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Consumer Pull-Through Croda Health Care

48 Second Animation

Croda Healthcare supplies a wide variety of natural-based ingredient products to manufacturers serving nutritional, pharmaceutical, dermatological, and animal health markets worldwide.

Brian Pierce

Director of Digital Capture

+1 510 882 9906

CGI Animation / 48 Seconds / 2010


The concept was to create an icon for the PureMax™ brand that would communicate the importance of including omega-3 fish oils as part of a healthy diet. A puffin character was chosen for its distinctiveness and because the bird’s diet contains fish - and fish is harvested for omega-3 oils. A storyline was written in which “Percy Puffin” explains the benefits of PureMax™ omega-3 fish oil to a family with young children.
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“The impact of the Percy Puffin animations reached well beyond our expectations. We decided to expand our campaign and produce the videos in additional languages.” — Director of Marketing, Croda Healthcare

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  • Nice Short - Croda
  • Nice Short - Croda