Strategy Services

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We listen to our client’s situation and the specific objectives or challenges involved. Then we define a blend of qualitative and quantitative research that will inform the process. Analysis of our research and other data by our strategic team supports development of brand and positioning recommendations that deliver results. Even when working on tactical marketing, we remain focused on consistency in the strategy behind it.



Strategy Director, Partner
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Competitor Analysis

You need to be continuously aware of your competitive environment because savvy competitors will inevitably be doing everything they can to grow their market share.

  • Your perception of competitors may not be accurate
  • We break down their brand attributes and market perception
  • This informs your strategy but you shouldn’t be fixated on a competitor

Qualitative Interviewing

Qualitative interviewing is part of our research process to inform strategy. We interview internal staff and external KOLs or customers to get an accurate picture of your business.


  • Internal: C-suite, scientific team, sales, marketing, operations
  • External: customers, consultants, or buyers of services you offer
  • Merged with quantitative survey research for strategic analysis

Research Analysis

We take quantitative data generated by our research department and qualitative data from internal and external interviews and turn it into actionable strategy for your brand. 

  • Correlating internal perspective with external perceptions
  • Identification of problems and opportunities
  • Recommended actions / translation to brand concept

The Big Idea

Analysis of research results in the big idea, which might be new positioning, new brand creative, a new messaging platform, a different direction, or any combination thereof.

  • New market-appropriate brand look
  • Structured messaging targeting market needs
  • Differentiated positioning for your brand

Messaging Platform

This outlines the hierarchy of language that will be used consistently in marketing to build equity in a brand. It is rationalized against research findings, competitor messaging, and voiced market needs.

  • Positioning statement / boilerplate
  • Consistent top line message that resonates
  • Messaging pillars marrying market needs and brand strengths

Site Assessments

We bring perspective from thousands of site visits and share best practices on creating a winning impression and optimizing your customer experience.

  • Best practices in presentation / facility tours
  • First impressions win business
  • Using your facility as part of the brand