Creating Value for Customers

Pharma's Almanac

Redefining Content Marketing

Established in 2015, Pharma’s Almanac is a thought leadership content community comprising print, online, and digital channels. is a platform for collaboration and the exchange of industry data, opinion, technical information and ideas. Identifying that there was no real center point for pharma industry publishers, we worked to develop a true, multi-channel thought leadership platform that provides a customer experience different from any other magazine or content platform.

Wei Gao

Accounts Director, Partner
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Inbound Marketing

The goal of inbound marketing is to draw visitors to your site through relevant, search engine optimized content, and to eventually convert those visitors into viable leads. To accomplish this for our Pharma’s Almanac community, we utilized the inbound marketing platform Hubspot, which provides tracking of visitor behavior and allows us to provide an experience that is unique to each visitor based on analytics gained from prior engagement with the site. We are then able to pass the information we gain back to our sponsors within the Pharma’s Almanac community to use as a lead generation tool.

Using a gated approach, content can be personalized to each visitor based on prior engagement with the site.

Content & Design

+ Dynamic, Editable Content
+ Modular, Responsive Design
+ Streaming Video Content
+ Newsletters
+ PDF Downloads
+ Blog / News

Marketing Automation

+ HubSpot Platform
+ Inbound Marketing
+ Gated Members Only Content
+ Analytic Reports
+ Surveys

User Experience

Pharma’s Almanac is transforming the overall user experience when it comes to thought leadership around the pharma industry. When publishing on Pharma’s Almanac, contributors have the ability to share their content through a downloadable PDF, whereas other publishing platforms may assume ownership of the content published on their site. Pharma’s Almanac is fully accessible and scalable, and is compatible across all platforms.

Customer Value

Content published through the Pharma’s Almanac community is shared through a twice weekly newsletter that is distributed by email to nearly 68,000 contacts across the pharma industry. Since the launch of the website in October 2016, an average of 50 articles have been published per quarter, with combined print and digital distribution of the publication to over 100,000 individuals across the pharma community.