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Now Hiring: Nice Exhibit Designer

08 October, 2018

That’s Nice is looking for an exhibit designer / 3D modeler to join our team. Organic design and use of interesting materials is key to this position.

Adios, Barcelona

05 October, 2018

It’s almost CPhI time – Nigel is leaving Barcelona today for Madrid, stopping for a quick graffiti-selfie near Gaudi's Garden on the way out.

New Series: Looking Beyond Pharma

04 October, 2018

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture for That’s Nice, will be heading up our new “passion” series of videos, in which we document some of our more personal interactions with seasoned pharma industry individuals who have a unique passion – or simply a passion for life. Stay tuned as the initiative picks up steam in 2019.

Nice Views in the Adirondacks

27 September, 2018

That’s Nice photographer Lucas Visser was recently in Lake Placid, New York, for a fishing trip with friends. He reported fresh air, breathtaking views and no flies, which, according to Lucas, was good and bad. “On the one hand, thankfully there were no flies. On the other, no flies meant no fish.”

Meeting Biotechpharma

27 September, 2018

Nigel Walker, Managing Director of That’s Nice, is visiting our client Biotechpharma UAB in Vilnius, Lithuania this morning. Biotechpharma has developed a niche business the fast-moving biopharmaceutical CDMO space, and we look forward to discussing what’s next for the organization as we head into 2019.

Cheers to Parth

18 September, 2018

That's Nice developer Parth Tarasaria is  headed back to North Carolina this afternoon after a week in the New York office. The team gathered yesterday evening for what we hope was not a farewell, but more of a see-you-soon... 

Camo the New Orange

17 September, 2018

As we spend more time visiting clients in Tennessee and exploring the southern Appalachian Mountains, we’re thinking camo might be the new fall staple—one we may even take back to NYC as a reminder of the fresh air and unadulterated oxygen sorely lacking in the concrete jungle we call home.

Lambo and Camo

17 September, 2018

Heading into fall, we’re seeing a new fashion trend emerge at That’s Nice as our managing director, Nigel Walker, becomes acquainted with his woodsy side—but not at the sacrifice of his signature Lamborghini garb. “Deep in the woods, a world cut in half,” he said of the ensemble.

Kicking off ChemOutsourcing with Servier

16 September, 2018

Eugene Hsiu, account executive for That’s Nice, is on scene at ChemOutsourcing in New Jersey preparing our clients for Monday’s event kickoff. Eugene, pictured here, is putting the finishing touches on Servier’s booth #71.

Hitting the Runway

14 September, 2018

Adama Coulibaly has translated art into fashion with a selection of new wearable pieces, including this fierce new jacket. New York Fashion Week 2018 may be a wrap, but there’s always next year—and many to come for Adama, we're sure.

Camera Shy

14 September, 2018

Despite having helped coordinate the entire office shoot, our new junior account executive Lulu Ruan became a bit shy when the lens was turned her way. Lulu joined That's Nice this summer and is  pursuing her master's degree at NYU. 

Reporting for Duty

13 September, 2018

At That’s Nice, we are admittedly a bit fanatical over Star Wars (some of us more than others). We’ll assume this shot is part of a larger story that we’ll see play out over the coming weeks as our corporate video is finalized—though this could be just what it looks like: Accounts Director Wei Gao emerging from the elevator with two of our best ‘troopers in tow. 

Cheap Shot

13 September, 2018

The team took what we all thought was a break from shooting yesterday to enjoy some NYC pizza in honor of our out-of-town guests, but it turns out the camera was still rolling as everyone noshed.

Business Meets Art

13 September, 2018

New York City artist Adama Coulibaly has been at That’s Nice working on a number of pieces for upcoming exhibitions. Pictured in front of—and in—some of his latest work is Adama himself, alongside That’s Nice Business Manager Anthony Reda.

Welcoming Back Kyoko

13 September, 2018

Members of the Nice Design, Digital and Accounts teams came together for a group shot during yesterday’s photo and video shoot at the New York City office. We are happy to be welcoming back our Senior Designer, Kyoko, who started with That’s Nice 10 years ago in New York before moving to our Shanghai office for a year. Ten years later, she’s come full circle!

Welcome to New York, Parth

13 September, 2018

Our North Carolina-based interactive developer Parth Tarasaria made an opportune trip to New York this week, just in time to escape the impending hurricane that is threatening the southeastern U.S. And, as luck would have it, he arrived just in time for the That's Nice office video shoot. Parth worked at our former Nice Digital office in Apex, North Carolina and is finally getting to meet the rest of the team.

Welcoming 'Junior' Staff

11 September, 2018

Elan Harris, Illustration Director at That's Nice, brought his four-month-old daughter Veronica into the office today for a glimpse at Dad's award-winning illustration skills. While we're sure she was impressed, she was intensely fixated on her toy giraffe, although her big blue eyes did perk up when she realized it was time for her close-up. 

Nice Comparison

04 September, 2018

With some level of amusement, one of our clients decided to share these two characters from the movie "Despicable Me 3" with the commentary that they reminded him of our Managing Director, Nigel Walker, and Haig Barrett business partner, Haig Armaghanian. Can you guess who's who?

Back to School

04 September, 2018

In New York, Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and the official start of the school year. With temperatures well into the 90s this weekend, there was still plenty of summer sunshine to justify one more dip in the pool for Nigel's son Luke before he hits the books on Tuesday.

Continuing a Legacy of Science

04 September, 2018

Luke Walker, son of That’s Nice Managing Director, Nigel Walker, is looking forward to his school's annual science fair in the fall. This will be his first time participating in the event and, as we expect, he will be following in the footsteps of his older sister, who has won first, second and third place over the past three years.

Recruiting Southern Talent

31 August, 2018

That’s Nice is scoping out the scene in Johnson City, Tennessee today looking at potential retention venues for our recruitment drive.

Bittersweet Farewell

20 August, 2018

Last Friday, August 17th,  That’s Nice bid farewell to three of our summer interns—Gabriela Estupinan and Nicole Ip—along  with our longtime employee Mimi Chen who is moving to the West Coast. Thank you for all your hard work and best of luck in your next endeavors!

Blending In

20 August, 2018

It’s race weekend in Bristol, Tennessee, and Nigel has decided to  dress accordingly. With a little help from the folks at Bass Pro  Shops, looks like he’s ready to hit the track—or the woods.

All Roads Lead to Bristol

17 August, 2018

After an early morning start at UPM Pharmaceuticals in Bristol, Tennessee, Nigel took a moment to enjoy the serenity of the landscape before heading over to the Bristol Food City 300 at Bristol Speedway - his first visit since the infamous go-round during last year's Road to BIO adventure. 

Gabriela Estupinan, Market Research Intern

17 August, 2018

As a market research intern, Gabriela is supporting our Nice Insight research offering by collecting and analyzing data on the pharmaceutical market and identifying key trends. She is from New Providence, New Jersey and is currently pursuing her B.S. in biochemistry from Santa Clara University in California.

Anthony Reda, Business Manager

17 August, 2018

That’s Nice Business Manager Anthony Reda has 25 years of strategic business development experience in the pharmaceutical specialty and fine chemical industries. At That’s Nice, he is helping to drive the expansion of Nice Consulting and Nice Match to achieve our clients’ goals for growth.

Nicole Ip, Market Research Intern

17 August, 2018

Nicole has joined the Nice Insight team as a market research intern, collecting valuable data on the pharmaceutical market. Originally from Hong Kong, Nicole is attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where she is pursuing her B.S. in Neuroscience.

Lina Ma, Project Manager

17 August, 2018

Lina Ma is leveraging her experience in exhibitions and events to support a number of agency functions, including industry events, client media placements and Nice Gift promotional planning. She graduated from the University of Exeter in the U.K., where she earned her B.A. in management and leadership.

Lulu Ruan, Associate Project Manager (Intern)

17 August, 2018

Our new project management intern Lulu Ruan recently moved to New York from Shanghai to pursue her M.S. in integrated marketing at NYU. She is supporting the accounts team with various company initiatives, most recently helping to coordinate an entire office video shoot.

Happy Birthday, Mark!

10 August, 2018

The team celebrated the birthday of our Strategy Director, Mark Allen, by putting together a fun 19-year history of his time in New York. Pictured here are some of our longest-time employees, including the birthday boy himself, Mark Allen (23 years at That’s Nice), Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce (21 years at That’s Nice), and Illustration Director, Elan Harris (22 years at That’s Nice).

Revisiting Lord's Cricket Ground

30 July, 2018

Back in 1987, That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker worked on the gate at Lord’s Cricket Ground for a summer of tests against various international teams. Thirty-one years later, Nigel returned to the grounds with friend and business partner Haig Armaghanian to see Naple and Holland play in a one-day match.

Catching Up in the Garden

30 July, 2018

While visiting London this weekend, Nigel met up with an old friend and business partner, Haig Armaghanian. The two visited the flower nursery inside St. John’s Wood—an interesting find in the middle of London.

Good Morning, Munich

27 July, 2018

That’s Nice has a meeting this morning in the previously owned McKinsey & Company offices in München . Can’t miss a photo op in front of this beautifully decorated building overlooking the English garden at the heart of the city.

Brain Break in Pompeii

26 July, 2018

After a marathon week of meetings, Nigel is "taking a half day" for a bit of inspiration at the Pompeii ruins near Napoli, Italy. Mount Vesuvius erupted more than 2,000 years ago, covering the village in lava.

Touring Capua BioServices

26 July, 2018

That's Nice is in southern Italy today for a plant tour of Capua BioServices S.p.A. Elise Mous, Director of Sales & Marketing / Business Development for Capua, was gracious enough to show us around the facility while specifically highlighting the CDMO's microbial fermentation capabilities.  

Welcome Back, Marc

25 July, 2018

We are happy to be welcoming back our research and strategic content intern Marc Technow who recently graduated with his master’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany. Congratulations and welcome back to the team!

Officially American

25 July, 2018

On July 25th, 2018, Mark Allen, British-born Strategy Director and Partner of That's Nice, became an American citizen. With a smile on his face and American flag in hand, he's off to celebrate over what we can only assume will be a Bud and a burger (this later confirmed by the newly minted citizen himself). 

Meeting ABF Ingredients in Paris

24 July, 2018

That’s Nice has just wrapped a meeting with ABF Ingredients, part of the 13.4 billion-pound British giant, Associated British Foods.

Between Meetings

24 July, 2018

With a few found minutes in between meetings, Nigel is enjoying another fine day in France. Naturally, he’s stumbled upon a London pub in Paris, aptly named “The Cricketer.”

Reaching New Heights with Servier

23 July, 2018

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce of That’s Nice joined Servier CDMO’s Gwenael Servant in France this weekend for a journey in his first restored plane.

“Fearless” Flyers

23 July, 2018

The team had all the confidence in the world hopping into this 1950 North American Aviation T-28 Trojan—that is, until they went airborne.  

That Moment When…

23 July, 2018

…You find yourself upside down traveling at 550 knots over the French country side. Caption that photo.  

Up and Away

23 July, 2018

A well-prepared Brian Pierce is set for what might as well be a bombing run, as there’s no room for hesitation today. The skills he gained during his time in the Coast Guard seem to be translating well as he takes flight.  

Inaugural Flight

23 July, 2018

Brian Pierce takes off on the biplane's maiden voyage. As the wind begins to pick up, we realize this is no time for amateur hour.

On Location in Paris

21 July, 2018

Members of the That’s Nice team are in Paris this weekend for an exhilarating experience with one of our clients. As usual, Nigel Walker is at the ready with the Nikon D5.

Can't Take the Heat

20 July, 2018

Our managing director, Nigel Walker, experienced the ultimate NYC nightmare this morning when his car overheated in standstill traffic. The vehicle, he says, nearly set fire, with the coolant temperature hitting  130+ degrees as the oil pressure plummeted. "Meltdown was just around the corner," he said.

Nice Landscape

17 July, 2018

After 50 hours of mid-summer pruning, edging and laying down a fresh layer of mulch, the front garden of Nigel's Westchester County home is ready for some late-summer festivities.

Happy Birthday, Nigel!

16 July, 2018

The That's Nice NYC team celebrated the birthday of our founder and managing director, Nigel Walker, with a post-lunchtime treat of apple pie à la mode. Wishing Nigel a very happy birthday and a joyous year ahead! 

Weert, Netherlands

30 June, 2018

Wei Gao poses in  Weert, Netherlands, in front of a local church.  

Baaah, Brian

29 June, 2018

Brian Pierce,  Director of Digital Capture stops to feed the goats at the team's Bed and Breakfast in Holland. 

Managing Director Turned Craftsman

28 June, 2018

After moving into a new house last year, Nigel Walker has been busy designing custom furniture for his kids’ study room. The ‘live edge’ style will help transform what has previously a playroom into a more sophisticated study space. The desks are made from a grafted orchard tree, which gives them an interesting shape and depth, mostly at the ends. The graft line of the English walnut to black walnut is also visible. Photo credit: Russ Lowgren, Fabricator

Taking Flight

28 June, 2018

The restoration and technology update of an American biplane will be taking flight in July as Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce and Managing Director Nigel Walker document the aerial adventure of one of our key client accounts. 

Expanding our Digital Team

28 June, 2018

Established New York City photographer Lucas Visser will be supporting That's Nice Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce as we ramp up our in-house video team. As part of the expansion, we will be utilizing the newly created Ronin Nikon fly-through setup, with the iPhone serving as back up.

Where's Wei?

28 June, 2018

Wei Gao,  Accounts Director, is traveling in Amsterdam with the Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce. He's pictured here among the tourists!

Walk in the Park

27 June, 2018

That’s Nice’s Nigel Walker hikes Diamond Head Crater while on vacation in Hawaii. A “walk in the park” compared to Mt. Fuji, he reports.

Father’s Day Luxury

18 June, 2018

Founding ‘father’ of That’s Nice, Nigel Walker, received the gift of luxury this Father’s Day in the form of a Cartier watch. As is typical of our creative-minded director, he was just as enamored with the intricately designed packaging as the timepiece inside.

Bio & Tech Abound in Cambridge

07 June, 2018

With the industry in Boston for biotech’s largest annual event, That’s Nice had the opportunity to visit several clients in the nearby innovation hub of Kendall Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Visiting Biotech's Leaders in Cambridge

07 June, 2018

While in Boston for the BIO International Convention, That’s Nice met with the senior management team from the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based BrammerBio, a viral vector CDMO specializing in cell and gene therapy.

Farewell Strategy

05 June, 2018

That’s Nice wished recent intern Marc Technow good luck as he returns to Cologne to complete his Masters after a short break over the Summer.  Research and strategy apply all their skills to the challenge inherent in getting the wrapper off. the cake.

#BIO2018 Here We Come

04 June, 2018

It’s the last day of setup before the BIO International Convention kicks off at the Boston Convention Center June 5th , and the last-minute hustle is in full swing. Pictured here is That’s Nice Managing Director  Nigel Walker, , who is preparing for a whirlwind week of client meetings and new business development.

No Words Necessary

04 June, 2018

When a brand can be communicated, without words, it’s worth following. The Versace brand is one of those brands.

Thank You & Good Luck

31 May, 2018

Marc Technow is coming to the end of his 3 months internship at That’s Nice, he’s done a great job of fitting in with the research and strategic content team, we wish him all the best as he graduates next week in Germany.

Lucky Number 13(K)

29 May, 2018

After a slow uptick in 2018, we have reached 13,000 followers on LinkedIn, thanks to the dedication of our business logistics manager (and chief social media recruit), Albert Bruan. A big thanks to Albert for his hard work and perseverance on this long road!

Together Again

29 May, 2018

On our last day in London, we stopped to visit Haig Armaghanian, our business partner from Haig Barrett, and Phil Neill, the former managing director of our UK office. At That’s Nice, we are proud of the enduring relationships we maintain across the business, from our strategic partners to our customers.

Steriles Leader Cenexi

24 May, 2018

That’s Nice Managing Director Nigel Walker met with the Cenexi senior management team in Fontenay Sous Bois, Paris. Following Cenexi’s 2017 acquisition of its world-class steriles facility in the Normandy region, there is much to discuss as the sterile fill-finish leader adds new lines and capacity.

Central London, Past & Future

22 May, 2018

Our tour of London’s biotech circuit continues this week as Nigel kicks off the day with Tecrea, an innovative nanoparticle and polymer company looking for new pathways to the drug delivery world. But first, a quick snap in front of historic St Pancras, an architectural contrast to the modern London Bioscience Innovation Centre to which he’s en route.

Visiting GSK House

21 May, 2018

After working with GSK for more than six years, That’s Nice had the opportunity to visit the healthcare giant at its global headquarters in Brentford, London. It was exciting to see the many changes that are in the works as Emma Walmsley comes up on her one-year anniversary as CEO and the organization looks to reshape its product portfolio.

Early #TBT

16 May, 2018

Accounts Director Wei Gao (center) celebrates 10 years with That’s Nice, looking as fresh-faced as ever in this throwback photo with…can you guess who that is to his right?

Meet me in St. Louis

17 April, 2018

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pearce, takes in the St. Louis sun while shooting for a client. 

Kicking Off Interphex

17 April, 2018

Today marks the first day of Interphex 2018, the premier event for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing. We are noticing slightly fewer CDMOs this year, but, as is to be expected, there is plenty of new equipment on display.

Up Close and Personal

16 April, 2018

Albert Braun points out the Philadelphia Convention Center, ahead of CPhI North America.

Easy Being Green

09 April, 2018

Floral aficionado, Nigel Walker poses in front of a wall of vibrant greenery inside the lobby of  “1 Hotel, South Beach.”

When You Think Equipment...

06 April, 2018

That's Nice had the pleasure of hosting team members from Federal Equipment Company on Friday , welcoming the excuse to partake in a savory New York staple with our out-of-town clients (though rumor has it Cleveland is getting its very own Shake Shack in 2018 - Ohio's first)!

Easter Service

02 April, 2018

That’s Nice Business Logistics Manager Albert Bruan attended Easter Mass at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Verona, NJ on Sunday . The vibrant floral arrangements captured the essence of the day, which brought with it the first real hint of spring—a welcome reprieve from a particularly intense winter (until, that is, we were hit with 6 inches of snow on Monday ).

Aspirational Autos

30 March, 2018

While attending the New York International Auto Show on Thursday, That’s Nice managing director and Lamborghini aficionado, Nigel Walker, came face to face with the Lamborghini Centenario, a commemorative ode to the brand’s founder retailing at a cool $4 million dollars. Maybe next time, Nigel. 

New York Auto Show 2018

30 March, 2018

That’s Nice founding partners Nigel Walker and Mark Allen and attended the New York International Auto Show yesterday as guests of Lamborghini corporate. This time last year, the agency was in full prep mode for our Road to BIO ‘speed-to-market’ campaign, which was sponsored in part by Lamborghini.

DCAT After Hours

23 March, 2018

The party continued into the night at the Xellia Pharmaceuticals post-DCAT dinner party. We’ll avoid naming names, but pictured here are members of the That’s Nice, UPM and BioVectra teams.  

DCAT Hustle

22 March, 2018

As we head toward the latter end of DCAT Week, we are invigorated by the number of companies coming together to discuss future business. Despite the snow, we’re seeing more companies than ever!

Another Snowy DCAT Week

21 March, 2018

It seems rain, snow and slush has become as much a staple of DCAT Week as the opportunity it represents. It’s no surprise, then, that New York’s fourth Nor’easter of the season has fallen right in the middle of DCAT Week 2018.

Congratulations, Misaki

19 March, 2018

Misaki Walker, daughter of That’s Nice Managing Director, Nigel Walker, graduated this weekend from sixth grade at Japanese Weekend School of New York (JWSNY), a Japanese school covering a traditional curriculum. 

Swiss Chocolatiers

15 March, 2018

It’s almost game time in Basel, Switzerland, but before the team makes their big pitch, a bit of a pick-me-up is in order. Pictured here is Strategy Director, Partner and newly appointed Master Chocolatier, Mark Allen.

Welcoming Clients

03 February, 2018

At That’s Nice, our clients and staff are all one big family. UPM Pharmaceuticals’ Mary Lee Schiesz visited the New York office for an early year account review, snapping a quick ‘usie’ with the team before heading back to Bristol, TN.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

01 February, 2018

That's Nice celebrated the birthday of accounts team member Katie Baker with a raspberry frosted cake that was almost too pretty to eat.

H-D Museum

26 January, 2018

Following a client video shoot in Germantown, Wisconsin, Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce and Accounts Director Wei Gao made their way slightly south for some complementary footage from the Harley Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee.

Paddington 3

25 January, 2018

Strategy Director, Mark Allen, ‘blends in’ wearing too much (?) of the company color after losing an accumulator bet on soccer with Scientific Research Manager, TJ Ladage. He should have known better than to bet with a Nice Insight guy.

Video capture in the north

24 January, 2018

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, and Wei Gao, Accounts Director, visit Germantown, Wisconsin to capture video footage for an online 360º facility tour experience. Hope it’s not too cold, boys.

Team Outing

18 January, 2018

In celebration of one of our team member's engagement news, the accounts team at That's Nice made a trip to Outback Steakhouse, which our former suburbanites were particularly delighted to stumble upon here in New York City.

Welcoming Kris Senft

15 January, 2018

That’s Nice is thrilled to welcome pharmaceutical sales and marketing veteran Kristine (Kris) Senft to the team. As Nice Consulting Director and Partner, Kris will be working with clients to utilize Nice Match as a mechanism for growth in global markets. Welcome, Kris!

Nice Promotion – Maurice Spicer

03 January, 2018

Maurice is not only an integral member of the Nice Insight market intelligence team, but also keeps us up and running by helping to maintain the IT infrastructure. In recognition of his hard work, Maurice has been promoted to Research Analyst. Well deserved, Maurice!

Nice Promotion – Chee Choi

03 January, 2018

As Exhibit Designer, Chee is an integral part of our creative design team and is responsible for producing award-winning exhibits for both That’s Nice and our clients. Without Chee, Nice Exhibit would not be what it is today. Thank you for the exceptional work, Chee!

Nice Promotion – Govindra Singh

03 January, 2018

As Market Research Director, Govindra is now responsible for overseeing all research services accounts and managing both internal and external resources to help define, meet and exceed client objectives. Congratulations, Govindra!

Nice Promotion – Eugene Hsiu

03 January, 2018

Congratulations to Eugene on being promoted to Account Executive. In his first year at That’s Nice, Eugene has grown significantly in his role, providing exceptional effort on day-to-day projects and playing an integral role in the Road to BIO campaign in June 2017. We all appreciate Eugene’s hard work and dedication. Well done, Eugene!

Nice Promotion – Guy Tiene

03 January, 2018

As Business Director, Guy’s role has expanded to include identifying synergies across Nice Insight research, Pharma’s Almanac content and That’s Nice marketing and communications to fully support the success of our clients. Congratulations, Guy!

Nice Promotion – Young Tae

03 January, 2018

Congratulations to 13-year That’s Nice veteran Young Tae for being promoted to Creative Director, a newly created position recognizing her tireless efforts and exceptional ability to progressively improve her creative talents. Well done, Young!

Lessons from Misterland

23 December, 2017

An English favorite for the holidays, Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men and Little Miss books are fun for both children and adults. Thanks to our consulting partner, Haig Armaghanian, for providing a bit of nostalgia this holiday season.

Luxury Brand

23 December, 2017

As with any gift, presentation is everything. A big thanks to Sienna Feldman at Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion for helping to provide these beautifully packaged pieces this holiday season.  

Pre-Holiday Hustle

22 December, 2017

Twas the last working day before the holidays and all through the office, not a team member was idle, not even a novice. Even on the Friday before Christmas, That’s Nice is working hard to meet some pre-holiday deadlines. Happy holidays!

Emerging Artist

18 December, 2017

Adama Coulibaly, whose geometric art can be seen around the That’s Nice office, is displaying at his first art show at Onishi Gallery’s Onishi Project from January 18-31, 2018. Join us in supporting Adama as he makes his New York gallery debut!

The Last Jedi

15 December, 2017

That's Nice Star Wars fans are keeping busy at the office and avoiding spoilers on this Friday release day. Judging by his Halloween costume, we'd say our Jedi Master of Strategy, Mark Allen, is ready to hit the theater with Rey by his side.

That’s Nice in Colombia

07 December, 2017

After a quick 24 hours in Colombia to check out a new client’s facility, Nigel reports, “there’s lots of marketing to be done” as the company prepares for a new pharma facility set to open in 2018.

Getting Drug Pricing 'Right'

30 November, 2017

Haig Barrett CEO and That's Nice consulting partner Haig Barrett is featured on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Manufacturing Chemist. Check out his article on drug pricing strategies here. Congratulations, Haig!

Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch

22 November, 2017

That's Nice team members warmed up their stomachs for the Thanksgiving holiday with a small pizza feast from New York's famous Grimaldi's Coal Brick Oven Pizza.

End-to-End Support

21 November, 2017

Events like AAPS provide an opportunity to reflect on the value of an agency partnership with That's Nice, as a comprehensive exhibit strategy is a paradigm for the full scope of our integrated offering. Pictured here is the combined UPM and That's Nice team during a post-AAPS strategy meeting, most likely to discuss, “What’s next?”

AAPS Photoshoot

14 November, 2017

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, shoots the show floor of AAPS. 

England v. Germany

10 November, 2017

It's England versus Germany, with Mark Allen and TJ Ladage showing their team colors!

Early Inspiration

07 November, 2017

Artistry runs in the Walker family. Nigel's grandfather, Frank Walker  ( 1909-1976)  of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, UK,  created this oil painting  1948. 

Art Gallery Visit

06 November, 2017

Design Directors, Erin Carney and Young Tae, visited the  Yayoi Kusama "Festival of Life" exhibition on view at the David Zwirner gallery over the weekend. To enter the gallery, they had to wear booties like in visits to the clean room facility — luckily both have done this many times before on client photoshoots!

The Robin Hood Duo

01 November, 2017

Bronxville, NY was protected last night by Nigel's children aka the Robin Hood Duo!

Happy Halloween

31 October, 2017

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! Director of Strategy Mark Allen's daughters are all dressed up and ready for trick or treating!

All Angles

27 October, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, makes sure he photographs a client facility from every angle while working on a shoot. 

Suited Up to Shoot

26 October, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, is dressed the part as he takes photos inside a lab for a That's Nice client. 

Photoshoot in San Francisco

26 October, 2017

The That's Nice Design Director, Director of Digital Capture and Senior Project Manager headed west to San Francisco to work on a client photoshoot. 

In the Studio

11 October, 2017

Wei Gao, Director of Accounts, and Mark Allen, Director of Strategy, headed to the studio to record the voiceover for the Road to BIO story, which will be released in full on the

Nigel's Garden

09 October, 2017

Fall is officially here, and Nigel's garden is ready for the season. These beautiful flowers are blossoming in full October color. 

Congrats, Maria

06 October, 2017

Maria Douaihy, Marketing Writer, is getting married in Hawaii next week. The That's Nice team wished her well with cake and a card. 

12,000 and Counting

02 October, 2017

Have you followed Nigel Walker, our Managing Director, on Linked-IN yet? If not, you should! With 12,000+ contacts, Nigel updates his social media content bi-weekly and there's always something new.

Captain Kirk

29 September, 2017

Mark Allen, Director of Strategy, gifted Wei Gao, Accounts Director, this amazingly realistic Captain Kirk. That's Nice is boldly going where no one has gone before!

Guess the Bridge

18 September, 2017

Do you know which bridge this is? Need a hint...? It was recently painted. The construction gem was spotted by Managing Director, Nigel Walker over the weekend.


14 September, 2017

The That's Nice staff gathers in the conference room waiting for clients to arrive.

Nice House

12 September, 2017

Congratulations to Nigel, who moved into his new family house just yesterday. Needless to say, there was lots of unpackaging and painting to be done in the new digs.

Research Lunch

30 August, 2017

The Research team went out to lunch to celebrate a successful quarter, as well as Market Research Manager, TJ Ladage's birthday.

Hello, Haig!

25 August, 2017

Haig Armaghanian,  Founder and CEO of Haig Barrett, paid a visit to the That's Nice Headquarters in NYC, on his way to LA from London. 

Happy First Birthday, Demba!

17 August, 2017

The That's Nice staff poses with baby Demba on his first birthday. 

Stress Relief

14 August, 2017

The Accounts Dept. took the weekend to relieve some stress at the shooting range! Kimberly Anderson, Mimi Chen and Albert Braun are pictured from left. 

Teen Lambo Dreams

10 August, 2017

Nigel's Road to BIO journey didn't just happen overnight. Learn about what got him to go on the road in a Lamborghini Aventador on by following the link here.

Nice Sand

10 August, 2017

Can you see what's written in the sand? Nigel Walker has Nice on the brain while away for the summer holiday. 

Suited Up

09 August, 2017

Wei Gao, Accounts Director, and Mark Allen, Director of Strategy, are giving a presentation on inbound marketing today, in New Jersey. 

Think Outside of the Shell

09 August, 2017

This little critter, captured in Bora Bora, is a reminder to always think outside the box – or shell! 

Strategy Lessons

08 August, 2017

Strategy can be applied anywhere! No matter what the scenario, an understanding of both the technology around you and the habits of your competitors is a winning combination. That being said. Nigel has proudly beat his own top score in "Clash of Clans" after three years of trying – proof that all you need is a great strategy.

Bora Bora Vacation

08 August, 2017

Nigel Walker is pictured in Bora Bora, the picturesque island in French Polynesia. 

Happy Birthday, Jedi Master Mark

07 August, 2017

Mark Allen, Strategy Director, celebrated his birthday with a surprise by Princess Leia, Darth Vader and the office stormtroopers.

Kick Back and Relax

07 August, 2017

Nigel Walker arrived in Bora Bora, ready for the sunset and to recharge his batteries before a big push starting in September.

Sunset in Milano, Italy

27 July, 2017

Nigel Walker captured this stunning sunset at the airport in Milan, as the last moments of the day's light shine through the jet stream. 

Where it's At

26 July, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, is spending time in Paris, which as he says, is where it's at for business.


25 July, 2017

Nigel Walker is currently visiting customers in Lyon, France with Graham Combe, Relationship Director.

Checkers and Lunch

20 July, 2017

Guy Tiene, Strategic Content Director, and Wei Gao, Accounts Director enjoy a friendly game while in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Happy Monday!

17 July, 2017

Flowers for everyone, courtesy of Nigel!

Happy Birthday

17 July, 2017

Nigel Walker received this special gift from the owner of Lamborghini in honor of his birthday.

Nice Roses

14 July, 2017

Happy Birthday to our very own Nigel Walker! The That's Nice / Nice Insight Managing Director turns 46 years young today!

Dinner with the Queen

13 July, 2017

Nigel Walker poses with Queen Elizabeth II before a business dinner. 

Visiting Nova Scotia on Business

13 July, 2017

Managing Director Nigel Walker is all smiles, despite a l ong work day and  10-hour flight delay. 

The South of France

10 July, 2017

Nigel Walker spent the day in a beautiful area of Southern France, while visiting Sartorius Stedim in Aubagne on a business trip last week. 

Hello, Nice!

07 July, 2017

While  in the South of France, Nigel Walker came across a company called Nice--it's just like home!

Away on Business

03 July, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, is overseas in France to meet new customers.

Happy Birthday, Maurice

29 June, 2017

Market Research Analyst Maurice Spicer celebrated his birthday in the office this week, with the That's Nice staff wishing him well. 

That's Nice in the Press

23 June, 2017

Nigel Walker, Founder & Managing Director for That's Nice, was interviewed during yesterday's BIO International Convention by San Diego's KSDY50. 


21 June, 2017

That’s Nice Founder & Managing Director Nigel Walker is always representing the company’s campaign colors, and BIO 2017 is no exception. 


19 June, 2017

We made it! The That's Nice staff traveling on the Road to BIO have reached their final destination – BIO International in San Diego, California. You can see us – and our trusted Lambo at the convention center at Booth 1019. See you there! 

Camera Time

19 June, 2017

Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, poses among dinosaurs on the Road to BIO!

El Paso Souvenir

19 June, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker, poses in front of some ornate leather belts while on a stopover in El Paso. 

Off to the Races

15 June, 2017

The TN team enjoys a morning swim race, with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce taking the lead. Next stop on the Road to BIO? Houston, Texas here we come!

Southern Heat

13 June, 2017

The thermometer is surging in Alabama, where the That's Nice staff are experiencing 100-degree temperatures!

Pierce & Pierce

13 June, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, poses next to a Pierce Four, circa 1910 at the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum in Alabama.

Top of the RV

13 June, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, poses on top of the RV on this sunny day in Alabama.

Bound for Chucktown

12 June, 2017

The Road to BIO kicks off its tour of the Deep South in the port city of Charleston, South Carolina, widely known as one of America's most hospitable cities. Pictured here are Albert Bruan, That's Nice Business Logistics Manager, and Brian Pierce, That's Nice Director of Digital Capture

Rounding out Week One

09 June, 2017

The Road to BIO team is in full force as they make their way through the Northeast Corridor on their journey toward BIO 2017 in San Diego. Join us at

They're Off!

07 June, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, and Eugene Hsiu, Project Coordinator, took off from our Headquarters on 5th Ave to the first leg of the Road to BIO, in Boston. We are so excited for our journey to finally get underway!

Good Luck, Laetitia

02 June, 2017

Today is Design Director Laetitia Eaton's last day in the office, after years of work on the team. She will be missed by all. We wish her the best of luck!

That's Nice Salutes Fleet Week New York

30 May, 2017

That's Nice Business Logistics Manager and U.S. Navy veteran, Albert Bruan, ran alongside visiting Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen during the "Freedom Run," one of the events during Fleet Week New York 2017.

Smile, Brian!

24 May, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture reviews his shot of a lab facility. 

Client Photoshoot

24 May, 2017

Wei Gao, Director of Client Services and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, are on location at a client photoshoot this week. Take a look inside the lab, courtesy of Brian and Wei.

Flat Tire on the Road to… CPhI NA

18 May, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, and RJ Palermo, Director of Client Services, managed the unfortunate incident, which happened less than 100 miles from our NYC headquarters. This does not bode well for our upcoming 4,000+ mile journey to BIO 2017.  How many times do you think we’ll have to pull out the jack? Take the Road to BIO Challenge to render a guess.

Haig Barrett at CPhI North America

17 May, 2017

Look who we found at CPhI NA - the Haig Barrett team! Pictured here are Haig Armaghanian, CEO and Nice Consulting Partner; Beth Harris, Senior Account Director; and Josh Dunn, Strategy and Execution Lead. 

UPM & The That's Nice Team

17 May, 2017

Greetings from CPhI NA in Philly! Mimi Chen, Yiyi Liu, and Wei Gao from the That's Nice accounts team are pictured here with  Mary Lee Schiesz , Manager of Marketing for UPM. 

That's Nice at CPhI NA & Informex

16 May, 2017

Nigel Walker, Founder & Managing Director of That's Nice, kicks off a productive week at CPhI North America and Informex in Philadelphia. The event, which runs from May 16th - 18th, connects buyers and sellers across the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Juventus vs Atlético Madrid

10 May, 2017

The That's Nice staff loves soccer, or football, depending on who you ask. The entire office tuned into the  Juventus vs Atlético Madrid game, and watched  Atlético Madrid win by just one point!

Weigh In Day

09 May, 2017

Today kicks off our office weight loss competition - just in time for summer! We're seeing several different strategies emerge, including the pre-day carb load-up, the break room treat sabotage, and the all-in hangry abstainer. The competition runs through June 6th - wish us luck!

New Look

03 May, 2017

We’ve made some updates to the That’s Nice website, including a new home page with a video header showing footage of a typical day around our New York headquarters, as well as a few recent industry events. Take look around to see what else is new!

Hubspot Partner Day

01 May, 2017

Aaron Mazze, Digital Director and Partner, captures the entire executive Hubspot team while attending Hubspot Partner Day. Co-Founder and CEO Brian Halligan is pictured in the front row with Parter, CTO and Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah on the far right.

Inbound Innovation

27 April, 2017

Aaron Mazze, That's Nice Digital Director and Partner, is in Boston this week at HubSpot Partner Day 2017. The event is an exclusive opportunity for partners of the inbound marketing and sales platform to discuss the latest trends impacting the digital world.  

The Partners

24 April, 2017

The That's Nice partners gathered together for a meeting at the company headquarters in New York. Many team members have been working together for close to ten years or more. 

That's Nice in Beijing, China

21 April, 2017

Nigel and Brian aren't the only staff members from That's Nice to take a trip around the world. Eugene Hsiu, Project Manager, is pictured on a trip to Beijing. 

View of the Pyramids

20 April, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker and Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce were able to view the magnificent Egyptian pyramids while on a tour around the world, led by client site visits. 

Journey Into Night

18 April, 2017

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are just as spell-binding at night, as captured by Managing Director, Nigel Walker. 

Off to Egypt

17 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce reach Cairo, Egypt!

Morocco Selfie

14 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce stop for a selfie that truly captures their excitement, while away on business in Morocco. 

Another Look at the Casablanca Mosque

13 April, 2017

Here is another look at the Casablanca Mosque. Director of Digital Capture Brian Pierce and Managing Director Nigel Walker made a point to stop at the landmark as they continue their business trip to Morocco.  

World Tour

12 April, 2017

Nigel Walker is continuing his travels visiting clients, journeying from Moscow to Morocco. He is pictured here in Casablanca, Morocco, in front of the newly erected Casablanca Mosque, the third largest in the world.

Inspirational Colors

11 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director takes a last look at the Red Square, Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia--especially because the color is so "That's Nice."

A Visit to Red Square

10 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director poses in front of Moscow's Red Square while on a client trip.

Another Look at The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

07 April, 2017

The orchestra plays at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. That's Nice staff made time to take in the show while on a client visit. 

Inside The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

06 April, 2017

Nigel Walker and Brian Pierce enjoyed a delightful performance at the theatre.

The Bolshoi Theatre

06 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, visit The Bolshoi Theatre with a client on a night out in Moscow. 

Traveling to Turkey

04 April, 2017

Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture and Managing Director Nigel Walker are jet setting to Turkey for a client visit. 

The Kremlin, Moscow

04 April, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director is pictured on a business trip to Moscow, where he is taking in the culture of the brilliant city.

Fortress Inside a City

03 April, 2017

Managing Director, Nigel Walker, along with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, took a quick sightseeing break after visiting clients in Moscow, Russia. Nigel is pictured here at the historic Kremlin, which translates to “fortress inside a city.”

Interphex Highlights

30 March, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, is pictured in front of one of the most popular booths at Interphex, "Alcami igloo" which was a showstopper!

Let's Get Cooking

24 March, 2017

After a highly successful week at both Interphex and DCAT, RJ Palermo and Eugene Hsiu are in the That's Nice kitchen preparing a treat for the staff. 

We’re ready for our close-ups!

24 March, 2017

With everyone in town for Interphex and DCAT Week, we are conducting a video shoot of the That’s Nice team in our New York City headquarters.

Pharma's Almanac TV

22 March, 2017

Director of Strategy, Mark Allen, along with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, prepare for their next interview in the That’s Nice signature Tesla. Come see us and our Tesla at Interphex, Booth 3765.

Interphex, Day 2

22 March, 2017

Maurice and Annie from the Research Department talk to customers at our Booth 3765.

Happy Birthday Wei!

16 March, 2017

Wei Gao, Accounts Director is turning 40! The office celebrated this occasion with red velvet cake.

That's Nice at SOT

16 March, 2017

Pictured at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting 2017, Michelle Hernandez, the Director of Business Intelligence and Competitive Research, poses in front of a presentation. 

Beautiful Lisbon

15 March, 2017

Greetings from Lisboa! Nigel Walker, Managing Director and Mark Allen, Director of Strategy have completed their client visit in this amazing city. 

Visiting Clients

13 March, 2017

The journey continues! Mark Allen, Director of Strategy, is pictured on a client visit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Journey to Lisbon

10 March, 2017

Managing Director Nigel Walker and Strategy Director, Mark Allen are visiting clients in the historic city of Lisboa!

Where Were You In '92?

08 March, 2017

Nigel Walker, Managing Director, is pictured here in this throwback from 1992, the year he first arrived in the US. He has been meaning to go on a trip across the country ever since!

Road Trip Inspiration

06 March, 2017

We are sensing a theme here! Nigel Walker, Managing Director, is pictured in 1972 in his first ever orange transportation. The dream began here and will continue on, as Nigel takes his new and improved orange ride (the Lamborghini) across the country this summer!

Test Drive

02 March, 2017

Wei Gao, Accounts Director, checks out our signature Lamborghini, ready to take it for a spin right outside our office!

On-Site with Guy and Brian

28 February, 2017

Guy Tiene, Director of Strategic Content, and Brian Pierce, Director of Digital Capture, recently traveled on-site to a facility, using drones to capture amazing overhead shots. The team is pictured here, with the drone front and center!

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