Maximizing Exhibit Presence

    SPI Pharma

    Content Strategy in Design

    SPI Pharma provides formulation innovation and support to more than 55 countries. Its products include antacid actives, excipients, taste-masking and fast-dissolve technologies, drug delivery systems for tablets, and a variety of other innovations for patient-friendly dosage forms. Because SPI Pharma has such an extensive offering, the company needed a smart exhibit design that could feature a large amount of content while maintaining an orderly aesthetic.

    Yiyi Liu

    Events Director
    +1 212 366 4455

    19’ x 50’ / Mid-Range Custom


    Three semi-private meeting rooms, two large size storage capacities, four hourglass displays, hanging sign, DNA LED lights, bar table, four custom meeting tables with chairs, carpet with padding


    Laminated chipboard, glass, wood, fabric, foam board, aluminum, vinyl, plastic

    Electronics / Marketing

    Two 42-inch flat screen TVs, two custom literature walls

    The booth design included several graphic panels, two meeting rooms and two custom literature walls to accommodate the large amount of content needed to convey SPI Pharma’s expansive offering.

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