Animated Illustration

    Unither Pharmaceuticals

    120 Second Animation

    Unither Pharmaceuticals is a French company and a well-known European manufacturer of dosage forms for patent-protected pharmaceuticals and generics. It expanded in the North American market by acquiring a facility in Rochester, NY, and our objective was to grow brand equity in the US region and support the launch of two dosage form technologies that were prevalent in Europe but not in the US.

    Brian Pierce

    Director of Digital Capture

    +1 510 882 9906

    CGI Animation / 120 Seconds / 2014


    The animated video was an extension of the fully illustrated campaign we developed to promote the benefits of single unit dose technologies. A mixture of icons, captions, and a voiceover script was used to communicate Unither’s capabilities in providing a range of dosage forms to enhance patients’ lives. The corporate video is featured on Unither’s website and is shown on screens at trade shows and in presentations.

    The video was an extension of a fully illustrated campaign to promote Unither’s single unit dose technologies and grow regional brand awareness.