Listening To Clients

CMC Biologics

Largest Independent

CMC Biologics was the largest independent global CDMO dedicated to the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. It has two facilities in the USA and one in Denmark, offering process development and cGMP manufacturing at clinical and commercial scale. Over 15 years, CMC Biologics successfully manufactured over 120 biologics for preclinical studies through commercial approvals.

Some buyers go with big name CDMOs based on reputation and with self preservation in mind

Research Key

That’s Nice conducted quantitative and qualitative market research as part of the scope of work for CMC Biologics. One of the themes that came up in analysis and that we’d also witnessed elsewhere was reports of dissatisfaction with large CDMOs for lack of flexibility and experiences of them not treating their clients well. This inspired the strategic work for CMC Biologics, where we looked at ways to feed into this market need and differentiate the brand. We also wanted to promote its approach to bringing innovative technology online.

Top Down Strategy

CMC Biologics had always positioned itself in terms of delivery. It had used the tagline, “Right. On Time.” and wanted to retain this, which we identified would work with the strategy we derived. A strength of CMC Biologics that came out of qualitative research was the ability to elevate issues and concerns all the way to the CEO – and be heard. So we decided to use this theme in a messaging platform. Flexibility and listening to customers is believable if it genuinely emminates from the senior leadership. We complemented this with a visual brand featuring portrait photography of real CMC Biologics people.

Appealing Acquisition

CMC Biologics grew to be one of the highest valued independent CDMOs globally, and in January 2017, 100% of CMC Biologics shares were acquired from its various shareholders by AGC Asahi Glass. It was announced that the company would continue to operate as a distinct brand but had become a central part of AGC’s pharmaceutical services business.