Promoting Expansion

Ash Stevens

Promoting Scientific Expertise

Ash Stevens is a full service contract manufacturer offering development of drug substance and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, including capabilities for HPAPIs. It has 50 years of history delivering drug substance for clinical trials based on robust cGMP processes. In 2013, it completed a multi-year, multi-million dollar expansion at its Michigan facility to offer API manufacturing at commercial scale. Ash Stevens had a strong track record with highly potent compounds, particularly serving oncology drugs, and had received numerous fast-track NCE approvals for cancer therapies.

When a company makes a significant investment in growth, there is a tendency for market awareness to lag behind

Lag In Market Awareness

When a company makes a significant investment in growth, there is a tendency for market awareness of its capabilities to lag behind, especially when the brand has a strong reputation in its core roots. This was the situation Ash Stevens was facing, highlighted by our market research process. These problems are the most common challenge, but they can also be some of the easiest to address through marketing.

Attracting Awareness

Our research focuses on market awareness and audience perception for the reason that these are the foundations of brand recognition, recall and ultimate equity. The audience needed to recognize that there was an expansion in Ash Stevens’ offering. This awareness component then paves the way to migrate and manage what the audience knows about the business. We needed the audience to associate the Ash Stevens brand with its new large-scale commercial manufacturing capabilities.

Methods Employed

Ash Stevens is a single-site, specialist drug substance CDMO in Michigan, USA, and it inevitably competes with multi-site, integrated CDMOs from the perspective of awareness-driven consideration. It has an excellent track record and a team highly respected for scientific knowledge. To leverage this, our own platforms for thought leadership content and others were utilized to bring exposure to the business. We also sought to attract attention with a new visual identity that was 100% illustrated, bringing the benefit that imagery is unique to Ash Stevens and adaptable in covering precise subject matter. The tagline, focused on company characteristics and the commercial expansion, was “Moving Science to Commercialization.”

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Acquistion by Piramal

In August 2016, Ash Stevens was acquired by Piramal Pharma Solutions. It has become part of the global Piramal asset portfolio, which gives the business broader opportunities than it has ever had before, with Piramal Pharma Solutions being a globally integrated provider in API, Drug Product, and ADC fields.