-class CDMO and That’s Nice client Avara Pharmaceutical Services is exhibiting at AAPS PharmSci 360. With the company's rapid and continued growth, there’s always something new happening at Avara. Visit booth #2142 to learn more.

Front & Center: WuXi STA

07 November, 2018

Wuxi AppTec STA has a strong presence at AAPS PharmSci 360 this year. As always, we are incredibly pleased to be able to support the thriving CDMO business.

Caught in the Act

07 November, 2018

The surveillance cameras at AAPS PharmSci 360 have captured our leader eating during a trade show - perhaps for the first time in over 20 years.

PharmSci 360: AsahiKASEI

07 November, 2018

AsahiKASEI is exhibiting its microcrystalline cellulose (CEOLUS™) excipients at this year’s AAPS PharmSci 360. That’s Nice is proud to support the global chemical company with its exhibit presence.

Mid-Term Elections

06 November, 2018

It’s Election Day in the US, with 36 governorships, one-third of Senate seats and all 435 seats in the House up for election. We're in the center of it all in DC, where AAPS PharmSci 360  also happens to be in full swing.

Spotted in DC

06 November, 2018

Members of the That's Nice team came across a rather unusual display of standing puppets while attending AAPS PharmSci 360 in Washington, DC this week. 

Caught on Camera

30 October, 2018

Surprise...the 2018 AAPS PharmSci 360 promotional video is out and guess who's smack in the middle of the shot? Our very own Nigel Walker  pounding the pavement, of course. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week in Washington, DC!

View from the Top

22 October, 2018

Here’s a sneak peek of our new creative vision for 2019 — “View from the Top.” More to come in the coming weeks...

Let the Fall Festivities Begin

19 October, 2018

Van Cortlandt Manor, a historic property in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, puts on an amazing jack o'lantern display every year, with more than 10,000 pumpkins on site. Hundreds of thousands of families will visit “The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze” over a four-week period.

Big Things in Store at CapsCanada

12 October, 2018

CapsCanada and the Gilinski family are wrapping up another successful CPhI. That’s Nice is proud to support the organization’s growth as it prepares to launch its brand-new GMP facility in Colombia.

Closing Out CPhI with Servier

12 October, 2018

The Servier team enjoyed a successful CPhI in Madrid. We are all looking forward to continued growth for the contract development and manufacturing business as we move into 2019.

Día de la Hispanidad

12 October, 2018

Spain's National Day, also known as Día de la Hispanidad or Hispanic Day, commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. We are excited to witness the day’s celebrations on this post-CPhI Friday in Madrid.

Excipient Leader SPI at CPhI

08 October, 2018

SPI Pharma is one of the key excipient suppliers attending this year’s CPhI Worldwide in Madrid. Check them out at stand 8F100 in hall 8 and meet CEO Jeanne Thoma to learn about SPI’s new product launch.

Continued Growth for Cenexi at CPhI

08 October, 2018

Cenexi has invested heavily over the past few years on new site acquisitions and CapEx investment in Central Europe. Come meet Cenexi’s senior management team, led by CEO Francois Hincker, at stand 3F60 in hall 3.

UPM’s CPhI Debut

08 October, 2018

UPM Pharmaceuticals is exhibiting for the first time this year at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid. Come on over and meet the sales team at stand 3H52in hall 3.

Discover Servier’s CDMO Business at CPhI

08 October, 2018

Servier is in the final stages of setting up in Madrid for the start of CPhI. Arnaud Girard has recently taken over as General Manager of the CDMO business, and growth is on the horizon. Come meet the management team this week at stands 1H20 and 1J30 in hall 1.

Supporting GSK at CPhI

08 October, 2018

GSK CDMO is putting the finishing touches on its CPhI setup in Madrid. This will be the sixth year That’s Nice has supported the British pharmaceutical giant with its exhibit presence at the industry’s largest annual event. Stop by stand 3C50 to discover the benefits of working with GSK.

Celebrating Friendship at CPhI

08 October, 2018

That’s Nice is excited to present a special gift to one of our close friends on Tuesday evening. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Pre-CPhI R&R

04 October, 2018

Less than a week out from CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, we’re taking a moment to relax and gather our thoughts before the madness begins on October 9th. That’s Nice is ready to hit the ground running at the biggest event of the year.

Where’s Nigel?

02 October, 2018

Coming in for landing somewhere over Calvià , Spain, Managing Director Nigel Walker is the first member of the That’s Nice team to head to Europe for a series of pre-CPhI meetings. Just one week from today before the pharma industry’s biggest show of the year kicks off!

Check Out Avara at Contract Pharma

27 September, 2018

That’s Nice Business Logistics Manager Albert Bruan is on scene at the 17th Annual Contract Pharma Contracting & Outsourcing Conference and Tabletop Exhibition 2018 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His first stop—Avara Pharmaceuticals table #10!

Blast from CPhI Past

24 September, 2018

In just two weeks, CPhI Worldwide will welcome 50,000-plus pharma executives back to Madrid. The hair may be shorter (and the weight a bit higher?) but regardless, we are always looking forward to the opportunity to spend three exciting days with 90 percent of our customers.

Chat with Servier at ChemOutsourcing

17 September, 2018

Gwenael Servant, managing director of Servier’s contract manufacturing business, is ready to answer any questions you may have about the company’s Embedded Protection for Your Molecule value offering. Stop by Servier’s booth #71 to learn more!

Meet Avara at ChemOutsourcing

17 September, 2018

A lot is happening at Avara following the company’s latest acquisition of Canada’s largest sterile injectables plant and adjacent world-class Center of Excellence for development from Novartis. Stop by ChemOutsourcing booth #57 to learn more about Avara’s enhanced sterile processing capabilities and how the CDMO can deliver on your next project!

Kicking off ChemOutsourcing with Servier

16 September, 2018

Eugene Hsiu, account executive for That’s Nice, is on scene at ChemOutsourcing in New Jersey preparing our clients for Monday’s event kickoff. Eugene, pictured here, is putting the finishing touches on Servier’s booth #71.

Back to School

04 September, 2018

In New York, Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and the official start of the school year. With temperatures well into the 90s this weekend, there was still plenty of summer sunshine to justify one more dip in the pool for Nigel's son Luke before he hits the books on Tuesday.

Making a Comeback

20 August, 2018

Number 18 Kyle Busch on the M&M team was on fire at Bristol this  weekend. Two laps down at the start of the race, he and made it all  the way back to second place before crashing out just 16 laps before  the checker flag.

World Cup Winners

16 July, 2018

As the French celebrate a tremendous World Cup victory over the small
country of Croatia, That’s Nice Accounts Director Wei Gao is in France
mixing it up with the locals. Congratulations to France (and our
French clients) on their World Cup win!

England Reaches World Cup Semi-Finals

09 July, 2018

Following Saturday's win over Sweden, England has advanced to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990 – a feat that has not just the British-born members of our team reveling in this long-awaited triumph. We’ll be cheering on Harry and the boys this Wednesday as the team meets Croatia in Moscow.

The Odds Are in Favor

29 June, 2018

The stars seem to be in alignment on Nigel's World Cup bracket as Germany is out and England doesn't miss a penalty.

Looking Back on #BIO2018

11 June, 2018

The BIO International Convention has come to a close, and That’s Nice is reflecting on an exhilarating week of business and biotech at the Boston Convention Center where it all took place.

Wrapping BIO 2018

07 June, 2018

That’s Nice was thrilled to meet so many of our clients and other industry leaders in the biotech hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts during this week’s BIO International Convention in Boston.

Continued Leadership

07 June, 2018

Nigel Walker, managing director for That’s Nice, reported a refreshing conversation and overall great meeting with AGC Biologics at BIO 2018 this week. President and CEO Gustavo Mahler continues to lead the company after 10 years of commitment.

BioVectra Expands Biologics Capacity

07 June, 2018

The management team at BioVectra came out in full force at this year’s BIO International Convention following the recent expansion of its biomanufacturing capacity in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Italian CDMO | Global Reach

07 June, 2018

Capua, Italy-based Capua BioServices proudly displays its Italian heritage at this year’s BIO International Convention in Boston.

Avara Expands Fill-Finish Capabilities

07 June, 2018

Avara debuted its expanded capabilities at BIO 2018 following its acquisition of Novartis’ sterile manufacturing facility in Canada.

UPM: Formulating Your Future

07 June, 2018

That’s Nice is proud to be supporting UPM Pharmaceuticals at BIO 2018 and other industry events throughout the year. Pictured here are Mary Lee Schiesz, Manager, Business Development for UPM, and Guy Tiene, Business Director and Partner for That’s Nice.

Samsung BioLogics Shares Insights at BIO

07 June, 2018

Incheon-based Samsung BioLogics took the prize at BIO 2018, giving yet another winning presentation showcasing the organization’s expertise and leadership in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

#BIO2018 Here We Come

04 June, 2018

It’s the last day of setup before the BIO International Convention kicks off at the Boston Convention Center June 5th , and the last-minute hustle is in full swing. Pictured here is That’s Nice Managing Director  Nigel Walker, , who is preparing for a whirlwind week of client meetings and new business development.
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