Introducing Servier CDMO

Six Decades Of Expertise

Servier is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company, with 21,400 employees in 146 countries. Across 60 years of experience, the business grew to 11 sites worldwide and has commercialized more than 50 molecules. In 2016, Servier decided to engage other pharmaceutical manufacturers and innovators and offer them expansion or outsourcing opportunities through access to capacity at its 11 sites in the form of an embedded CDMO business.

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Our objective was to make the market aware of opportunities available through Servier’s global network of 11 facilities

Showcasing The Opportunity

In launching a CDMO business, our objective was to make the market aware of development and manufacturing opportunities available at Servier’s global network of 11 facilities. In terms of building positioning, we used an internal qualitative research process to define the company’s inner perceptions of strengths and differentiation, and considered these alongside external research and our market knowledge of CDMO buyers’ wants and needs.

Embedded Qualities

The development of a messaging platform was influenced by the reasons companies would typically be attracted to embedded CDMO services with a company like Servier. These include more than 60 years of know-how, a large pharma quality culture and track record, and customer empathy and understanding stemming from Servier’s own innovator experience of developing and commercializing 50 compounds.

Aligned With Customer Needs

Contract manufacturing is a business of trust, based on belief in the scientific and project management team handling your product. Servier’s position as a pharmaceutical manufacturer offers the confidence that it has ‘been there before’ in most cases, and represents a secure partner to trust with your compound. The tagline derived for Servier CDMO was “Embedded Protection For Your Molecule.”

Promoting Corporate Assets

An embedded CDMO appeals to outsourcers seeking all of the knowledge, experience, resources and strengths associated with a large pharma company. The visual sub-brand was developed to sit seamlessly under the corporate brand, but with B2B-focused imagery and messaging highlighting the advantages to other manufacturers and innovators. We embarked on an asset capture project to document the compelling qualities of the 11 global facilities.