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Next Nice Passion Video

19 November, 2019

Brian Pierce is hard at work on our next passion piece. 

Scouting Mission

02 November, 2019

Lucas Visser goes on another scouting mission at the Hudson Yards. 

Cinema Angle

01 November, 2019

A cinema angle captured on the new video shoot for the That’s Nice 25th anniversary campaign. 

Honey Comb Architecture

01 November, 2019

A honey comb architectural matrix in New York City.

Pineapple Sculpture Scout

01 November, 2019

Nigel and the digital capture team spend time at the Hudson Yards Pineapple sculpture, scouting for next video shoot.

Research Scouting for the 25 Campaign

01 November, 2019

Lucas and Nigel are out shooting the third part of the research scout for the upcoming That's Nice 25-year anniversary campaign.

Inside the Tray Drying Room

28 October, 2019

Brian Pierce inside the “Tray Drying room” at UPM running a blue placebo, milled compound for a new fly through corporate video, launching in January 2020.

Drone Footage at UPM

28 October, 2019

Nigel Walker, Jonathan Curtin and Brian Pierce are pictured in sunny Bristol, Tennessee in this photo by Lucas Visser - the team visited UPM to shoot drone footage. 

The Perfect Frame - Rozzano, Italy

26 September, 2019

Rozzano, Italy is Nigel's next stop on his current European tour.  He was shopping for frames and look what was found - the TN brand colors, glitter and orange, together.

Arrived in PEI

26 August, 2019

Nigel has arrived on Prince Edward Island to shoot video for NicePassion. He joins Brian and Lucas, who have been there since last week.

“Nature of Science” - 5 Minutes

15 August, 2019

In a hidden hollow on the side of a New Hampshire mountain, Shawn built himself a respite from the bustle of his professional life – a place where he could clear the cobwebs of his mind, aware only of what exists in the forest-laden landscape that surrounds him. Nothing is taken for granted in the raw solitude of the wilderness, and Shawn intends to keep it that way.

Announcing ArrantaBio

30 July, 2019

That's Nice is excited to unveil a new brand identity for one our favorite clients, and introduce ArrantaBio.

Grifols Recombinant Protein CDMO Pop Up Booth

25 July, 2019

The Grifols Recombinant Protein CDMO business gets a new, high-tech pop up booth.

A Familiar Hummingbird

15 July, 2019

Nigel captures a humming bird at a sugar water feeder at the boat launch Cincinnati and remembers the Capsugel branding project That's Nice completed in 2016.

Prime Day Design

02 July, 2019

The TN team is loving the graphic banner for Amazon's Prime Day, coming July 15-16.

Dalton Pharma Services #Walking the floor

05 June, 2019

Peter Pekos will be attending BIO this year, representing Dalton Pharma Services.

Catalent Booth #3101

04 June, 2019

The OSD business is still strong for Catalent, and the biologics investment in Paragon is now complete.

iBIO Web Launch - Booth #3059

03 June, 2019

iBIO launches new website, this much easier site to understand communicate a clearer message.

BioVectra in Q2 Pharma’s Almanac - Booth #3055, 2427

03 June, 2019

Check out BioVectra’s must-see 8-page article in the Q2 Pharma’s Almanac.

GE Healthcare Life Science Booth #3519, 4101

03 June, 2019

GE has gone through some challenging changes over the past three years, but as GE Healthcare joins the Danaher Corporation, there is light ahead. 

Avara Pharmaceutical Services Booth #4100

03 June, 2019

That’s Nice supports Avara as they consolidate into a drug product CDMO. Avara comes to the table at BIO with new BD staff and a refocused business.

Northway Biotechpharma Web Launch

31 May, 2019

Northway Biotechpharma has launched a new website: 

On Location in Allentown

24 May, 2019

The Yourway truck is being shot today, photographer and project manager Lucas Visser, is pictured in Allentown in the process of getting it down.

The Advanced Therapeutics Issue Has Landed

24 May, 2019

Pharma’s Almanac, The Advanced Therapeutics Issue has landed on my desk - in my personal opinion, this issue has the best content.

Lamborghini SVJ Roadster

29 April, 2019

Lamborghini SVJ Roadster, v12, 770 hp is in pre-order status. With a larger car production run, we hope one of the 900 will arrive at That’s Nice in Spring 2020.

#FBF - That's Nice 20th Anniversary Celebration

26 April, 2019

Circa 2016, at the That's Nice 20th anniversary celebration/what are you wearing Mark Allen? The team is pictured with Haig, Mark, Nigel, Guy and JF, from left to right.

Nice Passion

02 April, 2019

That's Nice has launched "Nice Passion" the 10th line extension of the That's Nice brand. The new brand will show case a selection of stories that high light the passion of individuals working in the field of science.  will launch a new film every quarter. 

Platinum Stripe

25 March, 2019

The brand image of a platinum stripe can be fixating and inspiring. 

That’s Nice 2019 Campaign

07 March, 2019

That’s Nice has launched a new ad campaign in the Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac. The theme centers on the notion of “leaving the dark side and stepping into the light.”

Back to BIO

21 January, 2019

“The Road to BIO” feature film comes back to life as the final edit nears completion and we prepare the files for our friends at Buttons NY sound studio.

Brand Ambassador

04 December, 2017

If combining industry insight with flowers and glitter seems like a stretch, check out our recent Glittering Insight campaign. When presented with the chance to “walk the walk,” Nigel couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a pair of these gems—or two. View Case Study >

Avara's New Creative

20 October, 2017

Avara Pharmaceuticals has launched their new ad campaign ahead of CPhI. Take a look at what the CDMO has to offer here! View Case Study >

Pop Art in Q4

19 October, 2017

The last Pop Art Campaign Ad for That’s Nice is running in Pharma's Almanac Q4, and across all publications.

Road to Bio Planning

19 April, 2017

The That's Nice team is busy planning for the summer road trip to BIO International, which takes place from June 19th through 22nd in San Diego. That's Nice will cross the country, visiting client sites along the way.

Stay Tuned for the Latest

13 April, 2017

The newest ad from our Glittering Insights series has been released! Be on the lookout for the campaign’s signature pop art in upcoming industry publications.

Interphex, Day 2

22 March, 2017

Maurice and Annie from the Research Department talk to customers at our Booth 3765.

Visit Us at Interphex, Booth 3765

21 March, 2017

The That's Nice team is at interphex. Come see us and our Tesla at booth 3765.

The Tesla Has Arrived

20 March, 2017

The Tesla wrapped in the That's Nice 2017 pop art campaign has arrived just in time for Interphex. We will see you at the show!

Roadtrip Ready

01 March, 2017

Select That's Nice staff led by Managing Director Nigel Walker, will be embarking on a roadtrip to BIO International this June. The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, in orange, will take staff across the USA this summer.

Glittering Insights

25 January, 2017

That's Nice has launched out third ad in our campaign series. Thanks to our Creative Dept, we are ready for DCAT and Interphex, with used equipment being the theme.

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