• Nice Match

Nice Match

Connecting Buyers & Suppliers

Nice Match is an invitation-only service connecting innovator and generics companies (Buyers) with qualified contract service providers (Suppliers) that have the specific equipment, expertise and capacity to meet the needs of a Buyer’s project.

Guy Tiene

Business Director, Partner
+1 212 366 4455

Why Nice Match?

As pharmaceutical outsourcing continues to evolve amid varying cost pressures, a fluctuating regulatory landscape and increasing demand for innovative therapies, it can be challenging for Buyers to find CDMO partners with the specific capabilities to meet their project needs—and equally, for CDMO Suppliers to match their capacity with Buyer demand.

Recognizing this challenge, Nice Match was established as a targeted service platform to bridge the gap between pharmaceutical supply and demand, with a goal of facilitating productive manufacturing partnerships that bring much needed drugs to market. Nice Match draws on 23 years of life science experience, a vast community of pharmaceutical professionals and Nice Insight market intelligence, which covers data from more than 350 global CDMOs.

For BUYERS of Contract Services

+ Find relevant outsourcing partners
+ Fast, efficient process
+ Personalized support
+ No obligation or risk

For SUPPLIERS of Contract Services

+ Ensure the right fit
+ Fast, efficient process
+ Extension of your existing BD team
+ No obligation until a successful match is made