Long-Term Brand Strategy

    UPM Pharmaceuticals

    A Flexible, Family-Owned CDMO

    UPM Pharmaceuticals is an independent CDMO specializing in formulation development, cGMP manufacturing, analytical methods development, stability testing and commercial manufacturing for oral solid dosage forms and semi-solid creams and ointments. The organization serves clients of all sizes, from virtual to big pharma.

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    Exponential Growth

    UPM has grown significantly over the last five years, from 56 employees in 2013 to over 250 employees operating out of 500,000 square feet of space today. Leveraging the benefit of a long-term, multifaceted relationship, That’s Nice has helped to support UPM across its marketing and business development efforts for more than seven years, collaborating with the organization’s senior leadership team on a full range of research, strategy and creative efforts to continuously drive progressive growth for the family-owned CDMO.

    Maximizing Investments

    UPM participates in several major industry events throughout the year, supported by Nice Exhibit event strategy and design. Beyond the brand’s bold booth aesthetic, UPM and That’s Nice work closely together to implement and maintain an ongoing and comprehensive approach that ensures the organization is optimizing opportunities and seeing a return on investment. This includes promotional pre- and post-show communications, PR and media opportunities, thought leadership platforms, lead generation and optimized awareness. 

    Lead Generation Through Content

    With decades of combined experience in pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing, members of UPM’s leadership team are highly regarded as thought leaders in the CDMO space. Pharma’s Almanac, a research-driven content community powered by Nice Insight, the research division of That’s Nice, provides pharmaceutical industry leaders with a platform to convey their subject matter expertise, while generating qualified leads based on who is viewing their published content. UPM has published on a range of topics, from quality compliance to formulation innovation and controlled substance manufacturing, garnering hundreds of views by pharmaceutical outsourcing professionals across major markets and a strong source of targeted lead generation.

    UPM’s published content has garnered hundreds of views by pharmaceutical outsourcing professionals across major markets.

    Inbound Marketing

    A brand’s website can be its biggest marketing asset, though companies often neglect to appreciate its full value. Using a well-established marketing automation system, UPM’s website serves as a lead generation tool, providing insight into visitor behavior and a structure for lead conversion. With the support of That’s Nice, UPM consistently develops, promotes and publishes new content through the website, with articles available through a gated access, which means visitors must provide some degree of trackable contact information in order to view and download content, transforming visits into leads.

    Lead Generation Lifecycle

    With the support of Nice Insight’s PTE/FTE market research and lead generation, UPM has identified a number of strategic growth opportunities around both new and existing business. Beginning with an inquiry, Nice Insight's market research team provides a wealth of information to support business development, from lead generation opportunities to content strategy.