New Campaign Launch

    Merge eClinicalOS

    DIA Annual Meeting 2015

    eClinicalOS, a subsidiary of Merge Healthcare, is a clinical trials management software that enables customers to capture, manage, and analyze clinical study data with more control, convenience and confidence. As part of a new campaign promoting better recognition and recall of the eClinicalOS brand, a new tagline was developed along with an illustrated character named eCOS. The new campaign was brought to life through an interactive custom exhibit where visitors could test drive the new eClinicalOS software. The exhibit also featured a photo booth, a large infographic, and a projected video highlighting the company’s service offering.

    Yiyi Liu

    Events Director
    +1 212 366 4455
    CMC Biologics

    30’ x 30’ Rental / Custom


    1 reception counter, 5 demo stations, 1 semi-private meeting room, 1 – 6’ tall fiber glass character statue, 1 hanging sign, 2 toy stands, 1 large storage room


    Sintra and aluminum construction, double cushion carpet, disguised joints, LED lights, acrylic, fabric

    Electronics / Marketing

    1 – 60” flat screen display, 2 – 40” flat screen display,
    3 mac mini, 1 rear projector, 4 iPads

    Merge was acquired by IBM Watson in 2016, and eClinicalOS has since been rebranded as IBM Clinical Development from Watson Health™.