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Nice Manufacturing

Access to a network of experts and specialty providers to optimize your business

Nice Manufacturing was established to take advantage of the industry network of That’s Nice to help companies optimize their operations. Whether you need to expand capacity, upgrade capabilities, or optimize your operations overall, Nice Manufacturing provides support for your clinical and commercial output.

Via a growing network of industry experts in various manufacturing specialties, site design and engineering providers, and drug substance suppliers, as well as private equity companies, Nice Manufacturing can help you to better understand your current potential and support your future development.

Additionally, working with innovators and contract service providers, whether your company is looking to divest a facility or outsource production or to source supply chain partners, we help with connecting you with a specialist to provide insight and guidance to identify interested buyers and partners, assess market growth potential, manufacturing optimization, and related engineering, installation, and service.

RJ Palermo

Director of Client Services
+ 1 212 366 4455