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Nice Insight

That’s Nice offers dedicated market research in seven different segments of the pharmaceutical industry, providing data and analysis from proprietary annual surveys, custom primary qualitative and quantitative research, extensive secondary research. Research services are available to provide your organization with current and historical customer ratings of key suppliers and their capabilities, and FTE/PTE research staff model with access to big data sources, and custom research based on specific needs.

Nice Insight annual studies featuring deep dive customer awareness and customer perception ratings covering a total of 848 service providers across our seven categories. For service providers, our benchmarking can provide insights to inform your strategy and optimize your marketing and presence, based on data and feedback from your prospect base. For buyers of contract services, Nice Insight is a valuable resource in your quest to scan for suitable providers and conduct due diligence.

Michelle Hernandez, PhD

Director of Business Intelligence
& Competitive Research
+1 212 366 4455

Market Intelligence (FTE / PTE)

The Market Intelligence team at Nice Insight acts like a full or part-time extension of your own team to research and track global drug pipelines, existing and developing drug progress, FDA and EMA drug approvals as well as your competitive landscape for specific manufacturing services via leading databases and, other research and data sources.

Library Access

Nice Insight uses a range of big data and specialty resources for tracking drug development, clinical trials, sales trends, revenues, and global markets. You can make our research your own resource with “library access” to our team for your specific data and market research inquiries on a temporary or ad hoc basis.