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Glittering Insights

Thats Nice - From Chrome to Glitter

Evolving from our successful 20-year anniversary chrome campaign, Glittering insights focused on our position as a market leader in the life science industry. The campaign used glittering pop art graphics to showcase our insight and experience within the industry, while having a little fun with the theme.

Nigel Walker

Managing Director
+1 212 366 4455
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Insight from inside the industry

Our business is based on delivering market leading research, strategies, and creative design services to the life sciences industry. Our 20-plus years as a science agency has given us a unique industry insight to what our customers need. We optimize this knowledge to assist our customers with their strategic goals.

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The campaign highlights our insight, reflected as reporting on industry trends. This is the basis for our clients making informed decisions on marketing strategy. Our characters are depicted gathering information for our clients on our core offerings of research, analysis, strategy and building creative campaigns. This knowledge is then translated into marketing tactics, thought leadership and strategy objectives. We are leveraging our 20 years in the industry and accumulated scientific and industrial knowledge to provide the best service to our clients. The glitter and the pop art are the visual connector of the campaign with the insight focused on trends and data.

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Reporting from inside the industry

The Glittering insights campaign has been implemented across a wide range of marketing platforms. Trade shows booths, advertising, promotional giveaways, web content, literature, packaging, and direct mail all got the message out there. ‘Reporting from inside the industry’ reaches out to our clients in a novel and fun way.


Glitter at AAPS 2017

That’s Nice was out in force at AAPS in Denver, Colorado. Our custom booth reflected our glittering insights campaign using the pop art graphics and unique style. The centerpiece of the booth was our bright yellow Lamborghini, which we used to conduct video interviews with industry leaders while seated in the car. We gathered their insight into the industry and discussed trends for use in our on-line publication, Pharmas Almanac. The booth proved a popular attraction, using paper materials for flowers and a garden setting. Uniquely among trade shows, our booth did not contain the name of our company. The reason for this was to demonstrate that a strong brand can stand on its on its own, if it is based on solid research and strategy, with a strong creative direction.