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The Q1 Business Development Issue Has Launched

13 March, 2019

The  Q1 Business Development Issue of Pharma’s Almanac  is now available in full online.  Our first quarter edition features leading insights from key opinion leaders with findings specific to business development in the industry.

Cover-Ready: PA Q1

07 March, 2019

The Pharma’s Almanac Q1 cover is complete! The full issue will be distributed in time for DCAT Week 2019 in New York City and available at

That’s Nice 2019 Campaign

07 March, 2019

That’s Nice has launched a new ad campaign in the Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac. The theme centers on the notion of “leaving the dark side and stepping into the light.”

Pharma's Almanac Web Launch

21 February, 2019

Our strategic content team has launched the new Pharma's Almanac website, just in time for DCAT Week. Visit us at and be sure to check out Hovione featured in the top spot. 

IRBM in Pharma’s Almanac

15 February, 2019

That’s Nice is pleased to support the partner research organization IRBM with strategic content development and placement in the Q1 (DCAT) edition of Pharma’s Almanac.

Globyz Pharma in PA

08 February, 2019

We are pleased to support Globyz Pharma with strategic content development and placement in the Q1 Edition of Pharma’s Almanac.

CAI Strives for Excellence

24 January, 2019

We are proud to support Commissioning Agents Inc in the upcoming Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Highlighting 21159 Pharma

24 January, 2019

We proudly support Steve King and 21159 Pharma in the upcoming Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Stellar Management at PharmaBioSource

24 January, 2019

Pharma’s Almanac is excited to support and feature PharmaBioSource’s management team in our Q1 issue.

Dalton Still Growing Strong

24 January, 2019

Pharma’s Almanac is proud to support the continued legacy of Dalton Pharma Services in our Q1 issue.

Kevin Bottomley Drives Results

24 January, 2019

We are pleased to support Kevin Bottomley and Results Healthcare in the Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Spotlight on Fareva Management

23 January, 2019

Pharma’s Almanac proudly supports Fareva’s management team in our Q1 issue.

Supporting KBI Biopharma

23 January, 2019

We are proud to continue supporting KBI Biopharma in our Q1 issue of Pharma’s Almanac and beyond.

Novacap Becomes Seqens

23 January, 2019

Pharma’s Almanac is excited to announce Novacap will now be named Seqens, as we share the news in our Q1 issue.

Yourway Transport in PA

22 January, 2019

Our Pharma’s Almanac strategic content team is pleased to support Yourway Transport Biopharma Services with strategic content development and placement in our Q1 DCAT issue.

Castleford Capital in PA

22 January, 2019

We look forward to supporting Jeff and the Castleford Capital team in the Q1 2019 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Olon S.p.A. in PA

22 January, 2019

We are pleased to support Olon S.p.A. with strategic content development and placement in the Q1 2019 'Business Issue' of Pharma's Almanac. 

PA Feature: WuXi Advanced Therapies

22 January, 2019

WuXi Advanced Therapies will be featured in our premiere 2019 issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Foster Delivery Science in PA

22 January, 2019

We are pleased to support Foster Delivery Science with strategic content development and placement in the Q1 2019 edition of Pharma’s Almanac.

Supporting Emergent BioSolutions

21 January, 2019

That’s Nice looks forward to working with Emergent BioSolutions as we move through Q1 2019.

Just In: Pharma's Almanac Q4

25 October, 2018

We just received our shipment of the Q4 “Innovation” issue of Pharma’s Almanac, which will be distributed in print in time for AAPS PharmSci 360 and available soon for download at . Sign up for yours today!

Hot off the Presses

23 October, 2018

The 2019 Pharma's Almanac media kit is here! As we move into our fourth year as a standalone brand, it is especially exciting to look toward the future as we complete our full first year of publishing on our own. To request a copy of our print and digital marketing information kit, please visit

Sneak Peek: Pharma’s Almanac Q4

16 October, 2018

The Q4 2018 ‘Innovation’ issue of Pharma’s Almanac will be launching the last week of October, just in time for AAPS PharmSci 360. Sign up for free today and be the first to know when the issue goes live!

Just Launched: Pharma’s Almanac Q3

12 October, 2018

The Q3 2018 outsourcing issue of Pharma’s Almanac has hit the web. Download the new issue for the answer to pharma’s most burning question: how do you understand more about patient centricity?

Stats Show Biotech is Booming

04 June, 2018

We hit over 100,000 searches in the past seven months on Pharma's Almanac, a goal we are delighted to have reached on the eve of BIO 2018 in Boston. Of these searches, 16 percent were related to biologics.

Talking Shop with Jim Greenwood

04 June, 2018

Jim Greenwood, CEO of BIO International, is pictured here at BIO 2017 being interviewed by Steve Kuehn in the glitter-wrapped chrome Lamborghini Roadster. Jim is a powerhouse and leader in the biotech industry and, as we learned in our interview, has a passion for a 1973 E-Type Jaguar.

Experience Meets Flexibility

04 June, 2018

Terry S. Novak, COO of Tedor Pharma, discusses how Tedor is employing a flexible approach to helping customers overcome complex formulation challenges by leveraging the organization’s extensive technical and regulatory track record. Check out the full article here , and, to learn more about Tedor, visit .

Engage an Extrusion Expert

04 June, 2018

Tony Listro, Vice President, Technical Business Development for Foster Delivery Science, discusses the company’s specialized expertise in hot melt extrusion (HME), and the importance of outsourcing this technology to a specialized, reliable provider. Read the full article here , and, to learn more about Foster, visit .

Flexible, Mobile, Modular

04 June, 2018

In the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac , Thomas Page, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering and Asset Development for Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, discusses the benefits of mobile, modular design for the development of next-generation viral vectors and gene therapies. To learn more about Fujifilm, visit or stop by BIO International booth #863.   

Overcoming Hurdles in Biologics

01 June, 2018

Karen Fallen, Vice President, Business Unit Head of Clinical Development & Manufacturing at Lonza, describes how biopharmaceuticalcompanies can overcome challenges  inherent to complex biologic drug candidates. To learn more about Lonza, visit or, better yet, visit the team at BIO booth # 563!

Boost Your Equipment ROI

01 June, 2018

Federal Equipment Company continues to lead the pharmaceutical small molecule drug product used equipment space. Matt Hicks, COO & Counsel at Federal Equipment, discusses ways to boost ROI through equipment liquidation in the Next-Generation issue of Pharma’s Almanac.

Flexibility in Biomanufacturing

01 June, 2018

Gustavo F. Mahler, President and CEO of AGC Biologics, talks Meeting BioPharma Contract Manufacturing Needs with a Flexible Global Network in the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac. Learn more about AGC’s development and manufacturing capabilities at BIO International in Boston  June 5th-7th —booth #633.

Growth Investment Strategies

01 June, 2018

How do you take a middle-market CRO or CDMO to the next level ? In the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac, Jeffrey Marlough, Managing Director for Castleford Capital, discusses how investment firms are helping contract service organizations expand their market share. To learn more about Castleford, visit

Linking Manufacturer & Patient

01 June, 2018

Wes Wheeler, CEO of clinical logistics leader Marken, discusses key strategies for navigating the clinical supply chain in the new era of patient-centric trials. Read the full article in the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac and learn more about Marken’s patient-centric supply chain solutions at

Rapid Growth in Biotech

01 June, 2018

Nigel Walker, Managing Director for That’s Nice, examines the evolution of the biopharmaceutical industry in this quarter’s Nice Insight Overview in Pharma’s Almanac. View the full article here , and we hope to see you at BIO 2018 in Boston June 5th-7th !

Integrated Efficiency

01 June, 2018

Lugi Trussardo, CEO of Olon Ricerca Bioscience, discusses the specific benefits of the integrated CDMO model in his article, Strengthening the Outsource Service Offering through Integration in the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac. To learn more, visit Olon at BIO International booth #743 June 5th-7th in Boston.

Inside Pharmaceutical M&A

01 June, 2018

Kevin Bottomley, Partner at Results Healthcare, shares his insights on M&A and licensing strategies to expand both product portfolios and market reach. View the full article on Pharma’s Almanac and learn more about Results Healthcare by visiting

Polished & Ready to Go

01 June, 2018

The Q2 cover of Pharma's Almanac is the second in a series of four this year that will blow the doors off of anything we’ve ever done by the time we unveil the Q4 edition. The issue prominently features, among others, Marken, BrammerBio, CRB and Federal  Equipment Company—market leaders across the board.  

Talking Expansion with Biotechpharma

01 June, 2018

Vladas Algirdas Bumelis, CEO and chairman of the board for Biotechpharma, talks State-of-the-Art Biologics Manufacturing in an Unexpected Location in the Q2 issue of Pharma’s Almanac. To learn more about the rapidly expanding CDMO, visit Biotechpharma at BIO 2018 at the Boston Convention Center – booth# 1171!

Building a Biopharmaceutical CDMO

31 May, 2018

Hannes Teissl, Vice President of Polpharma Biologics, discusses building a biologics business from the ground up in the latest issue of Pharma’s Almanac. Read the full article here , and be sure to visit Polpharma Biologics at BIO International in Boston June 5th-7th – they’ll be in booth # 1543! 

Pharma's Almanac Q4

19 October, 2017

The last issue of Pharma's Almanac for 2017 has gone to print. Here's a sneak peek of the cover!

Dashboard Testing in Raleigh

18 October, 2017

Before jetting off to Europe, Nigel visited Raleigh for work on two important channels. That's Nice is currently beta testing our  and  dashboard, with four key accounts in the area. After the last few days of testing, Nigel and the team are ready for CPhI where they will have over 60 more demos.

Content + Research

05 October, 2017

For nearly 10 years, Nice Insight has supported 175+ pharma companies with research on formulation, processing and bioprocessing, API manufacturing, finished dose production, R&D, technology, logistics, OEM equipment and more. For the first time, you can access this research on 900+ outsourcing companies for free at

Pharma's Almanac Q3 is Live

15 September, 2017

The third quarter issue of the Pharma's Almanac, with special distribution at CPhI Worldwide is now live on View Here >

Pharma's Almanac TV at BIO International

18 August, 2017

Steve Kuehn, Editorial Director, interviewed industry leaders at BIO International. If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check out Pharma's Almanac online. View Here >

BIO President & CEO, James C. Greenwood

22 June, 2017

We could think of no better person with whom to commemorate the Road to BIO than Mr. Greenwood himself, as he discussed his own journey, and his effort to communicate the "Biotechnology Message" across the globe.

Lights, Camera, Action

08 June, 2017

The crew sets up in Cambridge Massachusetts, preparing for the very first interview captured on the Road to BIO. Follow our journey every step of the way, here>

Play the Road to BIO Board Game

24 May, 2017

Are you ready to start your own Road to BIO Challenge? Now's your chance to play the Road to BIO board game using our official roadmap! Be sure to enter your best guestimate for a chance to win an iPad Pro here>

Off to Print

22 May, 2017

We've just wrapped up our seventh issue of Pharma's Almanac Magazine! The Q2 2017 issue will focus on the global trends contributing to the continued advancement of biologics. Due out on June 15, 2017, the issue will be distributed in time for this year's BIO International Convention taking place from June 19-22, 2017. 

Pharma's Almanac TV

22 March, 2017

Director of Strategy, Mark Allen, along with Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, prepare for their next interview in the That’s Nice signature Tesla. Come see us and our Tesla at Interphex, Booth 3765.

The Q1 “Big Data” Issue is Now Live

09 March, 2017

The Q1 Big Data Issue of Pharma’s Almanac is now available in full online. 

Nice Symposium - a Closer Look

02 February, 2017

The Pharma's Almanac TV interviews were one of the main events of the Nice Symposium. Here our Director of Digital Capture, Brian Pierce, puts a microphone on David Shenberger of CAI.

Symposium Reflection

01 February, 2017

Looking back at the Symposium, fun was had by all! Guy Tiene is pictured with Chloe Park and Emilie Branch on the Pharma's Almanac team. 

Nice Symposium 2017 Kicks Off

31 January, 2017

Nice Symposium 2017 Oral Solid Dose kicked off this morning in Raleigh. This is a new industry think tank forum for leaders in outsourced pharmaceutical services and their customers. 

Gearing up to film!

30 January, 2017

Our Pharmas Almanac TV team are gearing up to interview thought leaders from the life sciences industry attending Nice Symposium 2017.

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