High-Precision Visualization

    Amcor Glass Tubing

    36 Second Animation

    Amcor provides packaging solutions for a wide range of products across several industries. In 2010, Amcor Glass Tubing was a division of Amcor, which had absorbed the assets as part of its Alcann Packaging acquisition. The company manufactured highly refined glass tubing for pharmaceutical applications.

    Brian Pierce

    Director of Digital Capture

    +1 510 882 9906

    Live Action / 36 Seconds / 2010


    We used a video to highlight the history of the industry and all of the technology and quality control that goes into high tolerance glass. This was a tactic to provide a compelling story about the product offering without focusing too heavily on the brand. It was another method of positioning the business as an attractive proposition for acquisition.

    A combination of captions, music, and graphic overlay focused on the precise nature of glass manufacturing.