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In a hidden hollow on the side of a New Hampshire mountain, Shawn built himself a respite from the bustle of his professional life – a place where he could clear the cobwebs of his mind, aware only of what exists in the forest-laden landscape that surrounds him. Nothing is taken for granted in the raw solitude of the wilderness, and Shawn intends to keep it that way.

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In this film shot in France, a career scientist from a pharma innovator narrates his passion for restoring and flying a WWII-era plane. It is the freedom of flight, as a contrast to so much in modern life, which fuels this passion.

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This story appears to center on realization of an exotic car dream, but it actually focuses on having belief in your own convictions and breaking down society’s barriers. Meet the exotic commuter at BPI International in Boston.

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The Road to BIO was a cross-country road trip involving seven guys, an RV and a Lamborghini SV. Starting in the biotech hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the team traveled to the BIO International Convention in San Diego, California, overcoming various obstacles along the way.

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Nigel, Wei, Brian, Steve, Albert, Govindra, and Eugene embarked (some more willingly than others) on a 12-day road trip to drive cross country while visiting sights and meeting with big pharma companies, with the ultimate goal of making it to BIO. They each came on for different reasons, but they all ended with one big takeaway: we may be motivated by different forces – within and outside of ourselves – but at the end of the day we go on the journey together, and that’s what bonds us all.

Meet the Team


Nigel travels to between 20 and 30 countries every year seeking out pharmaceutical industry leaders. And while the individuals he meets are clearly inspired to help people live better, what continuously strikes him are the passions that transcend their professional lives. As creator of Nice Passion, Nigel provides a vehicle to share these stories with others, ensuring each piece reveals what’s possible when passion and energy come together.


Brian has travelled to many global destinations developing a passion for discovering what defines us as people. As the cinematographer and director for Nice Passion, he is responsible for capturing and conveying the power of a moment. Nothing, he says, is as gratifying as exploring and uncovering the stories of others.


Lucas is an established photographer who finds inspiration in discovering, capturing and conveying the unique passions of people around the world. As a videographer for Nice Passion, Lucas is responsible for ensuring we capture the story from each and every angle.

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