Establishing Digital Presence

    Servier CDMO

    Marketing Global Capacity

    Servier is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company, with 21,400 employees in 146 countries. Across 60 years of experience, the business grew to 11 sites worldwide and has commercialized more than 50 molecules. In 2016, Servier decided to engage other pharmaceutical manufacturers and innovators and offer them expansion or outsourcing opportunities through access to capacity at its 11 sites in the form of an embedded CDMO business.

    Young Tae

    Creative Director, Partner
    +1 212 366 4455

    Bringing the Brand to Life

    As part of a campaign to create awareness around Servier’s newly established contract manufacturing and development business, Servier CDMO engaged That’s Nice to develop a website that conveyed the company’s capabilities in drug development and manufacturing, while functioning as a viable lead generation tool. After a review of Servier’s current design templates, a series of mood boards showing design direction were presented for approval before embarking on the final template design.

    Web Design & Content Development

    That’s Nice wrote, designed, and programmed a website that is fully compatible across all platforms and can be easily managed from the back end.



    + Discovery
    + Mood Board
    + Site Map
    + Design Templates
    + Multi-Platform Compatibility


    After determining the scope, technology and programming language for the new site, we developed the architecture as an evolution from the existing site map.

    Web Programming

    Once the design and content were finalized, the site was built and coded to the approved specs. It was important that the site have a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allowed Servier CDMO to update its dynamic content library of thought leadership articles, blogs and news using internal resources.


    + Site Build-Out
    + CMS Programming
    + Testing
    + Launch
    + Preliminary Support and Maintenance

    HubSpot Inbound Marketing Automation

    With HubSpot’s automation software, Servier CDMO can track visitor behavior to gain a measure of intent, which allows for more accurately targeted response, and the development of targeted campaigns. Prospects can be scored, based on their activities, and then nurtured within drip campaigns and through social channels.


    + Hosted web forms
    + Landing pages
    + Analytics
    + SEO
    + Email Platform
    + Tracking Codes
    + CRM Integration