29 years as the leading life sciences agency fosters a wealth of knowledge that is integrated in our consulting, supporting a range of needs including BD optimization, strategic expansion, and growth.

Organization Review / Strategy

Are your business and operations set up to capture future market production trends, through understanding new modalities and drug lifecycle? Do you have a production line strategy to understand what “Right First Time” really means to your future growth? When the market turns up or down, are you following the opportunities to capture maximum upside and protect against the downside?

Sales Team Optimization

Your sales team needs aligning with the management’s vision for growth, and new processes are needed to fill your annual sustainable funnel. Does your sales team need negotiation training to close portfolio sales accounts?

HR Restructuring / Consolidation

As market volumes shift and continuous training is needed across different production shifts, are your staff being trained on data integrity and the importance of ever changing regulatory reporting processes? How do you cross-train your staff to protect yourself against economic downturns? When restructuring is needed, do you know the industry salary levels for each position across your company? How do you reorganize your company with 30% less staff?

Day One Readiness

During an acquisition, Transition Service Agreements and new staff migration is the only way to prepare for day one readiness. Staff, benefits and contract alignment are all needed over and above the MSA before day one readiness.

Board Room Preparation

Most private and publicly traded companies report to a board once per quarter, presenting a dashboard of progress against an annual plan created and approved in Q4. This tense and yet important guidance can cause disruption in your everyday performance. That’s Nice helps your board presentation focus on what’s important against quarterly goals.

Changing Perception

After warning letters, 483’s and loss of major business, reputation recovery is needed to change perceptions. Internal culture shifts and management’s vision and integrity are the backbone of change. That’s Nice helps isolate the problem and build a new message that will rally the staff and give confidence back to your clients.

Nigel Walker
Founder & Life Sciences Investor
Jason Rahal
Business Development Director for
Advanced Therapies, M&A Advisor
Prof. Daniel Smith, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, M&A Advisor
April Stanley, MS, MBA
Senior Scientific Research Director,
M&A Advisor
Emilee Kudla
Associate Business Development Director,
M&A Advisor
Emily Strackhouse
Associate Business Development Director,
M&A Advisor

Three Cheers

That’s Nice has worked with me on three consecutive companies I have launched over eight years. We’ve made acquisitions along the way and the first two companies were themselves acquired. The caliber of industry experience and knowledge at That’s Nice really sets the company apart as an agency and consultant, which has been invaluable with each of my ventures.

Mark Bamforth, CEO, Arranta Bio