Unrivaled Experience

    Avara Pharmaceuticals

    Rapid Growth From Establishment

    Avara Pharmaceutical Services was established as a new CDMO by a team of industry veterans that had looked at aspects of the market and felt they could build a contract manufacturer that would deliver an exceptional outsourcing experience. The philosophy was based on best practices, integrity, and ultimately delivering on all commitments – on time, to-spec service at a fair price. A significant business was established quickly with four facility acquisitions in approximately 12 months. A further three acquisitions are in process in 2017, taking the global portfolio to seven, and adding liquid sterile fill-finish and consumer health products to Avara’s diverse offering.

    The challenge with a completely new entity is that market recognition is needed quickly

    What’s In A Name?

    The challenge with a completely new entity or a name change is that recognition in the marketplace needs to build quickly. The company’s business development team is usually simultaneously trying to achieve some quick gains and they ironically do so with the uphill battle of name recognition. Avara faced this challenge, so we looked to the ways we could tackle it.

    Pillars Of Differentiation

    Avara has two things that make it stand out. Its leadership team features industry veterans that are well known in the market. So if you don’t have recognition in the name, you can leverage the reputation of the individuals associated with the business – particularly if they are high profile. This works well through thought leadership content, presentations and posters, where the leadership’s presence can quickly promote equity in the new entity. Avara also initially acquired four world-class facilities from large pharma companies, which was also incorporated into the messaging pillars – as audience members often recognize or remember good facilities they’re aware of, and they equally respect renowned pharma names, so a new entity effectively uses existing brand equity to build its own.

    Branded Integrity

    Our market research consistently shows that companies seeking CDMO service are looking for providers they can trust, and the foundation for this is in traditional benchmarks like quality, reliability and regulatory track record, but also flexibility, transparent communications, and fair pricing. Driven by a research process, we worked with Avara to build a messaging platform that was based on its delivery of all these attributes, supported by its leadership profile and caliber of facilities. We also developed a visual brand to complement this positioning, featuring images of experienced personalities, classical typography, and a rich, deep color palette.

    Asset Capture

    Another opportunity for Avara was the ability to highlight the benefits inherent in each of its world-class facilities. In fact, this is a challenge for many established CDMOs, not only because of acquisitions and expansions, but because many facilities are poorly and infrequently documented. We embarked on a process to leverage the qualities of the world-class facilities by capturing photography, video, and drone footage at four locations across Europe and North America. These assets are used and the costs amortized in many different ways to promote the company and support sales growth, and the process is continuing with integration of the breadth and capabilities offered by the three new facility acquisitions.