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Leading Market Intelligence

Nice Insight’s market intelligence offering has been restructured to offer a process that delivers leads directly aligned with your capabilities and strategy. We work with you to define the process up front, then the work our researchers do on an efficient FTE or PTE basis derives contacts that are match to the parameters you set. That means less work on the back end for you too, and stronger rates of conversion.

This is integrated with our thought leadership community accessible through Pharma’s Almanac – our publication platform – offering you further opportunities through more than 180,000 users. The third pillar of our offering is Nice Match, which is a service that connects your available capacity to suitable outsourcers that have projects matching your capabilities.

No other provider or service in the industry offers this caliber of lead generation, a combination engine that delivers unprecedented value. 

Guy Tiene

Business Director, Partner
+1 212 366 4455

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